random updates on becks.

random updates on becks.

(/edited) @ 10.49pm, 08.02.07
omg!!!! PINK MINI BUS is on youtube.com (and some chingchingchongchong news coverage by bernama too)! *slurrrrrrrrrrpsSss* congrats, boys! when you’re on CNN, remember, i contributed to the name, pink mini bus! *PON* *PON*

doggies you must have!
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1. chow chow
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
2. chow chow
(lol, chow chows are one of my faves, apart from shar peis but you cant find them here!)
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3. english cocker spaniel (only because stoney’s one!)
-the end-
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random friendly sausage dog.
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after so damn long, i got dennis (or rather, myself) a cd/vcd/mp3 player. w00ts. now i can just spend hours driving around aimlessly enjoying DECENT MUSIC, cuddled in my warm but comforting blanky and my heartshaped-with-hands ikea pillow. my car is probably my second home now as i think i spend more time awake in it than i do at home.
happy 70th weekiiversarii & sixteenth monthliiversarii, bii!

bii’s away for the past two days for his paintball tournament. team pink mini bus has made it to the next round. im impressed! they’ll also be travelling to bangkok and phillipines, it seems. damn kau semangat!
entering my fourth week and i still love my job a lot! plenty of gossips, it seems but heck, as long as it doesnt affect me, im happy. ive been to a few shoots and everything’s always a new experience. it just keeps my adrenaline pumping, baybeh.
oh, and i left my camera at pizza uno yesterday. iskii’s keeping it for me at his friend’s place and if he’s not too tired after his tournament, i’ll be able to meet up with him tomorrow to collect it back. so no new photos for now (lol, not like im actually rajin enough to edit). im always feeling so lethargic and i just so wanna stay at home on weekends. bumping into crowded areas is so not how i would like to spend my weekends. which reminds me, time to finish burning new cds and then hit the sack. goodnait peeps. i miss hanging out!
p/s: click here for some recent photos. some piccies are to be fixed cause they were somehow ‘stretched’. tsk! and congrats to joe jer & zabrina for being the first women team to ever win in that show. yeay! i know where they work! *pretends to stalk* lol. and that’s all for now. toodles.

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26 Responses

  1. WOOF WOOF!! 😀
    gotta admit, the chow chow with the bib is awesomely cute. would love to have one in the house but ginger would probably eat him up.
    and happii 16th monthiversarii to you too bii 😀

    u siao. 🙁
    i want chow chow, please? 🙁
    vday is just around the corner.
    happy pre-17th monthliiversarii bii! 😛

  3. ginger is a big cat.. related to lions. that’s why he cakar me with his big, scary claws.
    and i can’t buy you a chow chow till you live in a house with place for it to move around. 😛

  4. wahhh u kidding? siapaa? :O
    amos? kenneth? yon? erm erm who else ah? zafry? eddy? iskii…. oh wait!!!! FIONAAA!!!!
    betul tak? 😀

  5. gosh, i love dogs… someday… when I move out of this apartment and into a house where I am allowed to have dogs… I AM GOING TO GET ONE AND IT WILL BE SO CUTE! AH

  6. belum sampai stage where i’ve gotta camp in office yet ler. so not workaholic lagi. hahahaha. 😛
    damn cute hor. next year i’ll bring you. 😀