i don’t like my bf la!

i don’t like my bf la!

i so don’t like my boyfriend because he’s always in luck! first, he was one of the earlier winners of flyfm’s film fiasco (which, for your info, i’ve been smsing till my fingers are sored and still no luck while he got picked just by sending two smses!) and then he got a call from mix.fm, being one of the selected 300 people who are eligible to participate in living with ika, serena c & pietro competition that will win you RM50,000 if you get the most publicity. he disqualified himself because he has got a paintball tournament this weekend. bloody hell. i don’t like him la. bleurghs. and as what belinda chee would say in her recent vios tv commercial, “SO LUCKY!”. *rolls eyes*
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since i don’t have anything to make you people envy me, i’ll show you photos of food to let you drool further until i can think of something better. i’m pretty much having a brain drain at the moment and the thought of having to wake up at 4am for a shoot in genting with dozen of kids is … so the not thrilling. i’ve already armed myself with A LOT of candies to blackmail them make sure they behave themselves but seriously, and i mean, seriously, i am so not a KID person. BAHS! bahstheblacksheep! oh, have i mentioned my bro had to be admitted to the hospital out of a sudden because of a huge lump growing on his neck? SO, not a good weekend. toodles, peeps! photos, you keep yakking! i need to, mentally prepare myself for tomorrow.

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i am currently both, a phengophobia (fear of daylight and sunshine) and heliophobia (fear of sun) because i was exposed to just VERY LITTLE SUNSHINE in genting with lots of mist, and yet, i got myself like 30% burnt! OMFG. it hurts so damn badly and my skin feels so raw & tight. it’s been making me easily agitated and i’ve been snapping at people since i realised i was sunburnt (which is basically because of the pain i have to endure with). and out of all nights, my parents wanted to go to the malaysian international fireworks competition but i’ve been making noise about wanting to go too, so i obliged. OMFG. what a freaking big mistake. it was freaking jam on the way to putrajaya and everyone was really annoyed at one another AND the best part of them all, we’ve managed to only catch a glimpse of it. LIKE LESS THAN 3 SECONDS!. and then, we had to crawl all the way damn home BECAUSE THE DAMN ROAD SYSTEM IN PUTRAJAYA SUCKS!. we were stucked for two hours after the ‘3-second’ show we got to see and the people there were so damn rowdy. omfg. NO MORE PUTRAJAYA FOR ME. it’s amazing how it’s suppose to be some modern smart city but the roads are so freaking ill planned! blahs. ok, i know i’ve been whining throughout this entire post but please cut me some slack. i’m currently in the midst of so much ill feelings towards a certain people (together with a few others, actually) that i have to face frequently. i’ve been bottling it up for so long, so it’s time i let some ‘heat’ get out of me since i’ve got a burnt face, waist, neck and arms as an excuse!
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26 Responses

  1. no meds to put wor. i only put moisturiser. haha. what do you usually put? cos the sun protection cream i have, is usually for BEFORE sun burns rite? :/
    thanks, babe! 🙂

  2. omgg how can u not love the sunnnnnnnn!
    altho im sure i will complain about the heat soon enough.. but at the moment im so happy to be back in the warmth!!!!!!!!

  3. ohh….how’s ur skin rite now?did u use umbrella when going out?hope u r better now..guess put lotion should be enuff la…since u run outta aloe vera