all good shows must come to an end.

all good shows must come to an end.

it’s just so truly tragic that gilmore girls has to stop at season seven because they cannot reach an agreement with warner bros or rather, “irreconcilable differences“, as how hollywood couples like to cite it as a reason for a divorce. this series have influenced me tremendously especially in polishing up my wittiness and sarcasm skills. i tend to speak faster & sharper after a series or two of lorelai & rory gilmore. and i think it’s okay to be a single parent someday because of lorelai. and i’ve always believed that someday, someone that has always been a backbench player in my life will be the co-star, ala luke. i can’t imagine living without the gilmore girls but all good things must come to an end. like how sex & the city had to but as a consolation, there’ll be a movie coming soon. i was a really late follower of satc because i’ve managed to watch the first episode of the first season only after they’ve filmed the last season. boohoo, i know, but like the saying goes, ‘better late than never’.
i’ve always hated sarah jessica parker but i guess the series did change my perception on her. i seriously thought of her as an ugly drunkard with a broken nose before but her nose somehow doesn’t look as crooked in the series. and she just looks more human in it. tho i gotta admit that her dressing sense is pretty much ‘off’ like half of the time but i guess the blame’s gotta be on the stylist but hey, isnt she like one of the producers of the series? i guess i was in love with carrie bradshaw rather than sjp herself (although i heard she’s pretty nice in person). it’s sad that good series has to go one by one and crappy shits like one tree hill, the oc, and falcon beach are taking over. ppppbffffhts, bimbo series! oh, and they should really bring back family guy back to our shores. amazing witty series. rock on! till then, i’ll have to rely on my dvd collections until there’s something actually good to watch on tv. toodles!

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THIS (ABOVE!) will be the new format for my multiply album because i am OH-SO-DARN-SICK of people ripping my photos and cropping my watermark away. firstly, it’s freaking rude to do so and secondly, it’s bloody unethical. THIRDLY, it’s even more wrong if you are to replace with your own url or whatsoever credits linked to you and solely you because the photos are taken by me WITH my camera so if there are gonna be credits, it should be to me. and i hope this does not cause any ill-feeling to those who are guilty. it’s just to remind you that removing credits are ULTIMATELY WRONG. danke.
p/s: i know it’s an ugly cake but it was orgasmic! lol. and my bii got it for my birthday, so whatthehell. toodles!

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  1. Hey Becky, haven’t seen u for a while..
    Looks like u are having a great fun time!
    Anyway you take care..
    simonso aka Sparks 😛

  2. omg!!! SPARKYYYYY!!! *gasp*
    it has been like …. what? 7 years since i last heard from you?! 😛
    you too! 🙂 nice hearing from you! 😛

  3. oh my god!!! You know, its totally a torture to READ you blog!!! sooo many yummy and tempting FOOD! I miss Malaysia more now. Always miss of the food! Great pictures of everything, of course la.. the food still the best! Yummmy… stomach is drumming now!

  4. dont believe it, coz no matter what’s it’s pig we are talking bout, 😮 u know simonso 😮 haha kawan lama 😮

  5. wow, kitman, you’re from malaysia?!
    excellent. another malaysian who’s abroad. i looove your knittings. if only i could get such great stuffs here! 😀 i’ll keep reading your site. ;D

  6. sp, yes, simon is usually known as SPARKY la back in the irc days. lol. you knew him through blog, i suppose? 😀 nice guy. 😛
    pig, i love pigs. so cute. *oinks*

  7. Wahh i sudah jadi topic ker? 😛
    Wei dont lar put ur copyright on the cake…
    I was feeling feeling the cake suddenly i see u URL…aiseh 😛

  8. HAHAHAHAHA. oopps, i’m sorry la i ‘terpotong’ your stim. 😛
    and yes, simon’s the main topic now.
    i see you’re popular with the girls, eh? ahem. 😛
    and your gf is sooo the damn cute! 😀 tell her i said that! 😀

  9. sp, lol. i’m sure you’ve met some long lost friends through blogging too! 😛
    if not also, through facebook or friendster. :P~~
    i looove the internet! 😀

  10. cant help it if they want to curi yr photos. let them be lah, they can use those photos and bluff ppl all they want just to boost their blog’s uniqueness.
    goes to show they have no ethics/manners.

  11. it’s not tri-coloured leh, escargot. :/
    it’s three diff flavors!!! 😛 yes, very good. i loooove gelatoes! 😛
    siapa itu orang faimliar? :O

  12. yea. terror. i ate escargots the other day (actually, about a year back edi la). i dont think i’d eat another… in a very very long time more to come! 😛

  13. three flavours huh/ not bad..gelato summore…must be yummy… 🙁
    i want!!!
    org familar= doinkx2 squirrel…. =.=
    omg…y u ppl nowdays like to eat escargot? …

  14. yeaps. it’s the one in one utama, opposite the DIY shops, beside auntie annes. sedap!!! 😛
    escargot ah? erm, cos .. cute kua? 😛 so we eat! 😀

  15. lol..dun worry becky~haha..tis yr me wont remove ur url..last yr me dunno ma….now i knoe ad!! 😀
    oh ya..erm,can i get pics without ur url too? wanna develop them n keep in photo album 😉

  16. yap~ emily here~ *waving hand*
    and… ur chocolate indulgence…. yum~ hehe….
    design ur watermark bigger.. so ppl cant remove it… hehehe…

  17. kylie, can, no probs! msg me in msn and tell me which photos. dont worry kylie. not talking about you, k. got new fellas doing that. :S

  18. lol, emily, until i can think of a design, i think i’ll just use normal fonts and smack them right in the middle of my photos. hahaha. 😛

  19. it…will look around nxt time…i think i know where 😮 ….
    hmm…but escargot geli ler…how 2 eat? :s
    so slimy… :s

  20. muahah..ok,becky..if me n u happen 2 online at d same time 😛 knoe u r not talking bout me la..saja nak mengada-ngada 😛