the nerve-wracking call.

the nerve-wracking call.

(/edited) @ 5:14am, 11.09.06.
woa, it’s sept 11th. my deepest sympathy to all those who died on this tragic day, five years ago. anyways, on a happier note, to all you naan lovers, click here. and for god’s sake, I AM A BLOODY CHINESE. haha. ive been getting comments where ppl think i’m malay, just cause i’m dating mr. malay boy. or, i just don’t look chinese. O___o. below are photos from the chilis gathering i organised. fwoahs, eight tables and almost thirty people. siap got celebrity actor and bloggers somore. terror la these fooxion-ers. danke for the support, guys! majukanlah fooxion! the end. tata!
omg. i finally pulled all the strength ive got yesterday and finished my curriculum vitaes, cover letters, essays and what nots and it took me one whole night (and a couple more hours in the morning). sent them and started appying for jobs yesterday night itself and guess what? i just got a call for a job interview as a writer for a magazine. i wont be revealing it yet cos i might not get the job. a friend went for an interview there once and they only wanted writers for sports section, which is something i have zero knowledge on. but it’s exciting. yay! that’s a pretty good start. now, astro and media prima, when are you going to call me?

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okay. ive got hundreds of photos to edit and send out etc. uhm… *drums fingers* post more when i’m back later after my short meetup with eve mama* and my lizzie baby. tathetoodles!
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36 Responses

  1. hey becks, good luck on the applications! btw if u dont mind would u mind sending me a sample of cover letters? im trying to improve mine :S quite the nerve wrecking too. sighs. i wanna go back to study laaaa hurhurhurrrrr
    anyways u everytime temp me with yummylicious chilis one. dun fleng u lorrrrr. aiks. i so mish chilis la. *pouts* takee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! 😀

  2. lol, i copied mine from another friend. msg me in msn, i’ll send u, ok?
    and thanks for the good luck wishes! 😀
    u faster come back to kl la 😀

  3. done with ur CV eh..
    now show us.
    maybe we all have something addtional to add to it.
    say, did u include ur methods on how ur gonna help turn the company up-side-down?

  4. LOL. nah, they needed food reviewers too. but if i were to do food, i need to do movies and music and maybe health. 😀
    wow. dunno la. see how. dunno if i’ll get it cos they really want a sports section writer. haha.

  5. Err..abt ur look tu..i guess u look more like “anak mat saleh celup” hahahaah not malay..i duno which part of u yg look malay..just maybe tht mr meow2 kut… lol

  6. becky..u look gorgeous in pics too *envy* photogenic..
    haha..n ya,at 1st i didnt realise tht iskii is a malay…i thought u chnaged bf…*sorry iskii,u seriously dun look like a malay 2 me*
    n becky,u look like anak mat salleh…hehe….ur sis,joanne looks like chinese but u dun….

  7. woa woa, kena puji wor. *blushes* thanks kylie. 😛
    lol, iskii kembang la, he dont look malay. always calling himself ah beng and stuffs like that. oh wait, was it me? hrmphs. haha. 😀
    anak mat salleh? sesat. aku cina. myanmar mali. 😀

  8. lol, and there’s suppose to be a pix of me and laurel too. but yest when i was looking for it, i couldnt find it. 🙁 tell her sorry takde her pix. 🙁 but i’ll post it in multiply k. 🙂

  9. eh darling the foods in chilli’s mv veli nice but their service :S kureng sikitlahhh….maybe they need to add more staff there…alien and me miss out the tembikai drink (duno the name..alien apa nama air tu??!! :P)

  10. haha i think the service was a bit the slow the other day because there were too many of us!!! hahaha. that’s prolly like the first time they’ve seen such a big group, cos out of my many visits there, ours has got to be the biggest. hahahahahaha. 😀
    got tembikai drink ka? i also didnt know.
    and also, the place we sat, was at the far end, so memang lesser waiters will pass by there ler. macam tempat anti-social but in a way good also, gave us full privacy! 🙂

  11. Errr..not sure its tembikai or not cos its red in colour and alien keep asking me wana order it or not..and i keep saying go order but till the end 10pm bau air tu pun takde ahahahahhaha

  12. lol, i dont remember them having tembikai ler. i think tomato juice kut. cos quite a number of you ordered that. lol. 😀
    takde ah. lol, but then the drinks refillable la. tak payah order so banyak. 😛

  13. haha….it’s ok if kucing kembang,but make sure he doesnt terbang~…hahha…
    btw,seriously u dun look chinese chinese…mayb coz of ur eyes n nose…so leng~~~

  14. :O
    lol. everyday ppl tell me i look like this that this that. kenapa nobody cakap i look like shar pei? hahahahahaha.
    i’m not exactly eurasian la. blood diluted maximum. kakakaka. my sp also looked like eurasian in one of the pix. 😀 stim!!! 😀 😀 😀 *toottoot*