i miss my mommy. ;(

i miss my mommy. ;(

my mommy’s gone to bangkok again. i miss her, i really do. i just have so many things to tell her. mommy, please come back home soon.
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happy 19th monthliiversarii, bii!!!

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yay, we’ve been together for 19th months but it sure feels like it has been forever. ai steal worf yew, biibiiniikins! my mom’s back from bangkok and she did a lot of shopping. i got a new bag, a new skirt, some accessories and random stuffs. i love gifts! but don’t we all? lol. btw, exactly a year ago, sp and i dropped by at a thai buddhist temple to learn how to pai pai (pray) , in order to show our respects in conjunction with wesak day. and i remembered having banana leaf rice at paandis right after that. iskii and i still remembered what i was wearing and i could actually remember the bra i wore that day. if only my memory were this good at studies. tee hee. im off. super da tired. it’s baking and cooking day for me tomorrow as i’ve not been into the kitchen for months! toodles!
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everyone’s unhappy with how things are. with how things are changing 180 degrees in just a matter of one month. and i’ve been hearing so many tales aboutit that it gets pretty demotivating at times. but because i still love what i do, i’ll stick and be tough. it’s never easy looking for money anyway. like what the chinese would say, we’re just tiny little tah kong chais (employees, i think). this sentence is probably the most i’ve spoken about work and it’s wise if i do not proceed further. you’ll never know how people might find you on google. google is dangerous.
my mommy will be back today. hooray! i hope we could do alisara for dinner again one of these days. i miss the damn good food from there but be warned, you might have to wait up till two hours just to be able to eat. business IS that good. my mom’s going to bosnia in a couple of months, together with my dad if im not mistaken. i wish i could be travelling around with my parents too. getting into adulthood is never easy. i miss my schooling days. my dad’s thinking of asking me to go do my masters while i’m young. should i? hrmphs. i guess i have this weekend to think about it since i do not need to work tomorrow. toodles!

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  1. hahahaha suppose to do overseas, but my plan before was kerja dulu, then only do masters. but now, kerja liao but NOT enough money to do overseas. HAHahahAHhaa. 😛

  2. Hi, i hope your mum back with open arm to huge you and bring back for you a lot of story and PRESENT too…..
    take care

  3. omg? SERIOUS? SO SOON?!!
    hahahahaa. DO BEEP ME WHEN YOU’RE BACK!! 😀
    p/s: you’re back for good rite? 😀

  4. No no no… I still have 2 more years to go~~ So I’m just going back for summer break 😀

  5. aiks?!! 2 more years?! :O wow. but i thought you already did a couple of years back in sunway? :/
    but takpe. do call me when you’re back!!! how long will it be, this trip?

  6. tak tau lagi wor sp. :/
    but i doubt la, if im studying anytime soon, it wont be overseas edi. cos i havent worked long enough to save $$$.

  7. hie hie. dropping by to say hello!!!
    busy busy busy.
    oh and thanks for bombing my gmail…
    I checked – I had like 1 New Mail.
    The next time I checked …92 New Mails!
    91 freaking emails from you at one go!!!
    HAHAHA! AMAZING! Only you can do that!

  8. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAA. i so rock la maxine. don’t you feel soooo loved!! 😀
    a mail for everytime i miss you. 😛
    and good luck ok babes!!! YOU BETTER CALL ME!!! :~(

  9. :O my laughters? :O ada orang nak rindu ka? :O
    kekekeke. my spam mails? i pernah spam you meh? :O you mau, i can send you 300 mails a day. 😛

    sorry i haven’t been saying my helloes >.< hope you are well!

  11. aiyoo perempuan, i also havent been saying my helloes. maaf wei. banyak kerja. 🙁
    you doing good? me good! 🙂 you back yet? 😀

  12. aiks. hi jess!!! 😀
    i’m currently uploading the photos into my multiply. i’ll drop you the link when it’s done, okay? 🙂
    nice meeting you too. lol. how did you find my blog? :O terror.
    take care. 😉