maxine’s new found fame.

maxine’s new found fame.

(/edited) @ 12:26pm, 21.01.07

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muehehehe. me is back! *in heavy german accent* maxine’s the new star around it seems. ive been getting msges like, “heeeyy… no wonder she looked so familiar, she’s your GUESTBLOGGER!!!” or “omg, the name and picture looks so familiar… it took me a while and realise she’s the maxine you told me to vote for” or somewhere along those lines. well, i guess, it’s worth it! maxine will officially be the spokesperson for should we ever need one. lol. so how does it feel like to be out in some of the major newspapers, dear, maxine ‘ANNA’ sibert? lol, the papers actually printed her middle name wrongly. max, no excuse for you to not blog anymore (imagine, this month itself we’ve used 31gigs so when max blogs, uh-oh, ive gotta be prepared!). if any of you have a copy of the articles (whatever language it may be in), kindly keep the copy for us. till then, im off!
p/s: yes, i do realise the amount of albums i owe you guys at, but i’m really trying my best to edit the thousands of photos. so, stay tune.
well, it’s not exactly ‘new’ news, but check this out. until ive got time to scan/print screen, i’ll use that link.
according to that article, ms. maxine anne sibert has got bushy hairy legs since thirteen. like, wahlau! she must be some hairy kid back then but i dont remember her as a hairy kiddo. lol. but thank god for veet, she has managed to control her bushy-ness and even bagged the title as the damsel with the silkiest and smoothest legs in klang valley. fooyoh. ok, continue later. gotta prep for a shoot. toodles!

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  1. eh dun la wei
    the stupid reporter salah faham..
    its actually not laa!! i said 15
    they put 13

  2. im sorry!!! when u called me, i was on the phone with my mum!
    then when u sms me, i takde credit to reply!! but babe can keep for the sun pls?? the PG sun takde! 🙁

  3. er.. haha i folded it into like 16 folds edi. u dont mind ka? ask ur mom help u keep also! 😀 should’ve told me earlier. when i was at apiit, got like one whole stack there.

  4. lol, eh if real one means right, you’ll be the latest gossip in hollywood and mana-mana ler. then can see you in international gossip mags all. fooyoh! 😛

  5. haha..tak tau…perhaps we’ll c becky’s pic on headlines being d tall gorgeous babe in evening wear?hmm…hmm…perhaps as emcee 4 a high class event?

  6. it might you’ll never know!!!!!!!!!!!
    macam la i tau i was gonna come out for a ….leg hair thing?