ai wuv yew peepearl.

ai wuv yew peepearl.

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i cant help it but promo them. TIME TO VOTE. omg. another two more hours before the results. QUICKIES! VOOOOOTEEE FOR SUKI, CINDY AND CHING! *danceS*

one in a million

pix from cindy’s multiply.

and that’s latest guess model, my beloved samurai, sammie chia, pix taken by kasyah. more talk later. VOTE!!!! *stomps feet*
happy belated birthday jimbo & yeeng


jimbo & i. our friendship goes way back to the days when i was still in pinafore and most likely, still weaving my hair into plaits. jimbo was constantly annoyed with my tak layan attitude during our process of getting to know each other through mIRC. he thought i was one of the snobbiest chicks alive as i would hardly reply his msges and text msges. he was still in melbourne back then (or luct mayang, one of those). and i dunno, we just clicked when he randomly clicked me (i think he must’ve been bored out of his wits) and yea, he’ll constantly tell me off, reminding me that i have to stop being so busy to layan him and i thought, “ish, this guy’s really weird”. he was also constantly asking me to join him for a movie or coffee but i didnt because he was quite a nagger and i was attached. we sorta lost touch after that cos he thinks im one heck of a snobbish chick and well, he was a weirdo to me.
a couple years later when jimbo’s all done with his studies in melbourne and returned to malacca, he started texting me and all and we clicked once again. jimbo then got a job in kuala lumpur and well, i had an awful breakup and thought i should start meeting more people and widen my network, so i agreed to go for a movie with jimbo. ive never seen his pix but he recognised me and just before the movie, we were doing some “getting to know each other, warm up chit-chattings” and guess what? we found out he lives not only in bukit jalil, but at vista komanwel itself, and a few floors above my bloody unit. like wth. it was damn hilarious if not freaky. we then became great yumcha and karaoke buddies and we tend to share our lives’ stories with each other. we just share so much in common and we knew the same people.
i’d constantly complain to him about the dramas around my life while he listens patiently and then makes fun of the situations i get myself into. jimbo will then talk to me about his lil relationship dilemmas like “ehhh… how do you think i should ask her out for valentine’s ah?”, “you think she’ll like this?”, “peckish!!!! i got her this” etc etc. yes, the peckish nickname just annoys the shit out of me and it’s stuck until today. lose it, jimbo, really.
a year later (or slightly more), jimbo decided to make a “brilliant” decision to move out and buy his own condo at palm springs. ever since then, we have not spend as much time lepaking as we used to. i think we only see each other once annually, when we’re both back and rotting in malacca during chinese new year. and the occasional bumping into each other at malls/events/raves. jimbo is seriously, the big brother ive always wanted but never had. he just loves annoying the shit out of me, and freaking bitchy (which i guess, are must-do-habits of an “older brother”) but yet, when i am stuck in some grave i dug myself into, he’ll be there to comfort me. see, jimbo, i was the first to wish you this year and i sure hope you’ll bloody call me out soon. teehee. it’s really good to have a great guy buddy and not be romantically linked to. who says platonic relationships dont exist between a guy and a girl, eh?

yeeng & i. she too, wasnt really a fan of me because i accidentally spilt water on her moral exercise book back in form one. but we were still friends, although it was more to a hi bye friendship. then in form two, i was promoted to the ‘A’ class for being the top 10 students in school and i was finally on par with yeeng and the rest. yeeng was a girl that everybody loved back in highschool, and still do. she was one of the top students in school, had good looks, am soft-spoken and well manners. she was the type of girl your mom would so want you boys to bring home.
i never really got the chance to hang out with yeeng and i was seriously a problematic prefect with attitude issues. i guess i was quite a rebel and i never really cared how people looked or judged me. i was in this whole ‘i hate life’ situation and i was very tomboy-ish still. always in big tracksuits and even bigger tees as i was pretty active in sports. and i think i had a bit of an identity crisis then, but dont we all, at that age? and then i started hanging out with this chick, phaik yee, who is this petite kawaii jap-looking chick who knows everyone and is well-liked by everyone. my attitude and dressing sense has changed tremendously and i was introduced to the world of mIRC. and then somehow, i got to know yeeng better through mIRC.
we started hanging out and we just clicked. her perception on me has changed completely and we became good friends. i definitely owe phaik yee (most of you subang kiddoes would know her. if you dont, ask your senior) big for opening my eyes and showing me what ive been missing all this while, changing me into a less naive person. sadly, we’ve gone our seperate ways after i became friends with yeeng (it’s most likely because i chose science stream over art stream that we’ve stopped hanging out). you know how childish we can get back in highschool over small matters, dont you? well, enough on phaik yee since this entry is dedicated to jimbo & yeeng.
anyways, yeeng accompanied me when i went to meet mIRC friends and she too has become less homely and more open minded. we have been through lotsa ups and downs together, and hell yea, we’ve had our share of arguments and disagreements but it only made our friendship stronger. together we’ve shared our lives, for nine years and still counting. this has got to be my longest ‘relationship’ ever! hehe. although i seldom see yeeng now but i still know we’re close at heart and i love her. i’ll be seeing her tomorrow to celebrate her birthday (yes, i know what a lousy best friend i am for celebrating it a weeks’ late but we’ve both been really busy with our own lives). yeeng, thank you for everything and if i’ve ever in any way hurt you throughout these nine years, i offer you my sincerest apology.
and there you have it peeps. one of the two most important people in my life, celebrating their birthdays on the same day. i should mix with more 29th june babies, you know. tee hee. the end.
p/s: just thought i should add this.

michy & i. friends for a year. but ai troolee mish her. we met at a rave (the pix above was our first pix together). do crazy stuffs together and she’s just so pretty. too many to say i should not speak further as ive already talked about my beloved sp here. aaaiiii missshhh yewwww, asspee.

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45 Responses

  1. the good old days 😀
    Sppppppppp … i mishhh yewww .. i woof you …. i lup youuuu … i nyokk youuuu …. i quack youuu … :p

  2. sniff snifffffffff.
    murni is meaningless without yeewwww.. 🙁
    this pix is soooooooooo … old man. hahahaha. yesh, the good old days. 🙁
    i woof yew. mish yew. SP you. meow yew.
    lau sai yew. 🙁

  3. wey where got meaningless ler … your samurai there mar … 😀
    LOL when was that pic taken? hahahah soooo longggg weiiii … i cant even remember when 😮

  4. we miss quack2. return quack2 to us or we will show hostile activity to switzerland.
    haha. kidding. *blush*
    i love you bii.. 🙂

  5. hahahahaahaha my samurai? no la. of course she’s important but diff ppl got diff feeeeling mer. 🙁 so now the sp part, empty. 🙁 hahaha.
    this pix? taken in pd rave ler. at the stupid coffeehouse with super expensive prices in guoman. we both looked so diff rite sp. 🙁

  6. yes. we miss sp. 🙁
    the other day at pasar malam, we saw s.p asam laksa. terus i rindu even more. 🙁
    i love u too bii. 🙁

  7. yeah SP asam laksa. must wait for quack2 to come back, then can go there makan. sure damn sedap.
    i love my bii. X’D

  8. hahahaha yea, if not, meaningless to makan without my sp ler. 🙁
    sp 🙁
    swensens? 😀
    i love my biilicious bii! X’D

  9. hahahahahahahaha. SP RAWKS!!!! 😛
    lately kenot tidur. no sp. 🙁 but nvm, next time i rindu u sp, i go makan sp asam laksa. 😛

  10. eeh chup. why got meow meow? 🙁
    no woof woof meh. 🙁
    i miss my sp too. i also dunno how. we camwhore to each other kua. 🙁

  11. akakakakak!! the threesome biis 😛 😛 😛 bighahahahahaahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! yalerr michy…saw the SP asam laksa….u come back den u both eat together ok 😛 sure syiok syiok habis!! wahhh ninja, u promote me habis habiss! thanx becks!! muaks muakss!! still not qualified yet ler me 🙂 i’ll see u soon k!! u n ur biiii!! 😛 muaksss!!

  12. oo.. in the first pic i tot wa u tie ur hair until so kiuts.. standing up.. mana tau itu tangan orang lain……… ^^”””””

  13. hahahahaa my samurai so damn excited gilaaaa!!! 😛
    i wanna lepak at asia cafe. the carbonara so damn seddaaaaap. the uncle bob there also somehow nicer ah. dunno why!!! 🙁
    *SEX(es) UP SAMURAI*

  14. eeh, jean? 1st pix? OHH. first pix with my face is it. LOL!!!!
    how did that end up looking like my hair. but if it was. cute ler kan. 😛
    *bitESSS jeangerbells*

  15. yer so nice ler can go here and there, here can go to one place only which is called town haha … adoi … pengsan … if no town then balik mountain … which is my school .. mati kebosanan …

  16. hahaha but the town sells super huge ice creams cheap cheap. i want!! 🙁 and got so many cute moomoos there. 😛
    mountain. very romantic. serious sp, go find bf there. damn nice place to pak tor! 😀

  17. LOL you find for me lor … hahahaha sowee ler not interested to find bf … my assignments r so much more important hehe … but then you can go murni 🙁 I wnattttt 😛

  18. meow meow 😀 thank you so much for celebrating my birthday with me. thank you for the present and the ‘cake’ 😀 it’s really nice seeing you and hanging out with you again. take care MUAKS MUAKSSSSSS oh yeah and thank you for dedicating part of this entry to me *meoww*

  19. wahhh say til like that meh … hahahha nobody hel you meh … others lehhh??? since when i make funny noises? LOL ….

  20. woa. yeeng and iskii bermeow-meowan together! 😀 hehehe. woa, cake got ‘cake’ somore. 😛 muaks. you’re welcome. *grrrooowwwl*

  21. sp, u do what. i meow, you quack. i quack, you meow. LOL. funny funny noises ler tu. curi lighter? nobody to help. i dont think samurai’s gonna help it. 😀

  22. hahahaha but sometimes i do funny noises or iskii does it, u also layan.
    nvm, next year i experiment and see. hahahaha 😛

  23. hahahhaha so the funny noises come from meow and u kaka not me :p … whoa if you do then i ignore damn da teruk rite :s next year experiment what 😮

  24. LOL hahahha like that also can …. aper lerrrr I meow at meow only merrr :p so that’s not funny 😀 yay 😀

  25. hahhahhaha dont mengada :p ok ok we woo next time yay … i have not bought IDD card yet .. so tak boleh call you … yet

  26. hahahahahaa. another 11 more months before u balik (and i’m sure u’ll balik before 12 months). hooooray!! 😀
    tu ler. i call you, u never pick up. masuk voicemail. 🙁

  27. hahaha soweee lerr … coz usually nobody call me 1 … most also sms only … then i dont on vol in class or durin i eat coz it’s strictly prohibited

  28. hahahahha … i called my dad that day … wah lau … in german pulak luckily can change language if not im going t curse upside down and inside out haha

  29. LOL more like … I know how to change the language, so da tough ler the german some more so early .. haha lagi i dunno :p