ptuiks, malaysian drivers.

ptuiks, malaysian drivers.

(/edited) @ 2:07am, 23.09.06
okay, this is just an opion and you dont need to spear me, alrite. my gawd. i just cant stand how some of the malays (here’s one who never fails to amuse me) are dissing the chinese from day one of one in a million at the forum. ive been reading silently for months and the comments are just so fcking immature and i dont get it. so, it’s okay for malays to vote for malays but it’s not okay for non-malays to vote non-malays? my goodness. and the forum is such a mess! what’s up with all the racial issues la. quite sore losers right some people? suki wasnt the best choice but she won. so leave it la, dont need to bring up racial issues all rite. so much for the malaysia boleh spirit. thank god i dont follow all these religiously or i’ll prolly go nuts reading the comments. okay, i’ll shut up here before i kena tembak myself. go view the forums yourself and be the judge (although more and more threads are being deleted by the moderators/admins due to complaints) and the voting system is completely screwed if not a big CON JOB. lol.
offtopic: i suddenly have a pet sparrow. it’s too weak to be set free. will do when it’s slightly stronger and am able to fly properly. i dont want it to end up in a cat’s tummy.


MALAYSIAN DRIVERS CAN BE SUCH A PAIN IN THE ARSE. in just the past two weeks itself, ive banged into plastic barriers, jam braked and have my tyres balded and worst, the most recent scariest one was going over a curb. it was because i wanted to avoid hitting straight-on into a car that was stuck in a jam, caused by a pick-up truck that has broken down in the middle of a two lane road. it was a blind corner la in a way, as it was very “hilly” and etc. i couldnt see the jam that was building up infront of me as i was going “uphill” and the jam happened “downhill” so i had to jam brake and quickly swerved my car onto a curb. but that wasnt entirely anyone’s fault i guess. HAHAHA, i know, i’m being so damn long-winded. and someone at the party i was at yesterday actually SAW MY CAR UP THE CURB. omigosh.
and today, a fucking blue mercedes who thinks he’s the king of the road beat a red light and sped even faster when he saw me (and another kancil) coming (our lights turned green, so obviously we’ll go la rite) and thank god ive managed to jam brake in time or else i would’ve lost MY life and dennis altogether. the kancil beside me was so shaken that even after ive moved and all, it was still there, overcoming with shock. i chased the damn inconsiderate car only to see him turning into the lrt station which is like 500m from where he almost hit us. FUCKINGSTUPIDMORON. so near also want to speed is it. chaucibai.
and the other day, an fucking brainless idiot wanted to buy the papers from a bus stop but instead of stopping AT the bus stop, he stopped IN the middle of the road and everyone had to jambrake (i was the fifth car behind this cibai and there were three behind me) because this fucking ALTIS wants to buy his daily gossip papers. IDIOT, if any of us were to hit either one of the cars, YOU would’ve been in that paper. dumbass.
and then the classic case of kiasu-ism among malaysians. this dumbass ISWARA was on a lane that had quite a long wait at the traffic lights and he just nicely cut into my lane without LOOKING AT HOW CLOSE I WAS TO HIM and i had to jam brake, swerved and hit the plastic barriers. THANKFUCKINGGODTHEYWEREPLASTICBARRIERSRITE?! fucking moron. YOU dont just simply cut into people’s lanes la. WHAT THE FUCK do you think your side mirrors OR your signals are for? to bloody decorate your cars is it. omfg. i can just go on and on. imagine, in just two weeks, ive met with such halfwitted retarded drivers who dont even know the simple rules of STOPPING AT RED LIGHTS and SIGNAL IF YOU WANNA CUT/TURN INTO LANES. all these just cause you want to be in a lane that’s two cars faster, rite? sheeshjesus.
to all you future drivers, please remember aunty beck’s advice okay. do not be idiots like the ones ive mentioned. i’m no angel on the roads myself but at least i still signal and I DONT FLASH UNNECESSARILY unlike some penang drivers ive met! actually, ive never flashed before.

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  1. yeah la i know la. the penang driver and the flashing lights thingy u referring to me rightt…:D
    ppl buy cars without accessories mer. no signal. ahahaa

  2. erm no?
    i was actually referring to the 5-6 cars who were flashing at us eventhough we were travelling at 140kmh on the way to penang the other day.
    and all 5-6 cars beared the number plate that starts with “PG*”.
    PGK. PGN, PGA, PGJ… blahblahblah. you get my drift. damn fucking annoying.

  3. hmmm…..wonder how m i gonna drive my car in d future?it’s been 4 yrs since i last drive…haiz…guess i should speed drive a car workshop’s number instead….thanx 2 inconsiderate drivers…

  4. HAHAHAA if u wanna practice driving, kl or penang is definitely not the place for u to learn la. maybe practice around malacca first or taiping. hahahahaha. 😛

  5. well i also had almost same problem with stupid malaysian drivers…especially those who drives four wheel drive huge huge monster trucks who thinks they are the king of the road. damn…until once that day i almost wanted to whack the shit out of the guy but lucky i cooled myself down cos there were innocent girls in my car…
    they bang or force u to bang to other cars or things on the roads….its so stupid of them….never even bother using the side mirror or signal.

  6. yea wei. some mpv drivers think they’re all grand and might just cos they’re big right. bloody hell.
    BAAAHS. some drivers can be soooo damn dumb!!!!

  7. i got a secret to tell you..
    once i drove here in melb and i knocked into a car parked at the side of the rd.. i saw some ppl watching so i pulled over pretended to scribble on some paper and went to stick it on the other car.. unknown the witnesses, there was nothing on the paper.. im such a bitch.. imagine the car owner coming out OMG MY CAR then thank god they left their contact number.. then *opens blank paper* OMFG THAT FUCKER!!

  8. haha..yaya..should learn 2 drive in mlk then…
    haha….well,think of d drive too much til wanna type dial,i type drive instead….haha…

  9. *pats bii*
    i have had my fair share of inconsiderate drivers on the road too.. but i think i’ve also unintentionally annoyed other people on the road too, at times. which is why sometimes we should have “Thank You” and “Sorry!” lights installed on all our cars, like in the UK. lol.
    but some people really ought to stay off the roads. driving at 30km/h in the middle of two lanes, though slow and ‘safe’, has the potential to cause accidents just as much as driving at 300km/h. lol.

  10. biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! quick come on msn. hahaha.
    there’s actually such a thing as thank you and sorry lights? :O uhm, ive never heard about that before though. :/
    yes omfggg. slow turtles should just stick to cycling or something man. 🙁
    and im pretty sure ive been annoying ppl on the road too. :/

  11. sigh. I arrive early at work. dunno what to do now. :S …
    thank you and sorry lights really exist ah? fuuuhhh… i want one that says “fuck you” or shows the 3rd mannn~~~

  12. hahaha maxine. quite cute rite. press the button on the right to say “thank you”. press the button on the left to say “sorry”. and the one in the middle of your steering wheel to say “FUCK YOU”.
    i ajar from maxine wan. 😛

  13. hahahhaha. eh i tak ajar sesiapa pun.
    pun water gun hidden somewhere.then press button, water mah “spit” out lorr.. haha