ok, now that we’re isky free (or at least, i think so), what the hell should i get him for our first anniversary? O.o i’m like the least creative person when it comes to getting presents. roses, perhaps? HAHAHAHA. bii, you better make sure you’re not gonna peep into the comment box, okay.
(/edited) @ 1:35am, 20.09.06
ish. got this group of stupid drifter wannabe morons drifting at the mini hill infront of my house now. damn kau noisy wei. and siap got instructor with a megaphone, me thinks. OI, balik rumah tidur la. my bii says it could prolly be .. *name censored*. ish. geramness. bii, go show them how to drift wei. OH WAIT, he’s not allowed to read this entry. HAHA.

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  1. omg darling hahahahaah lol like this oso can?!! ish ishh first anniversary normally threat ur self with a veli veli good dinner (not say must expensive) just 2 of u..talk abt nice2 moment (romantic talk perhaps? :P) oh anyway i’m very sucks when it comes from gift thing..let see wht others will say 😀

  2. hehe….then get him a homemade gift…or compile a cd of luv songs tht d both of u luv 2 listen 2…or perhaps a cd of ur own singing?? cool,rite?
    btw,becky!!haha…my mum told me tht my dad conned me…he’s wasnt 1 of d shareholders of tht co… *sweat* but dun worry….can still send in ur application as haha…still hv connection la..will inform my dad 2 help check out ur name…btw,my dad is still in kl…wont b back til tis sat…
    wonder y so many ppl luv 2 con me these few days?ish…

  3. kylie, erm ya, doing one of those, me thinks. 😛
    haha. ur own mom also con u ka? terror. anyway, inform me la when to send my resume k. 😀

  4. Wei darling i know the price for tht ipod shuffle…fren sms ing me yesterday the price now rm297…reasonable huh? hehe hemmmm…let see if u can give itu meow meow tht besides u can “pinjam” from him too lol …i’m planning to buy but not yet got time to go out…we see lah hehe 😛

  5. hahahahaa….i not asking u buy purposely give to him…buy then later ask bk lol hahhaaha bijak sikit..since he got nano edi then u got reason to used tht shuffle hahahhahah!!!! jahatnyerrr i 😛

  6. lol. itu buruk siku namanya wei darling. tak baik. hahahaha. 😛
    no la, nak bagi hadiah, make sure la hadiah yang he’ll guna or appreciate ke aper. he got nano but pandang pun tak nak, so beli another ipoh shuffle macam .. pointless. lol.

  7. since he likes cars lots.. why dun u rent a super duper car for a day 🙂 and pack a picnic lunch and go somewhere so u save on the renting the super duper car… 😀 and iskii gets to drive a luxury car that he likes.. i dunno does it seem like a good idea 🙂

  8. haha..ok,becky~~will ask dad when he gets home…later me kena con big time….
    btw,haha..i hv ipod shuffle..dad bought from taiwan..after conversion,it’s less than rm 280… 😛

  9. a condom. cause if both of u have sex and u accidentally got pregnant – the baby would be fucking ugly. u r a pretty girl – why the fat fella?

  10. omg,plez dun kill me..i told my dad bout u n ur name…but i 4got 2 ask him where should u send ur resume 2?aiseh…..will ask him again