building new memories, to reminisce in the future.

building new memories, to reminisce in the future.

(/edited) @ 5:10am, 25.08.06
since we’re at the topic of building new memories etcyadayada; i’m posting piccies of friends. as for the food piccies posted, it has nothing to do with the entry but just to AROUSE you hungry people. muahahaha. *evil laughter* tata!

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omfg. i’m just feeling so delirious at the moment. you see, back when i was studying in st. agnes primary school, kota kinabalu, i was always hanging out with this bunch of people; caroline robert, allison lee (who moved to kl not long after i left sabah), ho yoke leen, candida wong, bryan naun and nigel alaistair ongkili. there were of course, others than i lepak once in a while and stuff, but it was this bunch of people that i remember most. i would say, caroline and allison were my greatest and closest friends then. but because my dad’s job requires us to move around quite a bit, our friendship just fizzled away because i moved to penang (where i met ms. maxine anne sibert and the rest of the peeps from convent pulau tikus) right after sabah, allison moved to kl and well, carol’s still in sabah.
and many many years later, when i finally moved to kl and spent the rest of my life here; did my entire highschool here, met the most dramatic peeps, started dating, and went to college, a stranger walked up to me, in college.
“aren’t you rebecca?”
“uhm, yes, i am.”
“hi. i’m … erm .. brenda.”
“brenda. brenda soo! from st. agnes?”
“omfg. :O OMFG! BRENDAAAA!!!”
and i was sooo excited because ive not spoken to her for more than ten over years. and then i went home, even more excited, and super semangatly, i went to search for the bunch of other peeps from st. agnes through friendster. oh gawd, it was SO HARD TO TRACK PEOPLE that you’ve not spoken to for years (what more, when i was only in their lives for three years. that was how long i was in sabah). it was even weirder when i have to msg them and go, “hey, i’m rebecca, blahblahblah from st. agnes in primary three…”. some of them will go, “OMFGGGG!!!!!!! BECKY!!!!”. and some of the not so close ones will reply with a, “uhm, i don’t quite remember you”. haha. silly me, but i am the type who loves to keep in touch with old friends. to reminisce over the old memories we’ve shared, and to keep ourselves updated.
so yea, anyways, i was just casually browsing around and checked those who have viewed me in friendster. i clicked on carol’s profile and okay, her boyfriend looks like someone new. *squints eyes and looks harder* her bf looks so damn familiar. *ponders* “hmm.. he looks like a very much older version of bryan”. *surfs around* and then my jaw dropped. IT IS BRYAN NAUN!!!, the chubby class monitor from our class 3H. HAHAHAHA. bryan is definitely not chubby anymore. he’s in fact, tall and quite built, from what i can see through the pix. and then i went, “OMFG OMFG OMFG!!!” this is sooo damn coool!!!”, and i proceeded by msging them both. they must be thinking i’m slightly cuckoo. but i mean, dating someone from your childhood days, isnt that like sooo damn cool! i mean, ya, carol and bryan grew up together, that’s even cooler! cos you’ve known each other since you were small lil kids, playing getah and prolly batu seremban/tujuh together. oh wait, bryan’s a guy. slipped my mind. but you get my drift. oh gawd, i’m so happy for them. haha. and i so wish to meet up with them and continue, building new memories, to reminisce when we get older, while sipping our sugar-free black coffees with our dentures on. ah, i miss you peeps. *sheds a tear*
p/s: offtopic a lil, malaysian drivers are such big morons! updated my photo albums.

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  1. eh why la.
    max, maybe u should get back with jason or something. or whoever you dated back in primary/secondary school.
    it’s damn cool rite. to date a childhood friend. too bad la, i dont have any guy childhood buddies cos i’m always moving around. 🙁

  2. i wonder where are my childhood frens? hmm.. last time i checked wif them.. both turned to gays and the rest, i’ve lost touch wif liao.. haih.. i’m so happy for you to find back some good frens.. hope this journey will last now only for a while but forever and ever.. weeee…..

  3. :O turned gays? LOL.
    hahahaha. we’re only saying the occasionaly hi byes through friendster. we dont even have each other’s msn!!! 😀 i hope our friendship will last a lifetime! 😀

  4. *not.. oops.. typos.. *hides*
    ya wei.. my childhood frens turned to gays.. one of them are pretty hot wei but so sad, gay pulak.. see if i have the time to post the pic up on my blog for you to see.. dammit, if not i’ll be dating him oledi hahahahhhahaha.. ssshhhh.. dun tell my bf.. _-_

  5. :O but gays are fun to lepak with. i love gay ppl. they’re so creative and so sensitive to your needs. i need more gayfriends. 😀
    😀 😀 😀
    woaaa. i wanna see!!! 😀 😀 😀
    maybe i can .. *ahem* … “straighten” him. 😛

  6. i love gay clubs here! the guys are hot and built and walk around with their tops off and hug you and call you sweetie :D:D pity they’re gay oh well 😀

  7. the only one i can think of is liquid but they arent exactly an official gay club anyways. 😀
    i want gayyy dudddies … as friends! 😀

  8. go gyms ahh.. there alot of hot hunks gays around.. shit, itelu.. some rite will make you drool from the top of their head to the souls of their feet wei.. dammit.. sometimes i wish i’m a guy so i can yanno *ahem* them too.. hahahahahaha..
    eh eh.. off topic ler.. aperler..

  9. hahahaha standard la. my comment box biasa jadi off-topic centre. 😀 but i dont mind la. 😀 as long as im part of it. HAHAHAHA. 😛
    i know guys who kena pok mong by gays in gyms lor. kesian betul. 🙁
    ive seen so many cute gay guys. 🙁 how i wish i have the power to straighten them ler serious. then confirmed, girls will hate me for good. 😀

  10. Hi pretty blog with lot of picture bring memories.May i know how do you do it with photoshop? can give me some tutorial how to make it?

  11. Thx reply. I would like to know how do you make the photo layout size? Is there any tips to share?

  12. zoe, hahahahahaha. i’m sure u can get sushis in US too. *pats* or or or … learn how to make kua. and when you’re back, we’ll go sushi-ing together, ok?
    now, go read my entry. 😀 and pls skip the photos. hahaha. 😀

  13. erm celina, the layout is up to me. it’s sometimes 450 pixel (width) and sometimes 500 pixel. just open a new file, then cut paste everything onto it, then arrange them and space them out accordingly i guess. 🙂

  14. wah…u found my page…*wink*
    drool…food food …i’m hungry in the mornin now…
    bery de blur sotong now…staring @ screen in office..damn sien
    wah..u r another sabahan?
    hm…some childhood frenz like gem worth to keep 🙂

  15. aiks, jojo, you’re working on a sat morning? ish ish, damn kesian ler. *pats*
    i’m not a sabahan. lol. i was born in m’cca but was raised all over m’sia. 😛
    lol, that’s why la so hard to trace all my long lost friends. 😀 some dont even remember me ler … i think! 😀

  16. woa, got golek somore. lol.
    no la, i should go to some river/lake and take pix of me and a friend from the back. 😛
    sounds familiar? 😀

  17. Tshung Tsin ba.. The stupid chinese school in Likas.. Lol.. Erm.. Yea. I’m abit bz these few days! Will start onlining on.. Erm.. Sept 9th! =X And I’m blogging again =D

  18. omg. i know tshung tsin. lol. my school bus used to go there to pick/drop students. lol. i never knew you were from a chinese school. lol. 😛
    sept 9th? lol. why sept 9th? 😛 will check your blog soon! 😀

  19. whoa..tht’s so cool,becky…hehe..ur frens r so sweet..cute couple…. skool is all gurls’ skool…but haha..gues what?soem of my frens actually dated d guys from next door skool whom they called the guys funny….the last i heard…1 of d couples gonna get engaged…sweet,rite?haha
    since u were in pulau tikus b4,do u in any case knoe any gurl by the name of “tho milin”?she’s my ex-roomie…a really sweet gurl..kinda lost contact wif her though…
    ya le..becky posted pics on sushi…me so long didnt eat liao..feel so hungry rite now…

  20. lol, yes, i know tho milin. lol. she was an ex-classmate of mine. she’s closer to maxine though. lol. what a small world. anyways, im locking this comment box already cos too many spammers. reply in the latest entry’s comment box ok? 😀