brand new year, brand new start.

brand new year, brand new start.

happy new year 2007, everybody!!!

i had such a great time partying at iskii’s place, gobbling down meat after meat and then kicking asses during pictionary. how did you celebrate yours? it’s a brand new year for a brand new start.
new year resolutions:
*lose weight (same thing year after year)
*get a great job
*earn more money
*score a loving bf
*annoy iskii further
*meet more people
*find suitable candidates to hold the title, “friend”
lol. oh, thanks guys for the smses. no time to reply and my inbox was full. so plenty of msges are lagging atm. anyways, i’ll be back. gonna download photos into my pc and start editing. not much on me though. wasnt in the mood for camwhoring since ive gained weight to a dangerous amount. lol. be right back!
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50 Responses

  1. gaining at dangerous amount? wow, really party hard huh?
    anyway, how i celebtrate? was at BU watching fireworks in stereo, seeing the one from 1U and Curve at the same time. pretty cool.
    didn’t managed to get drunk, damn.
    anyway, resolution? ^C and then ^V
    lose more weight? hey, we have the same. hahaha
    Happy new year. take care. be happy.

  2. not partying hard la. just been gorging lol.
    i wanted to see some really really good fireworks but they were all from a distance ler. the ones at iskii played at his place, was a single klcc-type firework so tak cukup puas. haahahaha. 😛
    what’s ^C and ^V? lol. happy new year to u too! 🙂

  3. eh darling did u get my sms? sorry ya tak sempat call just sms..Happy New Year 2007… 😀
    Haha ur new year resolution really tht bad ka for the 1st one?
    Oh i got mine too…its in no 1:
    -“BRING CHOC CAKE TO DARLING BECKY”.. (bz ness lately)… :p lolz hehehe

  4. yes yes darling i did! omg, this is so weird!! I BARU JE DREAM OF YOU… but then i dunno why in my dream, you’re about 60-70 year old!! SO PELIK RITE!!!!! 😛
    hahahahahahaa. thanks for the msg. maaf ya tak msg balik. my phone memang cacat ni. ur msges came in three seperate sms. gile mia phone. harap dpt jumpa soon. happy new year darling!

  5. dreaming on me sum more tua liaooo? (i wonder how i look like :P) adoiii!!..:O :S goshhhhhhhhhh hahahahaha ok ok at least got dream of me tht sudah kira bagus hehehehe 😛
    sure meet soon cos next month sudah kerja baru new office closed by only hehe..Happy New Year again darling 😀

  6. hahahahahaa.. so dont look like u. haha. i dunno why in that dream, i’d think it was u but the old lady doesnt look like u at all!!! 😀 😀 :D…
    yay!! where u kerja-ing? harap my interview today jadi ler. 🙁

  7. hahaha tht mean u keep thinking of me? hemmmm thts cool ada jugak org yg rindu i lolz hehehe
    New office at bdr baru sri petaling….mmg deakt sgt with ur place lahhh….eh be confident with this interview ya? i wish u luck darling…be happy dun gabra 😀

  8. haha memang thinking of u also. 😛 hahahahahaa. <3 how was ur bro’s wedding? maaf tak dpt hadir. 🙁
    OMGG!! SRI PETALING!!! it’s like depan aku je. hahaha. baling batu sure can kena ur kepala. 😛
    thanks darling! 😛

  9. gambate!! new yr resolution..clean up my room~haha…n unpack my stuff frm d boxes…havent unpack them since d day i shifted 2 new place… lol

  10. oh wedding tu ok usual sure tired one…hahaha its ok i jemput but i understand u got transportation prob…maybe next time hehe
    Lolzzz why ler baling batu kat i pulak? hahahah
    yaya mmg dekat sgt..:D

  11. cannnnnn everyday lunch pun boleh..since new job sure takde kawan lagi :(….
    kawin ah? tunggu “laki” i balik dari sabah mau basuh dia habis ..tanya dia dulu lolzzz

  12. hehehehehehe. 😛 when is he finishing? he’s forever in sabah mia. 🙁 susah ni. nak jumpa pun susah!! 😛
    yeay, interview habis!!! 😀

  13. Dah kerja dia camtu..oil and gas one kena gi sanalah…baguslah let him there i can cuci mata here banyak2 hehe (dun u think he will do the same thing there :P)
    Wahh then how the interview? feel good or not? u think can got good result or not? 😀

  14. takpe ler darling oi. bekalan gas and minyak petroleum (esp this one/terumatanya yang ini) akan hampir kehilangan dalam masa sepuluh tahun lebih lagi. lol. tapi takkanlah darling nak tunggu sampai that time baru nak kahwin? if like that (kalau macam tu), i think (saya rasa) kita semua yang lebih muda akan kahwin dulu. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. 😛
    interview ok ler. today punya interview lagi power. super short. lol. 😛 tak tau can get good result or not. berdoala untuk saya ok, darling.
    (fooyoh, nak tunjuk yang saya fasih berbahasa melayu ni. :P)

  15. woahhhhhhhh…memang superrrr power BM lolzz hehe
    hhehe who wanna wait for him ler…takpe ada jodoh tak kemana hehehe…….
    sure no prob i pray and wish u good luck all the time ya darling.. 😉

  16. hahaahahahahaha. 😛
    i was just about to nap kan darling, then my kawan from the agency i went for interview called. she cakap la, memang ok, but need to go 2nd interview. however, i cakap macam not sure like that so she’s a bit worried. tapi sebenarnyakan, aku tengah gabra gile. 😛

  17. woa jin boone :O maxine’s 2nd husband? :O
    hahahahahahaa. where erm, have u erm, seen me? 😛
    maxine is ALWAYS in love with something or someone. 😛 oh she loves me too. 😛

  18. oh, and of course, i’ll miss my bii (note: single, not plural) tooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    bwahahahahahahahahaAHAHAHAHAHaa. 😛
    i love u maxine!

  19. been months since i last saw you! but you look great, as usual. AND CHE JOJO’S BACK ! omg. she looks gorgeous as well. cant wait to see you guys tomorrow. love love love and happy belated new year to both you prettybabes !

  20. lol…becky…i can still c d floor in my room…but had 2 careful when d light is off…dun wanna trip ob anything left on d floor 😛 lazy nia…

  21. evannnn…. 😛 was nice meeting up with you once again. see you next month, sexaaaaay. see ee + and the boys are coming over today! 😛 *loves*

  22. wahahaha kylie, means not as bad as mine. 😛 mine is memang teruk. bilik teruk. but too bad, no place to put baju liao cos i cannot stop buying. HAHA 😛