happy 25th birthday, biiloved!

happy 25th birthday, biiloved!

(/edited) @ 3:57pm, 8.01.07.


as her campaign manager, im so damn proud! now, can we share 50% 50% of what you’ve won? they’ve given her some really good prizes. im so proud of you, miss sexy bululess legged friend of mine! teehee. piccies will be up next time. as you all know, my bandwidth exceeded 15gbs in just less than a week. i emailed the owner of my hosting company, Ultraunix, and he told me that my site uses at least 2GB of bandwidth per day. WHATTHEHELL!!! and as you’ve noticed, i’ve stopped hosting pictures in my own server but i’m using imageshack.us instead. and all my photo albums are all in multiply.com instead of my own t-m.net gallery. so how is it really that text-heavy entries could take up so much bandwidth? please, whoever who are stealing bandwidth from me especially you hotlinkers, STOP IT. grrrrr.. amirul, the owner, is nice enough to currently add more bandwidth usage for me. how do i check who’s stealing my bandwidth, anyways?.

i am so damn extremely tired after attending two last minute interviews (lack of sleep, you see). just got back from hot koay ling’s birthday celebration. photos can be seen here while i’ll take my own sweet time uploading my version. i am so going to drop dead any moment soon but i HAVE to post an entry before it’s too late.
right after maxine’s catwalk&bululesslegsshowoffingetc which you guys are still required to vote at myc.com.my, i’ll be chilling the whole time at someone’s place until it’s time for me to take the bus early in the morning to malacca for my granny’s big birthday celebration. i’ll be back on iskii’s actual birthday itself but i’m afraid i might be too worn out to type an entry and hence, will have to wish him a belated birthday here instead. so there you go. happy birthday once again, bii. i hope you seriously love the poker chip + set + etc i got you which took me forever since your old wallet had to potong my stim. more gifts for you when i’m back! i heart<3 you!
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and to those of you who have YET to vote, please, once again, take a look at sexy maxie’s legs and vote for her! the end.

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  1. Hi, Good Morning and happy New Year to you, even it is late, but i am lucky to be the first one for this post……. i am going to vote for Maxien now, wish all the best for her too, take care

  2. heheheheheehe… it’s not late. it’s two days early!!! 😀 😀 😀 use up all the email accounts u have to vote for maxine!!! 😀 😀 😀 thanks goodboy!! 😀

  3. hey happy birthday!!
    poker chips? can you tell me where to get? i am trying to setup texas hold’em game at my house and can’t seems to find the chips.
    email me the location of the shop?
    and btw, the legs…..WOW!!!!!

  4. the legs, WOW indeed..
    Legs of Champions! congrats on winning the show, maxine..
    thanks for the birthday wishes bii bii, i can now gamble and take money from my brother. mwahahahaha..

  5. happy b’day,iskii!!!hehe….may u get wat u wanted tis yr~~
    so how’s maxine’s competition?wat’s d result?
    whoa..becky is so busy.. :O

  6. khoo, i gotten it from folio, one utama. hahahaha. no point hiding the info cos my bf knew where i got it from already. HAHAHAHA.
    max won!! 😛 those sexy legs are such a big turn on! 😀

  7. biibii, win money then must share some with me ok? 😛
    like taking me to US to shop since you were suppose to bring me out last week to shop but tak jadi! 😛

  8. kylie, MAX WON LERRR!!! 😛 ahem ahem, and i wonder why ah. WAHAHHAA. *perasantansusukelantan*
    😛 😛 😛
    i hope iskii got what he wanted too. 😛

  9. waaaaaaaaaaa….MAXINE MENANGGGGG…..congratz congratzzzz..campaign manager pun congratz lerrrr u manyak bz ler promoting those ‘kaki’ haha

  10. tu ler. darling proud or not? 😛 😛 :P.
    hahahaha. too bad, campaign manager tak dapat apa apa. 😛 wanna go demand from veet already. 😛

  11. yeah, congrates Maxine.
    you are right, such a turn on from the pix…hehehehe
    but then, i am just weak for a nice legs. call me leg man.
    thanx for the pointer to the shop in 1U.

  12. hahahahahahaha becky, i belanja u one day laaaa for being my good manager. or apa apa u need frm guardian, tell me!

  13. thanks zura!!!! hahaha i menang rm1000 worth of prizes which includes guardian vouchers rm500,spa dan other barang.

  14. khoo, but i think the one i bought has got no more stock ler. cos ive managed to grab the last one (unless you want to buy the displayed one).

  15. maxine, what nothing.
    i bet lil girls (and maybe boys too!) from that day onwards, when the kindergarten teacher ask what they wanna be when they grow up, they’ll reply, “i just wanna be like maxine anne sibert!!!” 😛

  16. oi max, what sarcastic. dont la be so modest oi. but memang all this while my cousin evan says she wants to have legs like urs. SEE, now u menang. memang bukti dan sah you’ve got sexy legs ok. 😀

  17. yay!!maxine won!!
    haha…becky’s a good campaign manager arr??!!!hehe,shem..should get sumthing in return 😀 haha..go demand 4 a gr8 meal or a spa….gosh,maxine gonan kill me 4 tis.. 😛

  18. hahahahaa. ok. 😛 but if max is in the competition, then i’ll have to support max first k. cos she’s my ‘client’ first. 😛