let the music ‘fill’ your soul.

let the music ‘fill’ your soul.

(/edited) @ 14:44. 15.09.06
wanna meet one of my many highschool heartthrobs? masaharu fukuyama won my heart when i was in my pre-pubescence not because of his tall, dark and handsome looks (no, seriously!) but his amazing acting skills (which is somewhat comical) and his voice. OMFG. if he’s a superhero, that has got to be his SUPERPOWERS. his singing melts hearts! not as meltable as josh groban’s but good enough. he looks exactly like an older version of my cousin erwin, i kid you not. so it’s just so WRONG for me to go googoogaga over his looks. he’s seriously so talented as he’s not just an actor and a singer, but a radio personality, photographer, songwriter and many others. how can a man, who is like the KING OF ALL TRAITS not turn you on? my gawd. his body, his … lips .. his eyes .. his voice .. his .. his .. *floats*. oh ya, hi iskii! guess it’s back to reality. toodles!
p/s: darling zura, im so sorry to hear about your dad. my condolences to you and your family.
i’m on a mp3 downloading rampage. should you not have any ideas on what to download, try these (i chose them randomly from my playlist):
* vertical horizon – the best i ever had
* lifehouse – you and me
* dishwalla – angels or devils
* rihanna – unfaithful
* tyler hilton – glad
* kelis – milkshake
* boyz II men ft. uncle sam – when i see you smile
* khia – my neck my back
* edwin mccain – i could not ask for more
* rascal flatts – blessed the broken road
* jason wade (of lifehouse) – you belong to me
* soul asylum – runaway train
ok, i better stop here. i should be uploading them to my multiply playlist so you could try downloading the mp3s from there. i MIGHT. knowing how big a procrastinator i am, i dare not give my promise. lol. i know my taste in music is pretty diversed but im just not fussy, i guess. i’m working on a lil ‘music project’ now. LOL. will reveal when the time’s right. oh, poor bii injured his knee. he better get to the docs soon or i’ll personally drive him there and make sure he stops escaping from seeing the docs. *pouts*
p/s: omg? psycho stalker’s back. *runs and hides under chowchowbii’s (which coincidentally means smelly in hokkien, lol) armpit*. just in case you’re wondering who’s chowchowbii, that’s iskii, cos he thinks he’s a human chowchow now. O___o. he has some serious identity crisis going on man.
p/ss: HOW THE HELL DO YOU UPLOAD MUSIC/PHOTOS/VIDEOS IN MULTIPLY? i dont see the “add new playlist” link anymore. dammmnits.

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51 Responses

  1. jack johnson sounds soooo familiar!!! my god. i prolly have it. let me check. 😀
    ya. you can now call him mr. chow chow instead of meow. lol 😀

  2. Aikk…why iskii still not going seeing the doc lerr???!! DArling tarik him lah to clinic…hahaha and wht identity crisis tht u mean? i’m not seeing any prob with him lol…

  3. hahaha cos he’s afraid of docs kut. i dah call him, he said he’ll try to make an appointment for tomorrow.
    kesian him, his knee sakit, cant put weight on it. 🙁
    haha. identity crisis in terms of kejap he’s a cat, then a duck and now a dog. 😀

  4. Lea Salonga and Brad Kane We Could be in Love
    Train – Drops of Jupiter
    Innuendo – Belaian Jiwa
    Barbara Streisand and Bryan Adams – I Finally Found Someone
    Some of the songs I always listen to…

  5. hahahaha. I USED TO HAVE THOSE SONGS! until my pc crashed of course.
    thanks jed. redownloading them now. haha. any chinese songs? i want to get in touch with my roots, you see. 😀

  6. rascal flatts – what hurts the most
    keith urban – tonight i wanna cry
    – making memories
    missy higgins – drowning
    big brovaz – baby boy

  7. i have ALMOST the whole album of rascal flatts and keith urban. my gawd, keith urban <3 <3 <3. haha. i remember listening to the cd in ur car la max. berjiwanging. 😀
    ok. the drowing and baby boy i takde. *clicks on d/l*

  8. Massive Attack – Teardrop
    Foo Fighters – Up In Arms, Down In The Park
    Silverchair – Abuse Me
    errr just a few random things.
    btw you made me become a Chow-Chow. 😛

  9. ehhh i where got make you turn into chow chow all. 🙁
    kes fitnah ni.
    i think foo fighters, i got an album or two liao. dont really like most of their songs like. hehehe.
    on ya. teardrop. *clicks on download*

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. this maxine ah. damn funny. cos actually isky wanted to add you as girlfriend but i gave him a muka senget so he simply added a relationship. he dont remember adding you as ex-wife though. HAHAHAHAHA.

  11. If you can’t see the “Upload Music” in multiply, you can just click “Post” at the top of the screen.
    There, click “Post Music”.

  12. cole porter feat ella fitzgerald – let’s do it
    paris hilton – stars are blind
    guang liang – tong hua
    elmo – elmo’s song/ elmo’s world
    dj scott project – cocaine
    yoji biomehanika – bangin’ globe
    portishead – roads
    rent – seasons of love
    haddaway – what is love
    t.funk feat inaya day – glamarous life
    😀 shud be an interesting mix

  13. :/ YES, i admit stars are blind’s catchy but SHY wei if i d/l. hahahahaha. so skip that.
    i’ll d/l the rest. thank you!! 😀
    i think i have a couple of what you’ve recommended though.

  14. im seriously so outdated :S :S i dont know who r those singers .. eh sp can upload la in multiply just go to music section if im not mistaken, click click here and click click there

  15. no no. i know memang got the link wan sp. but mine memang disappear since their last upgrade. hahaha.
    erm the singers i posted, not that famous wan ler. maybe that’s why u tak kenal. kakakakaka. 😛

  16. i love my biis, both of them? lol.
    now i feel like i’ve been maneuvered into a trap.. 😛
    more songs, anyhow:
    Presidents of the USA – Peaches
    Silverchair – Shade
    Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby 😛

  17. ICE ICE BABY!!! HAHAHAHAHA. omfg. bii, we’re sooooooo gonnnna boooogii to that song … erm, soon! 😛
    bii 1, bii2. bii nak beristeri empat ke? 😛

  18. Chris Rice – When Did You Fall (In Love With Me)
    Des’ree – Feel So High
    Beautiful South – Dream A Little Dream
    Just to name you a few … don’t want to bore you with my ultimate mushy songs. hahaha 😛
    As for Multiply, there should be an Upload button … Did you log in? :p Heh.

  19. yah, i logged in, it’s never there anymore. ive msged the customer service to see what they have to say about it. LOL. im constantly bugging them cos ive gotten my photos deleted by multiply and what nots. ish.
    and thank youuuu for your songs. 😛 ive got dream a lil dream (diff singer though) and feel so high. feed me with more mushy songs, please?! 😀 thank you lynn! 😀

  20. i have followed your instructions and stayed out of the comment box for the newer entry after this one. lol. but i didn’t click ‘X’. 😛
    to add more music:
    I Monster – Daydream In Blue
    Zero 7 – Destiny
    Propellerheads – Spybreak!