making sjmc my second home, again!

making sjmc my second home, again!

happy 22nd birthday, shari!

happy 10th monthliiversarii, bii!

happy 23rd chinese birthday, becky!

uhm ya, my chinese birthday falls on the 7th day of the 7th month in the chinese calendar, which is today. yesterday marks stoney’s one year stay with us and we considered it as his birthday too. happy birthday boy! and it was also my uncle’s birthday. happy birthday, kuchik!
i’m back but i dont think i wanna talk about the marathon just yet because my health issues are much bigger a deal. remember the lump on my neck? docs are suspecting it could be lymphoma, lymph node tumour but because i dont have a family history of cancers, they are just treating it as an infection first until further check up tomorrow. i have 6-7 tiny growths around my lymph nodes and a cyst in my thyroid gland (where ur adam’s apple is, me thinks). ive just realised there’s another one behind my neck too. it seems to be growing and spreading. oh shucks.
i’m feeling really weak, tired and i just feel like puking all the time. this is probably one of the worser moments ive ever have to go through. if someone’s behind this with a voodoo doll, i hope you’ll stop k. i guess, this is what i have to pay for vocally abusing people at times. lol. okay, im gonna need to just continue being strong, alone or not. thank you bii, sp and claudine for your support throughout the weekend. anyway, the marathon was fun. i’ll join again if i was more medically fit! haha. good luck to the rest who are still in the cinema! ronnie, get well soon too k and see ya in sjmc.
p/s: my sis needs to go for an operation at sjmc too. i think falling sick’s like the in thing now, man.

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31 Responses

  1. hey!!! *hugs*
    damn.. I hope everything will be okay and that it wont be that serious. sighs.

  2. i had my bout of tumours and stuffs too… the medication made it feel like it was my last days on earth, all 65 days of it.
    i’m alright now albeit the occasional bouts of nose bleeds and nausea lol!
    hope all is ok. i’m 2 mins away from sjmc, if u need anything juz buzz me. 😀

  3. becky i passed ur number to my mom since u guys got some illnesses in common and she might call you to suggest or recommend some treatments or just offer some advice to help you along these hard times.. don’t worry. you’ll definitely pull through and this will all seem like just some horrible horrible dream! Take care!!!

  4. hi becky, sorry to hear that you are sick. get well soon. I will buy u a big hot bowl of kway-chap then. haha.

  5. omg, khoo, u know im craving for kway chap?!!! :O
    that’s so sweet. i want kway chap. esp singaoire’s. pls pls pls! 😀

  6. jed, thanks. went to the docs today. still cant determine what exactly it is. hopefully it’s just an infection. thank you! 🙂 *hugs*

  7. Hi, chanced upon your blog via a link in the malaysian babes website and read this entry. you know, I had several lumps on my neck before and even had a surgery to remove them. Didn’t work, more lumps came, specialists don’t know what they are, etc. Do email me if you want further info

  8. hey jennifer,
    yes yes, that would be great. i was already thinking of emailing you when i read ur first few sentences. cool! will mail you asap! 🙂
    hope you’re feeling much better now. *hugs*

  9. hey jennifer,
    yes yes, that would be great. i was already thinking of emailing you when i read ur first few sentences. cool! will mail you asap! 🙂
    hope you’re feeling much better now. *hugs*

  10. wahlau, so many spams *deletes*.
    back to leo! tumour of the nasal passage? gosh, that sounds painful, having to scopes and all into it. ive been through it once and it’s not a pleasant thing to do. got migraines because of it. im glad ur okay now. *hugS* long liveeeee leo (…and me!).