back from being baked alive!

back from being baked alive!

(/edited) @ 1:41pm, 22.02.07

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ok, i’m here to push the somewhat “not too cheery for cny” entry further below and fill it with love and thanks to those who deserves it. firstly, thank you bii for the amazing valentine’s night. that night really saved me from the craziness the world brings to me. if you look closely enough, you could see eyebags the size of tennis balls. porto romano was an excellent choice (kudos to myself, LOL!). it was only a five mins drive from my work place and the food was compatible with that of charisma (located at Kelana Jaya, view older entries for photos) for half the price, if not quarter. even something as simple as the wedges is enough to melt you so you can pretty much imagine how the main turned out to be. well, like the english would say, “it was BLOODY scrumptious!”. and the panna catta (it’s suppose to be cotta, but they spelt it catta. a typo, perhaps?) was just the perfect way to end our excellent dinner. even up till today, i cannot stop FANTASIZING about the goddamn good food at porto romano. also, the k750i was a great gift. thank you bii! i so dont deserve such an expensive gift from you. i’ll get yours soon.
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next on the to-thank list would be, amandababy!!! thank you for the excellent valentine cum cny card you sent. i almost cried reading the contents of the card. oh how i miss you. damn you america for taking amanda away from my social life. you better get your ass here to visit me and make sure mike comes along. our story goes way back and the story on us both can pretty much make a good hollywood chick flick. it all happened on 31st august, 1999 (or was it 98, uh oh) when i had extra tickets to some countdown party and i was happily shouting out in IRC that i would love to give them out. heaps of msges came in and one of them was amanda. i knew amanda from before (but just virtually) so obviously she had the priority. actually, i met a lot of other peeps that night too but let’s not take the spotlight from amanda. we just said hello, passed her the tix and that was the end.
couple months (if not a year) down the road, i found amanda seating next to me in tuition class and like they say, the rest was history. during tuition, it was always the three of us; amanda, pingping & me. now both of them have migrated to thousands of kilometres away, it does leave a pinching feeling inside when i miss them because i know i wont be able to see them as often as i want to. amanda and i even ‘accidentally’ dated guys from the same group of friends without us knowing and she then dated a friend of a friend of mine whom i introduced her to (confusing, i know). and she met iskii through someone else few years ago. AND then i got to know fer who happens to be her cousin. i guess fate has never stopped us from revolving around each other’s life. thank you babes. i miss you so. do come back and visit me soon!
p/s: check out on the why use gmail video. google is god, indeed. now, if only google didnt forfeit the USD 92 i’ve earned from google adsense. tsk!
i’m finally back from the semi-depressing malacca. thanks for the great ride home, gerald! and bigger thanks for saving my life from the massive baking i was getting in that gigantic oven (mcca, of course). i just reached home not too long ago and iskii will be here soon. so bloody exhausted since it’s already 3am. anyway, to continue more later. how did you cny go?
p/s: ive lost most of your mobile contacts so it’ll be nice if you drop me your number at tickleme[at] or text me your number.

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25 Responses

  1. gong xi fa chai
    melaka for new year. did’t know u r melakan. haha
    how was melaka? i was there for 4 years, my first after college job. nice town, nice people, nice food. boring pubs. hahaha can’t wait to drive up to KL for the weekend for the first few months.
    then i found some nice “everybody-know-my-name” pubs. i still remember the name, Genetics. cool band.
    happy new year.

  2. gong xi gong xi! 😛
    yeaps, i am. i thought new years this year was gonna be great cause it was raining on ny’s eve and the first day. but i was wrong. the weather was so damn humid that my skin turned really red and itchy. ewww.. :/
    nice food? not during cny. newp, definitely not! 🙁
    where’s genetics? melaka raya?

  3. yeah, melaka raya. i still remember is on top of a good northern indian restaurent. good tandoori place.
    red and itchy? ouch……take care. drink some cooling water.

  4. im so glad to be back in bkt jalil, where it’s always cloudy or rainy. *licks lips*
    haha melaka raya is huge. i’ll try to keep an eye though. but i heard pure bar’s the new in place to be. :/

  5. happy nwe year babe!! 🙂 sorry didnt msg u to wish u, i was creditless pretty much the whole week. fuck, i hate being broke
    anyway, apom pisang rm5?

  6. max :O hahahahaha. can also.
    finally got berita from you. btw, i got you a copy of myc with article on the v33t. man, you better love me lor.

  7. oh, i also want dvd!!!
    1) stranger than fiction
    2) the holiday
    3) music and lyrics (but this one can download i think)
    how much one ah? i’d rather buy than d/l these days.

  8. oh babe!! i love you. what month is the article in? jan or feb? i dont even have jan one? do u have ittt..??
    ok i might go get dvds 2mrw night..
    rm4 niaaa!!!!
    will confirm with u whether i go, cause i dont have transport. 🙁
    bt will call u!!

  9. jan got nothing on veet. i have it la, somewhere at home i think. or maybe not.
    feb, iskii purposely went to starbucks to get for us. cos i told him if he’s ever passing by a starbucks, then get two copies. 🙂
    rm4, ok set. get for me. make sure clear ok. 😛

  10. yes serious!! i went starbucks 1u, dont have. star bucks gurney plaza, none
    star bucks, island plaza, none
    star bucks, gurney tower, none
    star bucks, prangin mall, none
    u tell me, how?

  11. gurney plaza all sure la. i think myc’s only for klang valley ler.
    one utama takde then maybe habis stock. the rest you went all in pg what.

  12. happy cny,gurl!!lol…me went back mlk too…but didnt ask u out coz staying over at fren’s place…ahha..actually wanna meet up wif u but they were pai seh…lol

  13. hi hi kylie!!
    hehe it’s ok ler. i was too busy running around from granny’s place to uncle’s place also. happy cny. hope u had a great one. 🙂