wicker park is a must watch!

wicker park is a must watch!

i’m trying so hard to NOT CRY but but but, omfg, it’s quite cannot tahan. THIS MOVIE has got to be the most emo-ed movie ive watched in years. OMFG, i am sooo in love with it! although the storyline’s so damn twisted but it’s soooo gooood. even RONNIEtheperempuan LOVES IT. hahahaha. i never knew i downloaded the movie until a couple weeks back and since i couldnt sleep, i thought, “hey, wth la, i’ll just watch it”. WISE MOVE. i’m sooo hooooked to emo-emo movies now but i’m pretty sure wicker park tops them all. *sniffles* it’s making me feel like driving over to jalan gasing and wake my bii up and then hug him tightly. biiii….. I LOVE YOU!. gawd, if people like ronnie can love it, i’m sure anyone else would too!. goooo watchhhhh WICKER PARK. *snifffffles* i so need more tissues, i tell ya!
okay, the end. i’ll post photos later. time to download more emo movies. i’m such a sucker for them. seriously, the end.
p/s: DONT EAT MCDONALD’S SPICY SERIES. you’ll FACKING regret it. gave me bad tummy upset each time i order them and i’m not alone. max had bad tummy upset too.


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  1. fark la. stupid a walk to remember made me cry for the wrong reasons.
    1) mandy moore cant act for nuts.
    2) it’s mandy moore.

  2. whoops, sorry ah. i damn dont like her. but yea, it’s prolly a good movie if mandy moore would stop being so fake and well, if i were to stop being so bias.
    quick max, go d/l this wicker park. sooo nice! 🙂

  3. at the mo…whatever rship/boygirl/bfgf show or movie i watch now.. i will cry..eventhough not sad/emo..so wrong person to ask 🙂

  4. count me in for emo movie marathon! 😀 i’m a sucker for ’em. *smiles* *sniffs*
    and what a coincidink – i’m re-reading A Walk To Remember right now. the book’s really good. plus shane west is on the cover, can swoon over his picture anytime i feel like it. LoL 😛

  5. hahahahaa, sure thing! and remember, GIRLS only. hahaha.
    great, now where can we watch it? 😛
    shane west :S hahahahhaa. banyaknya peminat a walk to remember. :O

  6. i wanna be forever 21 ler. 😛
    max, tak berani plan with u. sure you last min got something else to do 😛
    kidding! X’D