i’m officially a graduate!

i’m officially a graduate!

i’ve officially graduated!

my bouquet
beckiskii @ limkokwing

yeay. thank you biibiikins for coming to my convo and putting up with three hours of boring speeches. thank you mommy for the beautiful bouquet, it’s soooooo lovely. thank you suffian for the amazing bbq that lasted till 6am. O_________o. i had a greeeeat weekend. *loves* i’ll continue later!
p/s: omg? my bii started work as some manager and i just found out like two minutes ago. my gawd, i make such a lousy girlfriend. good luck, biikiinii!

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  1. CONGRATULATION i wish all the best for you and rest of your life, don’t worry of job,just have some rest, then go ahead with your study, the best job and best things to do is study in your age, with higher education you can get much much better postion and job.
    Take care and have a wonderfull vaction…..

  2. eh at least ur earning a lot. my bloody starting’s pay gonna be nothing more than rm1,800 – rm2k. 🙁
    can NEVER support my lifestyle man. 🙁

  3. whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa sp!!!!!!!! congratsssssssssss ….. 😀 😀 glad that you finally grad hahahah … whoa now become biikiini meow 😀

  4. hahahahahaha SP!!!! my biiloved sp!!! thank you thank you!!! 😛 😛 😛
    haha, yes FINALLY! after 4 1/2 years. 😀 but actually, ive graduated from diploma before ler. hahahaha. biikiinii meow. his new brand. mau beli tak? 😛

  5. Congratulations Becky, and welcome to the working world (hopefully soon-ish).

  6. omgg!!! im so latee!!! CONGRATS MY NINJAA!! sayaang sayaang u!! wee!! celebratee!!! partay hard!!! weeeeee!!! im waiitng for minee!! 😀

  7. wwwoaaa nooo you’re not late lerrr my biiloved samurai!! thank you thank you. *muahs muahs*
    celebratteee this thurs. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooots!!!!! 😀

  8. becky i added one yr to my course for honours yr :d so 2 more yrs to go 😀 anyways YAY so glad ur done and graduated 😀 happy job hunting!

  9. woa, no wonder ler. honours. i wanted that too, but nvm la, since my course takde. 🙁
    goooood luck. have fun studying!!!! 😀
    thanks! 🙂

  10. Hey Becky!!!
    Once again, Congratulations! The semester seemed so short la 😛 i wonder why…hehehe
    Anyways hope to chat with u more on msn messenger, do add me..its the same as my email a bove!
    will pass u ur photos then 🙂 gonna edit em first.

  11. hello shaz, haha, will do when im feeling much better. thank youuuu for willingly taking our photos and stuffs padahal you tak kenal us. hahahahha. and sorry for spamming your site. congrats to you too!! 😀

  12. hahahahahaha. yea i know. ive tagged that site what. 😛 i likeeey!!! 😀
    can yc. but ajak khai and sammie too k. i shy ler meet new ppl. 😀

  13. hahaha.. me shy too ler.. me no going for the myb marathon yum cha session becus me scared and shy.. lol.. definately will call khai to go along for our yc.. he’s the only person i know well enuff.. heh.. oh thx for tagging.. thx thx thx alot.. >.<

  14. elaine, lol, im not going too but for other reasons. haha. dont worry, murni will be there for a very long time. hope to see you soon. welcome! thanks for commenting in my site too!! 😀

    isky = work?!!!!
    hi, mr. manager cum director. X’D
    im jobless. this sucks. wanna hire me as your SEXATARY? 😀

  16. patung puki kucing, here we come!!
    thanks max. thanks edelle or adelle or however you spell her name and her colleagues! 😀

  17. omg,i’m so so so late…sorry becky~~` congrats!!!hehe….whoa….gonna b working laydee soon…haha..very long didnt chat wif u ad..n c u too :p gosh,really busy wif studies nowadays…actually busy going 2 classes onli nia…

  18. lol u la, so busy kauing malaccan boys until lupa balik kl. hahahaha. 😀 good luck with ur studies. gonna start looking for job seriously soon. 😀

  19. heheh elaine here oso ar … coffee also? wah lau so da famous rite you sp 😀 terhangat di pasaran by kru :p

  20. hope i’m too late….and i think i’ll never be late to say
    so any plan after this?

  21. hahahahaha my sp damn funny ler. she is much more random than i am. apa benda tiba tiba kru. so kewtttt!!! 😀
    coffee is ur friend ah sp. thank you for promoting me ler. yea. elaine also tetiba semangat edi. haha. 😀

    of course it’s not too late. haha. thank you thank you. i dunno what’s my next plan yet. so far, it’s just the attempt to break the guiness record for the movie marathon i blogged about. 😀