the orloffs’ wedding dinner.

the orloffs’ wedding dinner.

i just got back from my first ever friend’s wedding about a couple of hours ago. it was nice finally meeting people i’ve known or heard about over the net since the nineties. i was also expecting to meet up with abe & joe but abe couldn’t get leave and joe was still stuck in amsterdam with his girlfriend. but i had fun. it was a simple chinese wedding (the jewish wedding was held back in september) and i met some unexpected people, which was awesome. and then there were an exchange of gossips on other irc-ers with their current ‘dramas’ and updates. a lot have changed, some married, some even with kids and some’s gone. time sure flies and it’s gatherings like that, that i’ll keep looking forward to, to update and learn about each other’s life because there’s no longer irc to fall back onto. cheers, peeps. i’m worn out from today’s activities. toodlelings.

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p/s: for more photos, click here. i’ll be back with random updates when i feel more refreshed. it’s freaking 4.27am in the morning now. *yawns*

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  1. native groves for the luxurious shades of the royal gardens dot What
    teen titans hwntai*
    tired of spinning sank upon a sofa like a childs top when it

  2. khai told me you got a blog called ‘tickle me’. googled it and found it!! thanks for the pic. ehm.. in my blog, no one knws who is he…

  3. 😀 becky!!nice outfit n no..u dun look like an fact u look gr8 😀 take care,babe!!muahaha..did u read cheekyboy’s yuk ma post in his blog?

  4. d 1 tht he abandoned 1yr ago..i dun even remember he has a blog if he dun gimme d link 😛
    u r welcome~hehe..u memang cantik ma 😀

  5. wah, so he has started blogging once again since he’s in love la? wahhh.. ini memang must check.
    uhm, wah, kylie, sarcastic ka? :O

  6. yeahhh!!
    omg, memang hari bersejarah. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. but maaf, i dunno why talk halfway, connection sudah mati. 🙁

  7. so whats new with the irc lineup? apa gossip baru? did khairul go for it? you sat in the same table as agnes ah?

  8. yea, same table. she sat two seats away from me. 😀 how you know ah. no, khairul didnt make it la. YOU ahhhhh….. you should’ve gone. 🙁
    irc gossips, nanti. when we’re free, we’ll do that. 🙂