And malaysia turns 50!

And malaysia turns 50!

I’m currently blogging via my phone as my home internet has been down for days. Will write more when i have a proper computer. Happy 50th independence day, malaysia! And unfortunately, it’s brian’s 6th death anniversary too. 🙁 ta, talk later! :-*
(/edited) @ 9.36am; 01.09.07
finally, a decent computer with an internet connection. how was your merdeka celebration? i spent last night bbq-ing at hugh’s place with bii. it was modest yet fun. somehow bbq makes my face radiant. lol. anyway, yesterday might mark our country’s 50th independence day but it was also brian sahyang’s death anniversary. an angel who was always there for me, regardless of what time it was. always comforting me, supporting me and feeding me with confidence throughout my hard times. he was either the world’s best gentleman or just the biggest buaya ever. oh, how i miss you, brian oliver corray. and how i know you’ll always be looking down at us (the ebj – evelyn, becky, jolyne), protecting us, just like how you’ve always been doing.
with weepy contents aside, today also marks my 100th week together with iskii and… it’s our 23rd months together too. how time has flown past us. how much we’ve shared our lives together. and how so alike we both are, inside out. people think we actually look like one another now, which is hilarious. but it’s a good sign. i love him to bits. for always, always tolerating my nonsenses. always accepting my sarcasms and how i like to make fun of him. such a darling. such a jewel. i love you, bii!

happy 23rd monthliiversarii & 100th weekiiversarii!
happy 50th merdeka, malaysia!

oh, and congrats to my darling chimui, michelle, on her holy union with her husband, daniel brock, in canada. we hope to see you soon. and i just got my liverpool jersey hot from UK, only to find out that it’s made in thailand. adoi! but i still love it!

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  1. oh, means replacement leave. same la, if i work on sunday or on a holiday, just replacement leave. 🙁 sedihness.
    usually, you’ll get one month after la.

  2. im a certified zombie, lama takda jumpa matahari tengah hari haha not that i wanna c la .. but juz long time no c :p 2 more days equals to 8 days overnight edi 😀

  3. lama tak jumpa. 🙁
    ho ho ho. sunlight, i’m trying to avoid it as much as possible.
    during your lunch time, you tak keluar meh? or provided by hotel edi? :O

  4. lunch time i tidur edi, u tak tau meh i kerja malam 10.30pm til 7-ish morning … makan balik and tido … some more keluar meh if not later really zombie haha .. tonight is the last night … then kerja malam 8 days finish .. for this month lolz

  5. aiks? no wonder la you’re always online around this time. hahahaha. 😀
    best nya kerja malam. takde jam, somore very cooling and most ppl are asleep. 😀

  6. haha i’ll be joining you soon. i’ll be starting work really early and finishing late. so pergi kerja, no sunlight. balik kerja, no sunlight. wheee! 😀

  7. muahaha..jadi chatroom lagi cham…i suddenly pray hard tht i fall sick so tht i can get mc n stay at home 2 sleep.. 🙁 really crazee idea…haha..yaya..i knoe i damn sesat now 😛

  8. actually i finish my night shift but i dont mind working night shift now coz my fave manager is working nite for this whole month 🙁 but then i dont have til next month
    kylie, that’s a normal thing lolz i always have that thought :p but in the end i still go to work hahah

  9. sp u wanna know something? not tak banyak but none lolz … today i will be so dead .. coz im gonna work for a freaking 11 hours or more -_-

  10. hahhaa..michy!!sama la!!still wake up n drag myself 2 work… least u hv a cute manager..gua takde leh..haiz…
    becky:lol..i should meet up wif u 2 get sick 😛 but me dun wanna flu though….gosh…me been talking bout work these days too