how courteous are you?

how courteous are you?

you know, everyone’s making such a big hoo-haa lately about kuala lumpur being the bottom 3 out of 35 (some stated 36) major cities in the reader’s digest global courtesy test but have you ever wondered that it could be true? i was inspired to do a little test of my own and below, i’ll list the things i tested and divide them according to races. the tests were only done on teens and adults, children were not counted but there were some who were more courteous than their own parents.
first test was to hold the lift/door open and see how many actually thanked me for it.
*malay – 2/5
*chinese – 6/9 (two said sorry instead of thank you but i’ll still count it)
*indian – 1/3
*foreigners/others – 1/2
second test was to give way to people on the road (for them to cut in/or turn in to junctions) and see how many raised their hand to thank me.
*malay – 3/5
*chinese – 4/8
*indian – 0/1
*foreigners/others – 0/2
third test was to smile and thank waiters/waitresses whenever they serve us something and to see if they acknowledged it.
*malay (or maybe indonesian) – 2/6
*chinese – 2/5
*indian (and maybe mamak) – 4/7
*foreigners/others – 0/0 (i counted mamak workers as indians)
fourth test was to see how many sales assistant thanked me (or smile and nod) for purchasing their goods.
*malay (some could be indonesian) – 3/4
*chinese – 2/6
*indian (and maybe mamak) – 3/5
*foreigners/others – 1/3
reminder: this personal test of mine should not be taken seriously because the results are definitely not accurate due to factors such as not being able to tell race/nationality, location (as test results could differ from places i frequent to etc), the duration of the test done (i’m judging them based on my past few days’ experiences) and also due to unclear acknowledgements (some of them might have nodded or muttered a soft thank you but i didnt hear it and etc). however, it should also not be ignored because the results werent very satisfying either also the size of the sample’s small. also, if some of you are wondering why am i doing it based on races, i’m not trying to be racist but that’s because i didnt know how else to divide them because i dont travel much so obviously i cant divide them according to location. maybe i could divide them according to their genders but then i would be called a sexist then. i cant please everyone now can i. now, go do your own personal test and feel free to add in as many test as you like and then tell me your results. i’ll reset all my results and redo these tests and hopefully, get the help of friends and families. GO PEEPS, DO THESE TESTS AND POST THE RESULTS IN EITHER YOUR BLOG (IF YOU HAVE ONE) OR MY COMMENT BOX (IF YOU DONT HAVE A BLOG). it doesnt matter where you’re at too. have fun!
p/s: ching and cindy didnt make it last nite. sign petition to bring ching back here. if only there was one for cindy. *pouts*

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  1. Hi, how are you? once i look at the list on RD, i am not agree, as how come Jakarta, Manila, Singapore, will be above the Malaysia!!!!! me as forigner here, feel very comfortable and get respect from the Malaysian in General, all the races, don’t know it is becuase of my natinoality, or they are polite to they own ppl too, but still i belive malaysian are more polit and respectful than some of the list, even if we look at your sample test we can see this.
    from now on, i will notice to it more and let you know my result later again.
    Take care and have a good weekend ahead.

  2. wah wah wah wah!! even tho malaysia got so many probies, i still love dis country 😛

  3. lol. thanks for ur input, goodboy. my bf and i did another courtesy test just now and yes, we find that generally, everyone’s very very friendly and courteous, regardless of race and gender. i’ll continue with the test tomorrow and see if the results still remains the same. 🙂

  4. lol why wud ppl say sorry for u opening the door for them tee hee.. i shud try it next time and see the persons reaction 😛

  5. hahahah sp … got samurai got meow … me … one year later lor … or maybe less … coz one week over edi …. but then yesterday was thinking of everyone back home … damn sedih wei

  6. hahaha yea, it’s just weird la, to hear ppl saying sorry. it prolly is because, ‘sorry to keep you waiting’ kua? 😀

  7. 🙁 dont sedih pls. 🙁 samurai sakit and selalu busy with darren and quack ler. haha. i seldom see her. khai, lagi sesat. not even online wei! 😀 lagi siapa. nobody liao. 🙁

  8. I refuse to take this test lightly! I demand that you give the indians all a -1 score, because I’m that big of an arse.
    BTW, do you think I can make the term “keling” as cool as “nigga”??

  9. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAA. no, i was holding the lift for two ladies. purposely waited for them la. then they came in and said “oh sorry” 😛

  10. why every one bored today….. i think maybe becuse of the world cup is over , so not much exititing any more……

  11. it is too early for you to feel empty…you just started….long way ahed to go…….

  12. haha not exactly a great big fan but im gonna miss it cos at least when i cant sleep, ive got something to watch, know what i mean? 😀

  13. eh but its true hor.. in my opinion, there are quite alot of peeps out there that doesnt practice courtesy one. i mean dowan to rank and stuffs lah, but i think Msia got ALOT to improve! seriously.. i hate people who are not courteous. but if malas to say sorry, thank you.. at least smile lor kan? i mean heck who would want people to treat them with rudeness?
    courtesy is the way to go!

  14. yea. serious. at least smile and nod then enough la if mouth’s too berat to buka. but the driving punya pisses me off like crazy. esp when ppl cut queue, dah lau u queue lama-lama, then suddenly they cut, you go like “FINE, FUCKER, I’LL GIVE WAY”. give way then they stare cock at you ke apa ke. never even raise their hand as a thank you gesture. fucking morons go eat shit.
    whoops, sorry. a bit marah now. hahahaha.

  15. ahh .. ya ler your samurai memang busy 1 haha … now sakit some more lagi ler cannot see her .. papa .. i dunno him soweee