cheekini is the new thong!

cheekini is the new thong!

i was brought into a whole new world last weekend when i got myself my first (and second) pair of cheekinis (word created by dkny). whatever you call it, be it cheekini, cheekypant, knickers, boyleg, hipster, deep brief, hot short or even women’s boxers, this has got to be the best and most comfortable panties to be worn by a female. if you love your wife or girlfriends, get them one now! they’ll fall for you, for life!
here, view some of the examples ive managed to find through my best buddy, mr. google.

basic style
cute and sweet
fancyful colors
sexily lacey

sure, they’re not exactly the sexiest undies around, and they might not be feminine looking or as sexy as the thong, but ive sure managed to convince a few to get themselves cheekinis! actually, they can be pretty sexy what. get the lacier or the much more fancier ones. also, you dont have to risk your buttocks by having blisters and what nots. hooray! according to my bii, i’m starting a new trend! for more underwear info, this might be helpful and this is the best place to go if you’re into lingeries. so people, GO GET YOURSELVES ONE… NOW!
p/s: muehehehe, as i was typing this entry, i sempat beli four more.

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83 Responses

  1. i love wearing them. but then cant wear them with my jeans..cause all my jeans are bloody low.. 🙁
    u beli from where?
    jom lets go la senza! =D

  2. This is a very unflattering version of french kinckers. Leave it to an American to take an existing product, make it worse, then give it a retarded name.
    I love french underwear. Always sexy, never vulgar. This see-through bullshit leaves nothing to the imagination.

  3. michael, well..its comfortable.. so 😛
    anyway, we DONT ALWAYS have to wear sexy underwear you know?

  4. hahahahahaha max, i tell u in msn mana i beli. cos tak mau announce la. la senza, got sales only go. now mahal. damn pokai. kekekekekekeke. 😛

  5. I wouldn’t know how comfy it is (anything’s better than an ass-floss thong I suppose), but the point is this is something at already exists.
    I’d buy you some if I weren’t afraid of you scratching my eyes out… 😛

  6. Scandalous? Since when was it wrong for friends to buy each other delicate little lacy things? 😛
    And Becky, I beg you not to call ’em cheekini… Sounds stupid :-S

  7. lol, it’s not wrong. im just JEALOUS cos even mr. bf dont get me fancy undies. muahahahahahahahahaha.
    boyleg briefs then? 😀

  8. LOL!
    I’d stick with french knickers, thank you very much. I love everything french. French women, french underwear, french kissing, french toast, french fries…
    Viva la France’!

  9. boyshorts!
    yes! very comfty! i bought this last time because i didn’t want to have VPL but don’t want to wear g-string/thong! and i got the seamless one – rather ex (in all my years of undies) but superrrrrrrrrr smooth and comfty!

  10. wah, now there’s boy shorts!!! hahahahaha. 😀

  11. becks….i bought dis kinda undies since the first time i went to aussie for my studies….n immediately fall in love wit it!! akakaka!! i got one whole collection of it 😛 i bought sum in aussie n sum in UK from marks n spencer….omggg…..dem gorgeousss….n absoulutely sexy n…..comfy!! but i dont wear them much….weird isnt it…more like collecting them……cos i sked the colours or pattern will rosak….summore mine got butterflies lerr…got ribbons lerrr….got heart shapes lerr….okok…dowan to go into tooo much details! LOL

  12. max!!!! why u ffk. 🙁 i dun wanna friend u lar! potc nice! 😛 but not as good as the first one. got my mms? >:@(
    ffk-er 🙁

  13. hahahahaa my samurai damn cute. actually, dulu dulu i also like u ler. collect bras and panties. but now, not so kaya edi. yea, nice nice ones, sure rosak. 🙁 sayang ler but i terpaksa pakai la, if not, takkan i always pakai buruk buruk ones rite? jom lingerie shopping one day but kena tunggu sales man. 🙁
    and branded doesnt mean good. i hate both my la senza thongs and this hipster like thingy but not quite there. i dunno wth is it also. hahahahaa 😀

  14. sorry lar wei. i went back so tired dee. then my bro and sis in law tak balik yet, i had to jaga nephew. so after that, couldnt go. my phone somemore barred.
    i tak dpt mms..cause my phone tak set the mms yet. what was it about lah?

  15. shit! wasted jer i send mms. but im sure there’s a way u could check rite? must see la, where can tell?
    anyway, the movie quite long ler. like 2 hours plus.

  16. i just spent.. alot like an embarassing amount on underwear .. yeah i like french knickers too.. cuz its lacy and sexy wooo hooo… i have quite a few.. 🙂 i love underwesr UNDERWEAR FOR ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  17. sabby, next time rite go throw panty party where everyone must wear only panties and maybe bra. 😀
    underwears rocks! 😀

  18. akakakakakakaka!!! ninja, i’ll wait for uuuu!!!!! dis weeeeekenddd im veryyy freee!!! next weeekenddd oso i very freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! 😛

  19. samurai!!!!! this weekend i not free ler. convocation on sat followed by bbq. keke. bila nak buat party at ur place since parents cabut? 😀 😀 😀

  20. max, once in a while can la. but actually, my pc so far, fixed edi. went to cousin’s place but if got any more probs, then ya, u wont 😀 yeay!

  21. ehhh claudine, u talking about french knickers ah? keke. yes, they are (regardless of them being french knickers or cheekinis).
    yeay! claudine and i shares something in common finally! HAHAHAHAHAHA. *kissssses*

  22. berd, mana mana also ada wan ler. 😀 in thai lagi banyak. where are u now? bangla? hahaha. if bangla lagi chun, got two of mine made in bangladesh! woo hoo.
    come ler berd. beli for us k 😀

  23. but the bad thing about this kinda underwear is sometimes the elastic band is just actually an elastic string and it elasticises the flabby parts of ur hips 🙁 i always seem to have that problem.. with underwear one size smaller is too small one size bigger is tooo big.. i ned cutom made underwear is there such a thing 😀

  24. :O
    sabby, got meh? i never seem to have such prob. i buy a size bigger though, so it will not enhance my fats. hahahahaa.

  25. thailand got weird panties man. the ones u tak pernah dengar before also got..

  26. hahahahahaha. dickini got or not? 😀
    pirates of the caribbean 2 btw, not nice ler. must watch the 1st one to be able to appreciate it. not bad man. rm6 only, just right before opening. muehehehee. 😛

  27. I love such underwear! Pierre cardin has a new range .. pretty, affordable and comfortable.. The wacoal one wasnt good.. and I havent tried others yet…

  28. hahahahaha memang. but you see, the ones i bought, rm5.90. if you buy branded, like rm59.90-rm100++ rite?
    so if you pay rm59.90 (the cheapest), you get ten ma if you buy at the place i bought. betul la. 😀

  29. bought what? cheekini?
    msg me in msn then i’ll tell. i dont want everyone to know where i buy some of my lingeries from ler. 😛