the irony of being a malaysian.

the irony of being a malaysian.

you know, the irony of being a malaysian is that you may be a malay but your bahasa melayu might not be as good as a chinese who ironically cant speak chinese but an eurasian friend of yours can but her basic knowledge on english could be weak. this is very common in malaysia and it’s just weird, isnt it?
below is an example to prove my point (edited to make it shorter):

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  1. I’m gorgeous and I have a sexy voice… so what does that mean? Special ah?! 😡
    Ms Veet.. where hiding you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lol, that means ur just perasan ok. HAHAHAHA. 😛
    and i tried, but they wont give me. giving me lame excuses. what you want me to do la. 🙁

  3. sighs, so happening. i stayed home cleaning my room on a sat night!!! 🙁
    before that, i was in kfc ler. haha. but makan then chow edi. 🙁

  4. at least u got sum thg to do lerrrrr…hehehe
    first day is the time u get used with ppl and envirinment ard u…u take care ur self there ya…enjoy hehe

  5. emmm glad u feel happy there (even tho its just 1st day hehe) soo ur ex boss still hold ur cheque ya? go kick him/her ass…melampau betul…

  6. Call them and bug them everyday loh… though its not a really professional approach, but sometimes, it works.

  7. Ur ex coll tak boleh pakai punya…in the office they can be ur fren outside they will remain as stranger to u….soo u keep bugging those idiot office…call them every 2 days…do it till they really annoyed with u hahahahaha 😀