happiness is no good.

happiness is no good.

(/edited) @ 11:56pm; 12.08.07

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omg, i’ve found the perfect dining place, yet very modest. so close to the concept i plan to open someday. the best alternative to delicious by ms. read (which btw, is starting to suck big time and i’m trying to avoid going there as much as possible after my nasty food poisoning) too. introducing… *insert drumrolls*… FOOD FOUNDRY!!! omfg. i so do not know where to start. this place weirdly reminds me of delicious a lot but with BETTER FOOD FOR ALMOST HALF THE PRICE (except for the desserts though). you should really try whatever’s recommended by that chef because i tell you, IT’S FREAKING GOOD! i wanted to keep this a secret dining place but what the hell. because I LOVE YOU ALL, i’m sharing. sharing is caring, what. i’ve had such bad karma last week so spreading some joy and love would be good. aaahhh.. i’m so going to be there all the time from now. so lovely, so addictive. even sp’s mom is willing to buy me dinner if i promise to bring her there just by listening to what we had to say about the chicken cordon bleu. i would so like to thank ming yang for mentioning about this place in myb. YOU SHOULD FREAKING READ THEIR STORY ON THE PLACE ITSELF. so freaking hilarious, i tell you. reminds me of an episode of gilmore girls where luke brought lorelai for a date and she began reading one of those menu histories(okay, hard to relate, i know). hoho. so euphoric. so nice la. so the sedap. yums!
(/edited) @ 4:56pm; 10.08.07
i just made a man fly to the middle of the road, unintentionally. i was opening my colleague’s car door during lunch hour when a motorcyclist just suddenly appeared and hit the door. his things were strewn all over the road and then an idiotic bastard came up to us, making really racist comments and scolding us all sorts of things. look asshole, it’s not that we’re not taking any responsibilities, AND, you fucking bastard, how the hell does it concern you? AND, dumbwit, what the hell does the color of the skin play any role in this incident? ARE YOU IMPLYING THAT WE SAW A MALAY MOTORIST COMING SO WE SWUNG THE DOOR OPEN TO WATCH A MALAY SUPERMAN IN ACTION? idiots. dont let me start on all the racists comments because this clearly was an accident. and according to wikipedia, an accident is an event that occurs unexpectedly and unintentionally. if you ever know how to use the internet, do google it up yourself, you imbecile pr**k!
anyways, i paid the man RM50 and brought him to the clinic. the doc insisted that all the man was suffering was a sprained leg and there’s nothing serious. paid his remaining bill and the doc said that should the man bug me in the future, just don’t pick up his call. i seriously hope he doesn’t call me. i so do not want to be extorted. and to the stupid kaypohchee (busybody) passerby, sila jangan jaga tepi kain orang (mind your own business). brrr.. i hope the guy’s fine. we gave him extra rm15 for lunch cause he was telling us that he haven’t had his lunch. and now i’m worried about my colleague’s car door. i wonder how much more do i have to fork out. bahs! i’ll take this as a charity and to buang sui (throw bad karma? lol, i dunno how to translate that wei). amen. hope all is well.
you know what? i don’t think happiness is a good thing. know why? CAUSE I FREAKING JUST PUT ON 4 KGS!!! ptuiks! happiness, shoo you go. actually, not very happy anymore la after weighing myself. i’ve been munching helluva a lot lately and i seriously wish i’d know why. AIRGH! i’m not hungry but i think it’s more like greedy. what the hell is wrong with me?! *bashes weighing scale & burns all size S & M tops (yes, i once wore those sizes!)*
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yes, i got the bigger breasts i’ve wished for. but with a bigger butt and even larger & flabby jell-o like tummy! this is so not what i’ve asked for. see, kids, you should really be more careful when you make your wishes before blowing the candles!
p/s: rushing for time. more photos when i, you know, have more tick tocks. toodles!

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  1. Souled out? cool. chicken wings, few pints of guinness and lamb shank. yummy
    pizza is pretty good too.

  2. very rare to see good eatery place at kepong. as for the biker – it wld be better to lodge a police report if u do receive anymore funny calls, you’ll never know whether they can trace u down.

  3. i’ve never really been to kepong. lol. but i’ve heard about the famous prawn mee and jumbo juice.
    as for the biker, so far, no more funny calls. thank god!

  4. yumx2……
    jumbo juice? if not mistaken, i heard ‘ppl’said tht place its like a dating place =.= …..