life is beautiful.

life is beautiful.

it’s good that my family’s financially stable now after such a turmoil last year (and hopefully will do even better come next month) but i just found out from my mom she’s going to bangkok tomorrow. i know ive not been home much for the past two months but for my mom to plan to go to bangkok without me knowing was a definite shocker. “bang…kok? when la?” i asked. “tomorrow,” she cooly replied. “huuuuuuuuuuh? then when are you coming back”, i continued questioning. “friday”, she muttered as she happily waltz around the house.
“what?! isnt that like just a day trip then?”
“yes, it is”
“go there so short for what la”
“dunno, my friends all going for one day only”
hooray, does that mean i can get lotsa kachings soon too? *ahem* sadnye, here i am struggling with my monthly allowances juggling between bills and thrills while my parents are happily spending money (my dad bought a new car and it’s arriving tomorrow). terror. maybe i should fake a kidnap and demand for a ransom. anybody’s got a car boot big enough to load me in? but really, im glad the whole financial crisis we were facing is finally coming to an end. it’s about time. and i sure am glad my parents are living the life they so deserve after working so hard to put us through good education and lead a good life. danke mommy & daddy! may you live happily and let the piggy year bring you lotsa wealth and prosperity! i mean as kids, i’m sure you’ll be glad to know your parents are enjoying life just like they should. im not saying they’re rich la (cause they’re not) but enough to enjoy. hooray! and stoney, i’ll continue to pamper you just to watch you wag your tail-less buntut (buttock) more often since you’re now officially under my financial care. oh, life is just so beautiful.

happy 17th monthliiversarii, biiniikiins!

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  1. Hi, i am glad to see you how to appricate your life and take care of your parants, me as a dad, hope that my son will do same for me, also i am happy to hear that you pass the difficult days and gong ahead with much better days…… no need to kidnap yourself, just go to your parants home be nice to them and ask for money…..they will be more than happy to give it to you, as everything that they do , is for they kids….you belive me….
    take care and have a good day ahead
    bye they way, are you losing your readers??? as afte over 12 hours from your post, i am the first one that give comment!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lol, i dont really take care of them in terms of financially because i can never afford their lifestyle! but i do give monthly allowances or buy them gifts.
    haha, hopefully i’ll get a huge sum for them. am planning to buy some big stuffs for myself in three years time, esp a nice home so i can have my “chow chow”. <3
    hahaha yea, i think ppl are generally lazier to log into my site. sad case. 🙁 well, i dont blame them. there’s nothing interesting to read here anyways. 😛

  3. as i know you , you will achive to your dearm hopefully in less than 3 years , here i still can read interesting post….those that they think is not interested….forget about them as maybe they look for something else…. but here for me still is a good place to know the youngest ppl and understand them, thank you, and please continue and do not give up, as at least i will miss your posts….
    take care

  4. hahaahaha i hope you’re not taking me as a role model so you’ll know how to handle your kids in the future. 😛
    i thought 3 years was too short for me because earning $$$ these days is not easy. the pay we get is sorta miserable but let’s hope it is possible, ya? 😀
    thank you for your support. i completely appreciate it. 🙂

  5. Unfortuanly i dont have daughter, i have only one son, but i realy try and wish to understand the youngest these days and read they mind, then can be close to them, one way, is here, and i am appreicated, as i bleive a lot of things tha you can not tell to your parrents , will say here,!!!!! this is the main reason for me to be here…….
    the 3 years is good to stablish the foundation, no need to settle down everything in 3 years, but once you have the stalbe job and good income then can plan it to spend wisly to achive to your dream……
    take care….

  6. hahahahaha maybe you should ask your son to start blogging when he’s old enough!!! 😀
    thank you for believing in me. if i ever make it (to buy a house) in 3 years time, i’ll buy you a drink! 😉

  7. i wish to buy…even i know your favorite food….. but you have no time, busy all the time , making money……..

  8. HAHAHAHA i dont get paid commission. so regardless of how long i work, i dont really get much extra. :/
    what do i love eating? i dont even know myself. :/

  9. look at the photos of your blog, i can tell you 80% of them is food stuff…… it means you love the food too much…, i i go back and look at them, then i can see wich one is your favorite…….

  10. hey hey woohoo! im happy that things are going on great for your parents. yes they deserve to be happy and enjoy and splurge too!

  11. hahaha bagus, come my house this sunday la. both u and tchen shun, to test baju etc. 😛 i’m booking you both this sun nite!

  12. aahh dapat juga mengubati kerinduaan aku. 😀
    and we met not once (tengah malam at my place) but twice!!! 😀 😀 😀
    eh mark macam hitting on you only. 😛