mahai spammers.

mahai spammers.

i just deleted 283 comments from an entry, and another 278 comments from another. FUCK YOU BLOODY SPAMMERS LA. bloody hell. like i got nothing else better to do than to click on every comment and delete one by one rite. ccb. sorry if ive accidentally deleted some of your REAL comments, ya.
i just heard about steve irwin aka mr. crocodile hunter’s death. my condolences to his family and fans. it reminds me of brian’s death all over again. speaking of brian, 31st aug was his fourth death anniversary. brian angel, again, we miss you.
about my penang trip, i went there and found a new love. it was originally going for rm. five thousand but now, it’s going for, rm “name your price”. i think the owner’s willing to let go for rm1,300. so damn adorable. if it werent for jing’s dad, i think she would’ve bought it already. i mean, hello, an afghan hound in malaysia? how common is that? and the owner went on about how it’ll stroke our ego when we bring it out for a walk and have everyone’s jaws hitting the grounds. ahhh… i’m so in love with it, and chow chow and shar pei and the list just goes on and on. hi bii, you love me don’t you? lol. update more later! i miss penang.

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  1. ok i read the entry.. what’s an afgan hound 🙁 *google* oh yeah i can’t believe the croc hunter is gone.. he’s too much of a legend 🙁

  2. i miss pg too 🙁
    i wanted to delete the spam..but then..tot u would see how much damage it was! ugh!

  3. eh maxine, ur nick says maxinew again. LOL!! who’s this W dude la. lol.
    ya, max, next time just delete. bodoh punya babi panggan spammers. geram.

  4. Wah! With that amount of furs/bulu/hairs/rambut, how did it survive the Malaysian weather? Was talking bout the afghan hound btw…

  5. haha..becky i knoe tis is really OT la…but cant comment in other comment box of of spammers..anwyays,whoa..u gurls actually knoe milin?hehe..yeah..wat a small small world..she’s a darling
    anyways,u look gorgoeous in ur previous pics….i thought u have curls….

  6. lol, isnt milin in spain or some european country now. lol. i have her msn but never spoke to her before. lol.
    which pix? kakaka. i used to have curls, now takde, but soon, it’s coming back again! 😛
    thank you ah. 😀

  7. yaya…in swiss,rite?miss her…me copied her email addy wrongly so dun hv her msn 🙁
    maxine!!!haha..yeah..i knew milin coz she’s my ex-roomie…she’s d best!!really sweet gurl…haha..a coffee freak..

  8. or izzit milin in scotland? many of my frens went outta m’sia til i 4got who is in which country…pai seh-nye….
    maxine is milin’s bestie?

  9. woa, maybe berd and iskii compliments me la. that’s why. should take more pix. 😛
    i dont think maxine is milin’s best friend but good friends all. all same school since primary etc.

  10. i wud love an afhgan hound! So i can make an afhgan blanket! woots! imagine u dun even have to cut the fur off, mean bulu cuz max doesnt like the word fur, it’ll shed and u can use all the berbulu buluan to make a carpet! so many uses, one dog :D:D

  11. HAHAHAAHAHA. ur so cruel. *bites you* lol.
    they’re pretty classy la, in a way. but they look like saudi arabian or some middle eastern man. not kidding.

  12. so kylie..know eunice oon too?
    i know milin since primary school. were classmates for a few years too.

  13. nooooooooooooooo i dont mean the kill dog part lah :@
    i meant the part she used ‘bulu’ cause i hate the word ‘fur’

  14. *waves 2 maxine* omg!!muacckksss…thanx!!!hehe….thanx 4 d msn addy =P
    eunice oon?does she study med?milin’s alwiz wif her..omg…it’s such a small small world…she alwiz come in2 our room…hahha….
    i miss milin!!!maxine ohh maxie..who else u knoe summore?
    btw,becky!!me saw rachel in front of side gate last week…haha…

  15. kylie..
    yeah eunice oon, studying medicine. we were all from the same school lah since primary.

  16. lol, wah sp. terror wor. apa bahasa also know. lol. when im back later, i’ll go cari new bahasa to love. meanwhile, ich liebe dich, SP! 🙂

  17. becky:haha….tht rachel..haha..i thought i got her name wrong….
    maxine:ohh..icic… wonder…’s really a small small world…i actually knew 2 of ur primary skoolmates =P