Miss Veet 2007

Miss Veet 2007


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And so, I won the competition! Miss Veet 2007! Eventhough its not a big deal, but the whole thing hasn’t really sunk in yet. Lol. But yeah, I was really surprised to even win it seeing there were other girls who really deserved the title instead. It was a good experience though, the whole competition thing. I realised its not bloody easy to do things like this, especially with the media and all the reporters. Bah.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

But, I would like to really really thank my great campaign manager, Becky who did a greaaaaaaaat job campaigning for me! haha, I think without all her ” GO VOTE! GO VOTE”, I wouldn’t have won! Thank you! Will share my presents with you.
A huge thank you goes out to the 9 great friends who went to support me on that day. Big thank you to Becky, Iskii, Lai Shing, In Xuan, Tchen Shun, Sandy, Sabrina, Gerald & Raymond. Thanks guys cause without your screaming, shouting and noise, I think I wouldn’t have won too! LOL! Love you guys!!!
Pics will be uploaded by Becky. So stay tune.edited by becky: done!

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58 Responses

  1. woot woot ms veet! 😀 i still want to rub them legs.. you promised! 🙁
    btw becky.. 55000 hits, 30000 page views.. highly doubt anyone is stealing your bw.

  2. dion, is that per month or what? i saw my monthly hits is about 180-200++k in tickle-me.net’s cpanelx. but i dunno how is it possible. cos i installed my own personal one into my site and i only get an average of 120 per day. :/
    120 x 30 = 3,600 leh.
    and how to i stop getting er the hits? i dun want them to eat up my bandwidth!!! 🙁

  3. max i’m sure we didn’t do that much and you deserved the title 🙂 believe in yourself, you are a great person.. that deserved not only winning but also the support you have recieved.. it was something your friends would have wanted for you as well.. so really we didn’t do much, alot of it fell onto yourself to win this and you did a great job! congratulations again max 🙂

  4. Hi, i am late here, but first i think have to say thanks to BECKY as i belive it was her effort that make MAXINE to be champion, even i belive MAXINE she is too sexy and should win this, any way i am happy for both of you that you did it and make it to be happend

  5. congrats miss veeet. Veet is the hair removal cream right?
    tried it over here haha, pretty smooth.. but grows back pretty quickly hey?
    lol if im on the wrong veet then this’ll be so embuhrassing yo ;p