oh no, not the ‘W’ word again!

oh no, not the ‘W’ word again!

i’m glad most of you could relate to my previous entry. and i’m thankful that i wrote that entry. because for the past few days, i was still questioning myself if i’m willing to sacrifice my social life (which was a lot, back then) and that entry definitely served as a good reminder on why i’m still sticking to it (my job). i’ve been feeling really pressured to perform lately and the more i want to do things right, the more mistakes i tend to make. weirdly enough, my mistakes come in chains. happening one after another and seriously, i just so wanna slap myself hard on the face for making them.
i know my entries lately might be hard to relate for those still studying but i’m sure most of you who are currently working to survive (especially if you’re in the advertising or production industry), you could relate well. please bare with all my work talk because seriously, at the moment, all i can think about are work related stuffs. have i done this? have i checked that? should i find alternatives? thisthatthisthatthisthatthisthatthisthat. the hardest bit of my job is you have to be very attentive, well alert, good at finding solutions and resources as well as negotiating. fuck one thing up and you’re fucked. oh, and it seems that it’s customary in my agency to swear and speak out loud. throw your manners away because apparently in this industry, it’s never appreciated and people see you as weak if you don’t demand for things nor speak out loud and swear. so, i have been told. hmmm… interesting. no, i’m not being sarcastic. it is real, to a certain degree. i might not agree to it and like how rowdy and rude things can get but hey, that’s life. there’s never something that pleases you all the time. be prepared, all you lil kids out there, still relying on text books to succeed in your studies because this, will be what you have to go through once you’re out from your bright-graffiti-painted-walled schools with tiny little wooden chairs & tables, your lil comfort zone.
ok, enough of work related talks already, i guess. let’s see… i got sunburnt yesterday, during my outdoor shoot. oh wait, shoot (pun intended)! i’m talking about work again. *presses on the delete button*
uhm, right. so, how should i start. if it should not be “W” related, what else should i talk about? *ponders*
*ponders again*
*drums fingers*
*uhms, looks left, looks right*
oh! you know what? NOTHING!. because my whole damn life revolves around work. blahs. i’ll post some photos instead i guess, when i’m free. i am so damn lifeless. lol. but work keeps me occupied and expands my knowledge and experiences. work is good. work is GOOD! toodles!

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  1. you know whats weird, ive been talking bout work all the time. its the next biggest thing we can talk about since we spend 40 hours or more at work. my dad always tell me to start saving.. when you have money in hand, you’re not afraid that your boss suddenly decide to let you go, or you fucked up some big time, or you cant get a job, with savings, you have the money to go on, pay your bills, you’re not as worried. hehe when he first said that i went “yaaa yaaa yaaaaaa” but come to think of it, it does make sense.

  2. my god, i guess we’ve moved from talks on boys and dresses to work work work… and possibly, starting a family?!!! :O
    lol. we’re getting so old, amanda. 🙁

  3. hey havent dropped by here in awhile..
    meet up after exams!
    1 more paper..woot

  4. normal la..ahha..coz now my frens tell me bout their work work work all d time…though they swear they not gonna talk bout it 😛

  5. hahahahahahahahaha. kylie, don’t worry. another couple more months, you’ll be doing the same. 😛
    welcome ya! 😛

  6. c’est la vie!!!! lol, i selalu use this line wan dulu. 😛
    sie sie ni, ni jiu shi wo de chui hao te sp. wo ai ni! <3