getting closer to being RM10,000 richer.

getting closer to being RM10,000 richer.

i have finally converted to being a digi user since i first owned a mobile phone nine years ago. it was all worth it, going out without perfume, make up and in the sloppiest clothes because i finally made it to cathay ultimate movie marathon. iskii told me about it a couple of days ago and we went yesterday in hopes of making it to the top100 who will then be able to participate in the movie marathon but we’ve missed the spot because we were a lil too late. today, iskii planned to go at 9-ish am (actual queue was suppose to start at 12pm but ppl queued from as early as 5am!) and it was damn drama la the whole morning in an attempt to wake him up. i thought something bad had happened to him as i was calling him from 8.30am to 11am straight and he didnt pick up. he had 61 missed calls and a few text msges but still no answer. i woke the whole world up and everyone must be damn annoyed with me because i woke them up so early on a sunday morning.
i then got the help of his cousin, suffian, and we finally managed to wake him up when i was on the way to his place to check out what was going on. he then rushed out with extra deodorant and perfume minus the shower because we were so fcking late. tralalala… we were there but we missed the top100 spot again! ryan was there as well and he too didnt make it but they decided to give us second chances by giving out A SPOT each hour. ryan got the first spot, given out by and well, iskii and i, got it the next round by being the first to find all the stuffs in a mini treasure hunt. we were told to find
* a ‘malaysian today’ newspaper with a digi dealer stamp on it
* a year 2000 fifty cent coin
* an excel bottle
* a digi sim card.
first to reach, wins a spot. we had bought the digi sim card just right before the treasure hunt and well, we had our own strategies and in the end, WE MADE IT. so yea, 72 hours of movie in order to break the current guiness record. if we can survive for that long, we’ll be given rm10,000 cash + digi merchandises. im fcking exhausted now cos we were running like mad. we were one of the four who were interviewed by 8tv and we might be going for an interview with SO KEEP YOURSELF UPDATED BY READING HTTP://WWW.TICKLE-ME.NET. oh ya, c loco of the now defunct poetic ammo (me thinks) was the emcee for the event and he was pretty sporting towards us man. i hated the way i looked in the interview clip because they were using low-angle shots and my whole bloody four inches of double-chinned-fats were so obvious, and well, i was sloppiest today! bahs. oh well, bitch later. tiredeedums. the end! toodles!
p/s: i knowwwww this is damn boring an entry but im so ecstatic because i am a step closer to becoming rm10,000 richer.

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  1. hehe, lots of drama today but in the end it was all worth it! :”D
    errr for those who are interested.. the thingy was in the street mall area of the curve, outside Laundry Bar. we had to get four items back to the MC (i think he’s C. Loco from Poetic Ammo) before anyone else did.
    we split the list, bekii went and got the Malaysian Today stamped by the Digi dealer, while i ran all the way to 7-eleven to get an excel and a year 2000 50c coin..
    believe me i was scared as hell when i couldn’t keep up with one of the other guys running in front of me.. in the end caught up with him in 7E, then we helped each other find the stupid excel. lol.
    but 7E refused to change anyone’s money for 50c coins (don’t ask me why not, i have no idea) so i slipped out and went next door to the restaraunt to change money. the girl stared at me awkwardly but eventually gave me TWO year 2000 50c coins.
    by then the guys who bought the excel were already running out from 7E, so i thought the game was over and took my 50c and jogged back to the finish line (actually i walked back halfway.. too fricking tired)..
    whaddya know, i was the first one back there? haha. lucky me.

  2. yes bii, drama it was but it was worth it. we make a good team. i love you. ur my biggest motivation ever. :”)
    i dunno but im proud to be able to be the first to figure out where the digi dealer was. i love u biiiiiiiii!!! 😀

  3. wakakakakaka!!! i saw SUMBODY!!! wait wait…i saw 3 PERSON ON TV TODAY :P:P:P:P:P LOL!!!!! goood luck!!!! n ur pics are still wit me 😛 LOL!

  4. hahahahahahaa samurai!!!! YOUR CALL WAS ALSO ON TV! throughout the whole interview, my phone was ringing and it was … YOU!!! 😀

  5. aiseh..i missed tht interview la…anyways,good luck 2 u~~~whoa…really semangat berkobar-kobar..hope u n iskii win tht rm 10k….can b 5mths’ salary =) keep up d spirit!!!

  6. wahahhaha, i heard it over the radio.. 72 hrs non stop and must not even snooze off rite?
    did they mention wat show they’ll be showing? hahaha…. and good lucks yea! no sex the day before the marathon starts tau.. else sure pancit wan.. mueekkeke…. Belanja if win k!!

  7. tak pernah hear about it over radio. luckily isky told me. hehe.
    i heard jap, korean, malay, chinese, english and oldies. 😀
    yea. siapa kawan aku, i belanja la of course. those who backstab, bye bye. but ONLY IF I WIN. i have 1/500 chances of winning. lol. 😛
    wasted je i book duta vista for 5 days 4 nights. kenot stay. 🙁

  8. IF i dapat, confirm rm5k set aside for my australia trip. hahahaha. 😛
    bali sounds nice but now tsunami season. takut wei. :S

  9. whoa so semangat .. see u go class not this semangat also hehe 😛 after win 10,000 remember me ok :p haha

  10. wahahahahaha. class memang who also not semangat. rm10k, everybody terus lari dengan bersemangat!!! 😀 of course i wont forget u ler. means i can send ur presents asap.

  11. only if can ‘trade-in’ stoney. 😛
    just kidding. i scared stoney hump the daschund then you get a really short but with long body cocker spaniel.
    haha it sounds funny.

  12. no, it sounds dammmn cuteee!!!!! 😀 😀 😀
    bii when ur free, go photoshop k. i wanna see how it’ll look like ler if that happens.

  13. haha bloody swIIts. 😛 😛 😛
    yea ler, see ur bii so nice to u rite. tomorrow u kasi cium ur bii k. 😀 he’ll be soooo delighted! 😀

  14. whoaaa sp so schweeeetttt, btw haha u use meow’s msn to message me .. i got up in the morning … got shocked haha

  15. hahahahaa actually i used his msn to msg those that im close to with “muaks” and sex emoticons. lol. memang a lot ppl thought isky dah gila. hahahahahaahhaahhaa 😀

  16. HHAhahah yeah lah i also got a shock suddenly iskii sending all the muaks and mushy emoticons.

  17. hhahhaha meow sudah kena disease … mad meow disease XD
    eh eh that means u got another number now? 😮

  18. ya sp. digi num. so just in case, IF you ever cannot get through my maxis num, then call zilo wan sick ..
    oh wait, i give u through msn! 😀
    mad meow disease :S

  19. ahhahaha ya mer u said meow sudah something wrong so .. something wrong = not ok and not ok = gila .. and gila = mad …
    something wrong also means probably got disease
    conclusion is mad disease and since he’s a meow so it’s called mad meow disease XD

  20. prevoious comments sudah hilang…gee,stoopid connection~~~~ =(
    becky!!!!!hehe…good luck~~~~hehe..hope u got ur 5mths’ salary after tht 72hrs in d dark space watching surprise movies =)

  21. hahahahahaha omg sp, u thought until sooooo erm, in detailed? haha i also dunno what’s the word. i damn kau blur now. zzZzzZz… nites peeps! 😛
    sp, I AM HOME! 😛

  22. im not exactly home. i was at isky’s house. then now ya at home but gonna stay at hotel till monday. 🙁 i kasi ring ring or beep beep u kua 😀