a bloody good beginning.

a bloody good beginning.

tick tock tick tock. it’s entering the third week from the day i was hired as a producer (line producer to be exact, but joannie insisted it’s the same thing). time sure flew. the job is interesting and there’s always something new to learn, someone new (and not to mention, good looking ) to meet. the more shooting i attend, the more the adventure unfolds and i cant help but say scream, “I SO FUCKING LOVE THIS JOB!”. yes, being a rookie and all to the industry, i am still not given VERY important task. and im so afraid that i wont meet the expectations they’ve set on me and not get the confirmation letter. but i guess, like how the cliche saying goes, “… as long as you give them your best, that’s all that matters”. so far, it’s been a pretty good start for 2007. im impressed!

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i know it looks just like any ordinary piece of paper, but every info in my company has to be very discreet so hence, the blurred names. dont want to dig my own grave.
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middle pix, top row: mandatory shot from workstation, perhaps?

the above pix was professionally made-up for a staff photoshoot. fugly, i know. i never seem to share a good chemistry with make ups anyway. speaking of shoots and all, one of the most interesting shoot was the one i had in ulu yam recently. being surrounded by clear streams and greeneries before sunrise was ORGASMICALLY amazing. seriously, ive never felt so happy waking up before dawn but that was just bloody good, going off road and all. i almost beat myself to death for not bringing the camera (uh huh, becks has stopped carrying her cam around!). i wish there would be more to come, although the downside is, there’s no toilet and that’s when you wish you’ve got those sticks boys use to pee. let’s hope my company loves me so i can be doing all this for long. amen.
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p/s: regardless of how crazy workings hours CAN be at times, the tummy must still be filled. hence, more food pix to be up… by this year. tee hee hee!

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  1. congrates on the new job. producer? wah-seh. canggih.
    pizza uno? the one in taipan? i have been to this place for ages, more than 10 years, i must say. i stay arond there anyway.
    good luck, good day and good year.

  2. hehe, it’s not glamourous, if that’s what you think. but yes, it’s cool! 😀 hahaha. im yet to do much though. 😀
    pizzaaa uno rocks. oo, so u live in usj. woo hoo. *stalks you*

  3. yes. omg, pls bring me there again soon. or rather, let me bring you la. since you always whine and dont wanna go there. 😛
    serious, i keep thinking of it wei. :O

  4. stalk me? yeah, why not. just look for a guy in pizza uno enjoying the roasted chicken with a glass of beer.
    be gentle. ok? 🙂
    haven’t been there for a while, prefer to go to italiannies instead. the pepperoni pizza is to die for.
    btw, have you tried tony romas? is it true that the ribs is not the same as the one in singapore? hahaha

  5. blaaahs. i hate italiannies!!! :O~~
    yes. tony romas! BLOOODY GOOD RIBS! 😀 time to post piccies p! 😛
    it’s not the same elsewhere cause it’s pork free and apparently their pork ribs are to die for. 😛

  6. congrats,becky!!!hehe..u’ve found ur dream job… 😀
    haha…will keep noticing ur name as producer now!!!haha..i can go screaming:look…look..d producer is my fren!!! 😀