it’s not happening!

it’s not happening!

(/edited) @ 3:21am, 22.07.06
as i was sipping my espresso and struggling to finish my apple crumble cheesecake at secret recipe, a lady and her daughter were each carrying a box of cheesecake.
becks: wah, crazy ah. two? :O
bii: uhm, why not?
becks: isnt two like … uhm, a lot?
bii: uhm, well, she is driving a beemer.
becks: *stares cock at bii*
bii: ya, what. she could be throwing some massive party.
becks: drive a beemer means must buy two CHEESEcakes la rite?
bii: uhm, no. it just means she can afford two cheesecakes.
becks: so when your mom drives the beemer, does she buy TWO cheesecakes from secret recipe as well?
bii: uhm, no?
becks: and when ur niece celebrated her bday, did your mom get her TWO cheesecakes?
bii: uhm, no?
*and then i proceeded to how she must be throwing some massive hugeass tupperware party and was probably promoting how the larger tupperwares can fit the cheesecake and probably had some new two-tier-large-tupperware-thingy where she can place the two cheesecakes and etcetcetcblahblahblacksheep*
i was basically just trying to be an arse, annoying the shit out of my bii, cos it’s fun!
*lady drives passed us*
becks: oh btw bii, it’s a mercedes. that’s pricier. so that means she can afford FOUR cheesecakes now.
the reason why i was surprised by the two cheesecakes because i cant even finish a slice and what more, two whole 2kg cheesecakes la rite. but my bii had to go start with the, “… because she drives a beemer” thingy. haha. and then many many hours later, we resumed with our “… because she drives a beemer” conversation.
bii: dad’s taking the truck tomorrow.
becks: so how? 🙁
bii:: no worries la. got beemer what.
becks: oh shit. means we cant go secret recipe anymore. *pouts*
bii: haHAhaHAhahahaaa… i knewww that was coming.
becks: uhm, sowee. i love you x 2.
bii: x 2 cos im driving a beemer?
becks: uhm, no, but that’s a good idea.
lol. the end.
noOOoooo…. im gonna cry my eyeballs out if my harddisk konks. stupid NORTON SYSTEMWORKS AND GOBACK. fcking screwed up my additional harddisk and now all 250gigs of my work, designs and photos are at risk. *sighs* almost-depressed mode: turned on.
please pray, peeps, that it isnt gonna go missing. my cousin’s helping me out with it. thank you russell. he says by theory, it shouldnt be missing but my pc’s pretty complicated so anything’s possible. im totally crushed. *snifflelings*

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  1. You know what? Lately many people’s pc is having problem, just yesterday my friend punya pc totally kong … cant even switch on, a guy’s pc broke, another friend pc kantoi, and now my acebob also sick … plus my another friend’s pc is also at risk

  2. *prays*
    *gets down on her knees and begs god*
    *says all the catholic prayers she can think of*

  3. Hi, i pry and hope that your sick PC recover back with all of the datea inside it.
    these days it is very commen that sundelly the PC stop to obey us, and folow its own isnstruction, we can not do anything, the only thing that we have to do, always keep a back of of our data in a safe place.
    my main worry is that you imagin in the feture, say 10 years from now, once all the pc will be intelegint enough and if one day all of them be united and stop what they have to do, then what will be happen to our life, at that point it is not easy to restart it…..
    any way, i belive you can save and recover your data, take care and have a good weekend with your pc !!!!!!!

  4. sp, mine before this couldnt on also. then my cousin helped me out then i thought everything was fine until i realise my whole G:\ and H:\ were gone!!!!! 🙁
    shit man. this is damn depressing. but should be fine soon kua. 🙁

  5. maxine pee, sooo sweet of you. sorry i didnt send you the pix of us three during yeeng’s bday earlier. 🙁 my bad. thank you for praying. 😛

  6. lol, goodboy, my bf believes that someday the robots and pcs will take over us someday which is why he keeps talking to parking ticket machines and stuffs, just in case they do conquer us someday, they’ll recognise him as the only guy who talks to them.
    yeaps, thats my bf for you all! 😀
    anyways, my pc should be fine. cousin said if i can find 125gigs of empty harddisk, he might be able to recover for me. 🙂

  7. God, dun lah be so mean to her.. pls give her back everything lah.. no use oso if YOU take them away from her rite? so pls take care of her pc and let her do her stuff like every other day so tat we can read all her wonderful stories kay.. Amen.
    oh yeah, becky.. can i add ya on msn? i wanna discuss something wif ya.. pls pls pls.. *pouts* mine is the… sweet underscore ellabella at hotmail dot com punya addy. tq 1st ya.. >.<

  8. LOL, this elaine damn cute ler. haha. i think he heard my prayers. my stuffs could be saved, provided i can find a 125gig harddisk. 🙁
    sure sure. add me instead can? i dont have a pc of my own. hahaha. tickleme[at]email[dot]com. 😀
    others, need not add 😛

  9. i hope so too. 🙁
    and i hope ur acebob will recover soon.
    if my pc anything happen, the hi hi bye bye and air port pix gone 🙁
    let’s hope not 🙁

  10. Hi, how is your PC? is he( she) recover back? or still in the operation room? please up date us….we are worry about him….
    take care

  11. and i eat 2 slices of cake when i go secret recipe tee hee 😀 I LIKE CAKE I LOVE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKEEEEEEEEEEEE *goes crazy*

  12. sabby, it’s the season to get pcs/lappy fucked up kua. 🙁 and cakes. sponge cakes allm maybe la but cheesecakes means no way man. for me ler.
    btw, dreamt of a lookalike of u. 😛

  13. a lookalike of me? :D:D did she wear anything nice maybe i can copy.. yes tis the season 🙁 my laptop recently recovered from a fuck up by toshiba… but it was fixed oredi.. :d

  14. yea sabby. she’s just a taller version of u. as pretty ler. hahahahahaha 😀
    mine is yet to be fixed ler. wish me luck ya. AND CHECK ME OUT ON TV. wahahahaha 😛