hairy matters.

hairy matters.

i seriously need another drastic change in my hairstyle. no, i’m not having a difficult time (cos i tend to change hairstyles whenever i am), but im just sick of my lame hair and its color. i was thinking of going blonde and curly again but playing goldilocks once more might no longer be fun. so i’m thinking of doing my hair, just the way ive always wanted it to be (see image below).

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i dunno who these chicks are, but the girl in the middle has the ultimate hair color that ive been wanting for quite a while (and also, she’s damn hawt!). i dunno if i’ll end up looking like some sg. wang ah lian or not, but a drastic change like that would be good. i seriously am in love with her hair. the thing is, i dunno what-the-hell is that particular hairstyle called. erm, i know it plays quite a bit with hair highlights but what is the color called? platinum blonde? titanium blonde? man, im such a noob when it comes to ‘HAIRY MATTERS’.
i remember christina aguilera once had a hairstyle like that except hers is quite scary la if i were to do it. here’s an example of it.
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i like her haircolor but not the way she does it. i’d like the colors to be more ‘vertical’ instead of ‘horizontal’ like hers. in other words, not blonde on top and black at the bottom like hers but instead, highlight my hair with that colors.
i found another one that i found interesting but nothing beats choice number one. i just SO LOVE THAT.
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how? ah-lianish rite? wait, actually, there’s another color that’s completely diff from the ones shown above that i dont mind. it’ll probably suit me best because of my skin tone.
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nice? haha. to all you hair gurus, kindly help me with this. it has been bugging me for quite a while. and to those of you who have an opinion or suggestions, kindly state them out. the more the merrier! toodles. update more later.
p/s: it’s so hard to google about this cos i end up in asian porn sites and then i’ll get distracted and start comparing tits instead. baaaahs. oh btw, if you’re into orgasmically good authentic malay thai tomyam food, click here.

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40 Responses

  1. Errrrrr….darlinggggg u really wanna change the colour of ur hair like tht? My personal opinion (**eh plss dun ketuk me :P**) “titanium colour” (i oso duno the name hak hak :P)will make u look more “matured” or “old” then ur age?? its nothing to do with ur skin tone..except tht last pic tht look ok then the pics above it :S ;P and again my personal opinion only hehehe

  2. hahahahaha. serious? make me look older? oh, cos it looks like white hair is it? but i think the one in the first pix, not exactly white ler. hahaha.
    opinion appreciated. 😀

  3. oh my becky.. if u really wanna do your hair like that.. you can do it yourself.. but her’s are highlights on top of black which could serious damage your hair.. because you have to dye your hair black.. then you have to bleach the black out probably takes 2-3 sessions then you have to use a toner to get the yellow out so it’ll be that ashy blonde colour… then after you use the toner and your colour is still not to your satisfaction you may have to dye the bleached parts.. her colour is light ash blonde almost grey… but if you do go and ask for ash blonde tell them you don’t want green in it.. some hairstylists make that mistake..

  4. my personal opinion : 🙂 I think you should get your hair extended a little bit then put in a permanent wave or curls because your hair is fine it can handle it 😀 and then dye your hair mahagony/light red brown and have blonde highlights to eccentuate your curls :D:D I think you look good in light colours.. the girls hair with black and ash.. a bit dark..

  5. my hair is not black now la. ive never had black hair but i think it works on dark brown also kua. 😀
    greeen? :S :S :S they put green in blonde dyes? i never knew that. :O

  6. yea. im thinking if this is too much a hassle, i’ll go curl the ends again. i dont need extensions la. my hair’s pretty long enough to cover my breast .. i mean chest!!! 😛

  7. but i scared lor. must bleech your hair. if you’re okay with it, then ok lah.
    eh u know the pic of u and sp.. in the previous post.. erm.. the top row.. between the duck panties.. i like ur hair there.

  8. i think ive bleached it before ler. when i did the goldilock hairstyle.
    lol. in between panties. erm it’s straight and boring ler. ive been having it for too long. time to change. maybe i’ll do curls and highlight two colors.

  9. You’ve always had a good nose for fashion as far as I can tell, so if that is what you want, you should go for it.
    Besides, it’s only hair dye. If you don’t like the way it looks, dye it again. Also, bad hair days are a great excuse to wear hats…

  10. hi miss becky. i know i know…shame on me for not writing soon. i’m sorry. i will write. i honestly don’t have any real excuses but i hope u still want to hear from me. the hair color is great i think and i would give it a try if i were u.

  11. heys omg, it’s aj!! hi. i know you’ve been busy and all so it’s forgivable!!! hope to hear from you real soon. muacks! 😀
    will update when i do change! 😀

  12. hmm… now im confused, dont really know what i’ll do cos i got pretty negative feedbacks. hmmm.. i’ll figure it out. am trying to change before raya. haha. 😀
    jom, we go do rambut together-gether! 😀

  13. yeah lol thats why i sed.. damn hassle.. cuz u have to dye ur hair black to get that effect.. yeah cuz her colous is like grey/green/blonde.. or you can call it ash.. it has green in it 😀
    TA TUMMMMM sabs.. does alot of things to her hair.. knows that she doesn’t look good in PINK HAIR MUAHAHAH…

  14. im confused. hahahaa but it’s ok. i wannnnt new hair style. but then it came to my mind that, i’m going for job interviews etc so i cant have too funky a hairstyle. 🙁

  15. u shud curl ur hair agn 😀 it’s AWESOME.. i’m going to get mine extended to my waist when I go to hk.. cuz it’s cheaper there.. rm120 for the whole head… EXCELLENTTT