shopping’s fun until the bill comes.

shopping’s fun until the bill comes.

in just a matter of two weekends, i’ve spent hundreds of dollars just on shopping and another few hundred just on food. i just had one of the craziest morning ever and what more, it’s a freaking monday. my mind’s just screaming, “GIVE ME A BREAK, PLEASE!“. the shopping was seriously a good way to release all unwanted stress but when you go home and check on your wallet and the balance on your atm machine, that’s another additional stress.
i was at the fj benjamin warehouse sales yesterday and i paid only rm120 for what was worth at least RM605. the brands that were available yesterday were raoul, guess, gap, la senza and nautica, if im not mistaken. as we were heading back to our car after dinner, we passed by this really cool seventies concept store and ended up buying six tees in which we got discounts as well. the day before, i splurged on accessories and a velvet evening gown with sequins. the weekend before that, i bought tops, a wallet, make up and more shoes. i know this whole shopping thing is going to take its toll on me soon but i just cannot help me. whenever im really upset or just feeling stressed out, i need to shop to comfort myself. it works alright but when reality sets in and you calculate the bills, you’re just digging a bigger hole for yourself.
anyways, two colleagues of mine that i love hanging out will be leaving this week. another has a left a couple of weeks ago. and my friend will be joining me end of this week. there are so many peeps that come and go in this office and i just hate it when someone leaves. especially those that i’ve bonded in these past couple of months. i am so going to miss you guys.
and oh, last friday, i had the privilege to choose between attending the miss malaysia world finals or go partying at peter pan’s showcase. and i chose peter pan cause we were also supposed to go for a tea session with them after the showcase as they’ve been flirting with a colleague of mine ever since they had their photoshoot with us. but anyway, it was a fun night. peter pan’s seriously talented. they got me addicted! the front man seriously looks a lot like fon fon boy. soooo kewt la. okay, back to work. toodles!

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  1.’s so true…i go 4 shopping sprees too when i’m upset or stressed up..but really burn my pockets though 😛 so sad,becky!!!didnt c u tht nite…i couldnt hear u calling me..perhaps was too busy laughing…me didnt ignore u 🙁 seriously didnt notice sum1 was calling me..i thought i was dreaming bout my name being called…haiz…but hope 2 c u soon..gonna miss u *hugs*

  2. hahahaha you busy layan ppl ma. i saja called la, since i saw you although i tak kenal anyone else there except for darren. lol. 😛
    maybe we can meet up la or something when sp’s back. 😛 afterall, super pokai now. 🙂

  3. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! You saw Peter Pan! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! You saw Ariel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  4. heeheeeee … u found me! XD
    speaking of shopping.. okla maybe its just me being thrifty(?) >.< but but but… how can ppl shop so freely in aussie ?!?!?! tiga kali ganda weiii!
    i dont know how im gonna survive seeing i’ve got a good few more years to live in this country.eeks

  5. LOL, they were lepaking in my studio for photoshoot somore wor. siap can makan minum with them. lol. 😛
    peter pan rocks! 😉

  6. hehehe msian currency went up la … haha and in aussie right, during sales, even after conversion, cheaper than msia wei!! 😀
    tim tam tim tam tim tam tim tam tim tam! 🙂

  7. ;( 🙁 🙁 🙁 sedih … tell me that they are going then i siap pack my bags n break contract just to c them :p i wanttt autographhhh

  8. ahahahaha. ok, i’ll ask my colleague to keep flirting with them! 😛 i have their indon mobile num though. want? 😀

  9. wah been a while since i last commented here. :”O shopping in aussie was fun. retail therapy! but then again when i was there the exchange rate wasn’t so high. :\
    i loved going out of town to the factory outlets. you do get some really good deals on stuff..

  10. wah! it’s my bii bii!!!! :O~~~
    *wipes all the dust away from the bangbang nick*
    the exchange rate now should be lower la, since the m’sian currency went up.
    when are you bringing me to shop in aussie, bii? 😀

  11. dont want, i paiseh … later i have celeb shock leiii … bring them back to msia again okeh .. remember u know

  12. hahahaha i dont have the power to bring them back to msia whenever i want to ler, sp. 😛 but i’ll try to sms them for you. btw, my colleague yang selalu flirt with them sudah cabut. left the company already. :~~(

  13. lol, shari, which is why I PURPOSELY do not want to get a credit card because SHOPPING too, is an emergency for me. 😛

  14. the problem is my dad insisted in giving me one. i usually tahan my urges untill suddenly i go on a crazy shopping spree hehe

  15. he’s short? ahh, too bad…have a thing for guys like that…attractive is the bad boy issues but not the shortness

  16. wellllllll depending what u buy la during sales XD
    nx time i go home beli timtamtimtam la.. lol
    i think until now still havent sat down n yumcha with u HAHAHAHA 😛
    always also few minutes den byebye!

  17. haha timtam here pun ada but limited flavors la. tak syiok!!! 🙁
    yea lor. always terjumpa you at asia cafe but hi bye je. :~~~(
    soweee lor. next time when you’re back, call lor. :~~(