ai tawt ai shaw er puddykat!

ai tawt ai shaw er puddykat!

pussy dat colls, as dyslexic ryan calls them, were awesome. they WERE but not the crowd. the crowd was such a pain in the ass, with the average age of fourteen to sixteen there. annoying bunch of kiddoes wei, most of them. and shirley, send me your media piccies okaaaaaayyy. im sorry i couldnt entertain you much and you’ll be back in singapore tomorrow but it was nice meeting up with you once again! i cant believe the amount of rude people ive met today and the kids these days, their dressing are sluttier than the ‘ladies of the night’ at chow kit street. what’s going on to the kids these days man. there were kids showing off panties while dancing on the stage. like so, NOT, right! *shakes head*
ive got an appointment with a surgeon regarding the sudden lump in my neck which was killing me when i was wearing my bikini top just now and then another appointment with my gastroenterologist. if there’s time, i’ll rush over to the loreal warehouse sales. then i gotta prepare for the movie marathon. man, im actually so afraid i wont even last for 24 hours. gawd, give me the strength. this will be my last entry before the competition. gonna forfeit my 5 days, 4 nights bookings at duta vista unless you guys are interested to stay there without me. and fack, i kena con into buying fake gucci envy me fragrance. sowee, bii.
p/s: maxine! i’m so in love with claudia. she’s soooo hawt!!!!! piccies much later, kay. meowwwwwwwabunga!

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24 Responses

  1. yay!!! im da first to comment!! LOL!! im sure u had lotsa fun at the concert eventho got all those kiddos….n bout the loreal thing, no worries…i’ll be ur santarina 😀 special delivery k 😀 will give u a buzz!! u tcare k at da hospital n rest well! muah ninja! 😀 hIyeak!!

  2. yay yay! my samurai best ler. but comeeee find me at sjmc to collect the kachingching k. 😀 yay yay!!!
    if i can finish early, i’ll go find you guys at the warehouse sale. damn kau rushing. snifffflings. 😀
    muaksss haiyak! 😀

  3. aiyahh…no need to rush lerr…da place wont close dat fast wan lerr..LOL! i go visit u! 😛

  4. hahaha it closes around 6. but if habis stock means terus finish and ive been to the sale last year. havoc. 5pm dah tutup!!! 🙁

  5. i simpan things for u 😛 i m da special black samurai + santarina *whistles* .. bighahahaha!

  6. my samurai versi santarina memang canggih ler. hahahahaa 😀
    but ya, get me the liquid eyeliners esp. very very important. dah kehabisan eyeliners!!!! 😀
    domo arigato haiyak!! 😀

  7. whoaaaa meow meow in town? Didnt know .. and expected ler … concert like this usually can find kiddos all around and bout their dressing i memang no comment so young already wearing like this, i dunno bout when they grow up … must be “canggih gila” 😀 hehe peace :p
    and remember to rest well yah .. take care always ..

  8. i think when they grow up, terus bogel ler. lol. cos now also not much clothings on them 😛
    t.caree tooo sp. rinduuuuu for 72 hours! 🙁

  9. LOL meow .. your name is meow .. PCD is meow meow coz plural haha :p
    haha maybe even u ask them to bogel now, they no problem oso :p tsk tsk tsk … youngsters nowadays teruk betol …
    Good luck for ur movie marathon, remember to tell me bout it ok 😉
    rindu luuuu … when only can online 🙁

  10. heyhey becky! no probs. its a weird day to hangout anyway cuz not the wkends. at least we took some pictures. ;p hmm i hvnt got time to put edit it.. mmy colleague did some though. can view it at
    i want our pictures too! err toking abt the kids… yeah horrible. haha. 1 small gal give me attitude wen she ask me to go over to her and i refuse den i was like “neh neh ni bu bu” to her. lol. think she cannot take it.

  11. hehe..becky!good luck 4 ur marathon…
    yeah…lil kidos nowadays..gosh,saw them in pyramid…they were shopping b4 going 2 d concert…omg,so sluttish n screaming at d shopping mall 2 get ppl’s sad case…

  12. sp!!!!!!!! i’m back!!! i quited after erm 21 hours. haha. long story but i’ll blog later. at isky’s place now so maybe he’ll reply about the meow meow thingy later k. RINDU~~!! 😀

  13. shirley, omg. ur with mtv singapore? cos my cousin’s there as well but i think she’s either under events or marketing. think you might know her? yvonne lim. haha. she’s uhm about 30-ish this year but looks like a teen still. lol.
    i’m checking the pix out. it was great meeting you! i should be heading to sg if i have the moolahs this year end. we’ll keep in touch ok. 😀 *hugs*
    will send the pix once i get my pc back. t.cares.
    p/s: the kids spoilt the party. lol!

  14. kylie, tu ler. i dont remember dressing up like that also bila i was a budak still. damn sedih okay to see what mtv and hollywood has done to our kids these days. 🙁

  15. considered good ler after 21 hours :S very long already ask me to go for 10 hours i dont think i can even stand it hahahaha i think most prolly i’ll be asleep just after 1 movie hehe 😀

  16. okaaaay…….im so outdated… but still.. HAPPY GRADUATION!!!!!!!! ..(its never too late becoz.. u did graduate XD ..)
    aaaand..malaysians dont know how to respond to Thank Yous..esp those in the service industry ^____^
    random comment? .. i kno ^^

  17. hahaha jean, that’s like almost a month ago rite. haha but thank u thank u. 😛
    tell me about it. annoys me man. :S when ppl dunno how to respond to a thank you. or worst, say thank you after you’ve done a good deed. ish.