what classifies you as a gold digger, eh?

what classifies you as a gold digger, eh?

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since we are on the money topic, i would really like to express myself about something. to a whole lot of you, especially these two people, you have been such an important bit in my life and i thought if the whole world turns its’ back on me, i had YOU BOTH to count on. you were both such an inspiration and motivation for me to carry on with life when i am down and crushed. but who wouldve thought, you are now the cause for it. the thought of you packing with others is just so disappointing, if not outrageous. it has crushed me so deeply that just because i am constantly financially incapable, you had to do things to me. i am sorry i am not from a wealthy family and hence not being able to enjoy lifes’ pleasures as much as you guys do. i am sorry for being a student who is not earning her own dough. i just cant believe the fact that two people whom i truly love would be the masterminds behind all these.
if you have ever had a problem with me, i expected YOU BOTH to come to me and ask me personally instead of speculating behind my back. now that the story has been spreading, didnt YOU THINK that it will someday reach my ears? i clearly remember there were others, ESPECIALLY THE OTHER MASTERMIND, who were constantly broke. i dont remember anyone making fun of them nor did what you guys did. i hope you’re happy with your decision. and when i say im broke, i meant im broke. stop asking why was i here and there because unfortunately, i had them covered for and im not proud of it. if you were a true friend, you wouldve asked what was really my situation instead of spreading more malicious rumours and well, do the things you guys did. thank you for letting me know that you guys were never truly there for me, thank you for opening my eyes. and stop asking me why ive stopped hanging out with you guys, it’s not because of me having a boyfriend in my life and i’m sure you know why now, but it’s because unfortunately, i am too poor to hang out with you guys. if to share a friendship has a price tag to it and it means having the need to have the cash to spend and splurge, then i am sorry, i am not eligible to be your friend. and lastly to readers, i’m sorry that this would have to be one of the most emo-est entry ever but they were once, very very important people in my life. the end.
dang, i missed posting an entry on 06.06.06 and 20.06.06. oh well. *shrugs* you know, it amazes me at how thick a person’s skin can get. ive been hearing so many tales of girls asking for gifts, and mind you, i’m talking about EXPENSIVE GIFTS ranging from jewelleries, air tickets, cars and condominiums. and what’s even more fascinating is, some of them are NOT even the girlfriends to these rich sugardaddies.
i personally know a few and have spoken to a few (p/s: the guys are usually much older too, btw). the usual respond i get from the girls would be, “life is short. i’m young. so chill la. if there are people who are willing to spend on me, why not? what do i have got to lose”. actually, that’s like a combo of responses. i dunno. for one, you lose all the respect from people. i DONT respect gold diggers. i know you can be like the prettiest chick on earth but if you’re only after money in a relationship (or sexationship, since some arent even the girlfriends but are providing sex in return), i just think it’s not worth it. you’ll get people judging you, and bitching about you but i guess you must’ve already thought about that, huh. that it’s all worth it because all you want is money, money, money, the blingblings and other expensive gifts.
and some of the guys are so damn ignorant. they actually believe that they stand a chance in being the girl’s partner but what they dont realise is these chicks are only after their money. i hope nobody gets all perasan-ed over this entry cos i am not talking about anyone in particular. it’s just something i thought i should say, prolly as a word of advice to those of you who dont realise you are being used. of course, there are cases where the opposite happens when the guys are after the girl’s money. so it applies to both genders, i guess.
i once had a prick as an ex who would promise me jewelleries, cars and stuffs. whenever i look at something, he’ll ask, “you want? i buy for you la. but i was never interested in any of them firstly because, it has always been a personal principle (a better word suggestion, anyone?) to earn my own money and buy what i want. i’m not saying i’m like the holiest person on earth la. yes, iskii buys me meals and at times, small koochierat stuffs but i’ll always try my best to buy him meals/small koochirat stuffs back. and i do suggest to going for holidays and etc, but i wont expect him to pay all by himself. i wont go unless i have the cash for it.
anyways, there are a million things that i soooo wannna get my hands on but because i’m financially incapable, i just keep waiting until i can finally afford it (which i wont because i tend to set my eyes on things that are a bit TOO $$$ for me to afford). and secondly, he’s a prick and a fcking big liar la. he can promise me the moon and the stars for all i care because he speaks nothing but empty promises. i dont mean the promising-to-buy-me-gifts-bit-but-no-gifts-in-the-end but he lies about his past relationships, his current relationships (when we were together and now as well), his feelings and everything else. facking psychotic maniac, not forgetting a bloody schizophrenic too. okay, i shall not get all upset. teehee.
but one thing though, IF a person willingly gives a girl/guy these gifts, then i guess it’s a whole different category because it is not like as though they’ve requested for it. my definition of gold diggers are PEOPLE who actually ask for these gifts. so there, dont shoot me if you think i’m picking on you or something. there are a lot more to say but my mind’s slowly shutting off so time to nap. ZzZzZzz
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p/s: ok ok, i got comments over msn/commentbox stating that they are not gold diggers just because they ask for gifts once in a while. should i state that, i’m referring to people who do it often? and the gifts must be super expensive as well. as i was typing the earlier entry, i just found out that one of the girls who crossed my mind as i typed was not only asking gifts from a guy but A FEW OTHERS. omfg. *faints* good luck la wei.

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  1. hahahah a bit lah..
    but yeah.. i dunno how some ppl can take stuff from the “bf” just like that. i mean..hello..its so obvious that its using them. dunno la. diff ppl diff perception kua.

  2. guess what. i can name you three now who uses the guy like nobody’s business. damn teruk ler. can really kutuk until mouth berbuih but i wont benefit from it so biar la. 🙁

  3. Yeah, gold-diggers suck dick… literally. I personally don’t mind gold-diggers, at least the rules are set right from the beginning: I buy you pretty things, and you do nasty things to me in the bedroom.

  4. hahahahha … emas 😛 but then those who are in love might not be able to see it that they are being used even though it is right in front of them, while for some, prolly they are just in denial. Haha … and yah I just dont understand why can these girls accept the gifts from the guys hmmph …

  5. definitely in denial. when you ask them what are their plans for their future with these girls, they’ll tell you that they’ll let time tell and dont wanna think ahead.
    it’s just so sad ler cos it’s girls like that, that will “spoil the market”. guys always talk about how greedy girls can be, how money-faced etc but what they dunno is, they’ve just been meeting the wrong girls. 🙁

  6. Unlike most men, I don’t mind dating, and maybe even eventually marrying, a prostitute. I would never solisitate one though.
    Loads of Asian men seem to love to put restrictions on who they will and will not date. The often equate women with more than X amount of sexual partners, X being the dismally small number in their head (usually corressponding to the amount of inches they have in their pants) as whores/sluts/etc.
    I think that’s bullshit. Life isn’t so cut and dry. So I’m not gonna put silly restrictions like that on my potential life partner.

  7. well, then i guess it’s good that you think that way because not many men would.
    i personally have little restrictions but if i really am fond (or as some would say, in love) with him, i tend to close one eye and cross the boundaries i set for myself sometimes (defeats the purpose of setting them la i know). it’s situational. 😀

  8. macam pernah dengar je….du du du du du!
    ninja hebat lerrrr….bu bu bu bu bu bu bu!
    aiyah, me thinks everything in dnial..living
    in a delusion world…la la la la la

  9. haha black samurai, this one cos memang kes yang happening very often mer. 😀
    i’m sure u know a few, dont you. 😛
    hahaha. my samurai dah gile 😛

  10. well said!
    i’ve gal frenz who are real gold digger!
    1st date she make the bf paid RM350 over for her DKNY watch, then whole week japanese restaurant, 2nd date went Esprit shop bought 4 set clothes, guy paid off. 1 mth ago she wanna buy new motorola SRv3 phone, 1.5k over he paid for it, last mth she wanna go vacation, phuket 5 days trip bf paid all.
    she told me she wanna to know how much the guy can afford to spend on her shower his love affection to her. she only goes after his money! another gal frenz after squeezed bf’s money, while he was facing financial problem and we found out he’s big jackass liar, then she told me he’s disqualified as her bf. LOL!
    Guys always like to promise from sky down to earth, love to keep empty promises which can’t even deliver! i’ve encountered frm my donkey jackass ex! Fug those psycho pricks!!

  11. Hi, how is your day? me as an old Man 100% agree with you, as i can see a lot of young girls look after the old man just for they money, in return they don’t mind to offer…..to them, and i belive the old man also don’t mind to do these things, as they enjoy to be with young chiks, in other word it is a kind of win win situation for both of them, but if you ask me, i bleive those chicks they spoil they feture and themselves, as they act like a high class prosss…and nothing more…..
    anyway this is the situation in the current world, we can not change it…..i belive no more pure Love on the air or at least very minumum…
    as even if we look at the youngest( boys and girls) they are toghther mainly not becuase of love and even they can not feel and understand the real love….
    take care and have a good day ahead

  12. jc, my gawd, how horrible can your girl friends be?! no offence, but it’s a bit too much ler. and the guys are so damn gullible rite. :\ first few dates, and they’re already buying expensive gifts. *sighs*
    guys and empty promises comes in a package, no matter how much they deny it. but then again, i’m sure we girls do the same as well. :\

  13. hello goodboy! havent heard from you for quite a while. i’m fine, how are you doing? 🙂
    i dunno, there are some who’ll say that some of these chicks are doing it because they are trying to support their families. i dunno about that cos ive personally not met any who “IS DOING IT” to support their families. the ones i know are doing it for their own pleasures and the $$ that comes with it. and i totally agree with you that it’s a win-win situation for them both.
    i’m sure when a man is wrinkly and does not have much GOOD-LOOKING bits left on his physical appearance, and a younger, prettier and sexier chick comes along, he wouldnt mind being her sugardaddy because:
    a) the chick might be able to make the old man look good in front of his other old buddies (who are probably stuck with wives who are most likely out of shape and as grey and wrinkly as they are)
    b) hence make his other friends/associates envy him
    c) thus boosting his ego. 😀
    but the above statements are all based on my own assumptions and observations.

  14. bravo becky!!!!thumbs up..really cnat stand tis kind of ppl man..ish….they thought they r so damn pretty n get wateva they wanna by juz asking…sumtimes feel like slapping them…dun fel like wanna knoe them either…haha….then arr..got guys kau me b4..telling me tht if i b their gf,they’ll gimme wateva i wan…ya rite….dun think money can buy luv..haha…plus i prefer guys who earn their own money than using their dads’ money 2 spend on gurls…
    btw,haha..those gurls dun juz ask 4 expensive gifts from guys la..they ask from gurls too…so materialistic n fake…tht’s d end of any frenship..hate those gurls who alwiz like 2 show off their stuff….i’m not tht rich n i cnat b speding money like them…plus,even if i’m rich,i’m so not gonna throw my dad’s hard earned money juz like tht….some ppl cna b juz so shallow…

  15. LOL. good job kylie. not bad ah, so far the guys who kau me, never really promise me money or gifts la. i hear also i think i’ll go “:S :S :S, what do u think i am la wei!!!”. but of course, the ex mentioned in a blog is an exception but he needs professional help, so not counted. 😀
    haha. i dunno ler. i’m too hurt to comment anything further about them, besides they are still part of me. am gonna take time for the pain to heal. 🙁

  16. cant believe tht i actually typo twice 4 d word ‘can’…geez..
    haha..ya le…they think tht money can buy anything..geez..hate tht kinda ppl leh…
    anyways,hope u can recover soon… *hugs*
    hope tht bubbly becky will b back soon…
    yeah,it definitely hurts lots when a frenship turns sour..esp when u r so close wif tht person…been there too..back in high skool…used 2 cry lots…haha…if u ask my high skool frens,other than i’m alwiz smiling,i alwiz cry coz of frenship stuff….very emo but dun wanna keep it in my heart coz it hurts…my way of healing is by crying..but at d end of d day,i look like goldfish…

  17. hahahahahaaha i cant imagine a hello kitty looking like a goldfish. 😛
    once u see my msn nick change from a wilted rose to a fresh one, it means im fine. 🙂
    that’s how i express myself. kekeke. 😛

  18. kesian SP … *pat pat* hope you recover soon from this rough time, and nobody would ever expect that our own very good friends would turn their back on us. After it happened, definitely it’s depressing. Get well soon … waiting for happy SP to be back

  19. dun worry becky. sometimes it’s better to find out about ppl cuz then you know you can move on to ppl who are worth more of ur time.
    anyways about the gold digger things, i think it’s ok to accept gifts but not demand for them. there’s always the occasionaly hinting 🙂 but i don’t think that ppl who do hint actually expect to get the gift. then again on the other end of the scale there are people who buy their partners extravagant presents, not because their partner asks for it but it’s just a way they show their affection.e.g. went out with this guy who bought me an LV wallet, which I had to turn down because I did not feel that it was necessary for him to use so much money on something like that. I think in the end he gave it to his mother as a birthday present. Much more worth it as a gift to his mother, I think so anyway. But then on the other hand, there are people with inferiority complexes who always feel that they are not good enough to recieve presents which might make their partner feel bad perhaps because they never want anything their partner buys for them. all in all, it’s a dog eat dog world. Can’t save the world no matter how good youre intentions. but karma comes back around. 🙂

  20. yes sabrina, so please be careful with the ppl you mix and those surrounding you. 🙂 as a precaution. 😀
    yea, i’m pretty sure ive hinted iskii before. lol. but never demanded. it feels weird la for me. your point there is different from mine wei. lol. im saying there are those who go after guys just for the chingchings and the blingblings. of course, there are cases like urs as well but that’s a whole different story! 😀

    haha, today memang was a damn weird day. met so many people and i think i’m slowly healing. give me another few more days and i’ll be back to normal but i know this thurs i’ll be damn heartbroken ler. my other “quarter” is leaving for a year to a land filled with swiss cheese. 🙁

  22. lol quarter … dont worry k, i’ll be back in a year’s time and I wont forget you 😀 😀
    Yaya … good to hear that you are slowly healing :)be alive and kicking away 😛

  23. hahahahaha. yeay!! pls bring back lotsa cheese and chocs and cuties when ur back. hahahaha. i’ll constantly remind you, dont worry. 😛
    and you too, dont emo-emo k. 🙂 we must happy-happy together k. LOL.
    thank u for temaning and layaning me emo-ing for the past few days. *sayangs asspee*

  24. SP, have fun in switz! have a safe journey back..and bring back one cute ang moh guy for me laaaaa k? ehehheeheheh

  25. max, hahahaha ok, now i shall poke it out ok. *poke poke poke poke*
    yeay! ur left butt cheek is bigger than your right’s! 😛

  26. wah, maxine, aku sendiri pun she tak mau bawa balik cute ang moh ler. 🙁 if she bring back for u means ah, … i’ll jump down from my …

  27. wah what is this? poking butt? :S dont poke ler .. kesian only … sepak 😛
    Hahahah whoaaaaa bring back angmo? err … err .. err … dont la i give you one cetak rompak angmo .. want? :p
    hahahha sp … chocies i sure bring back .. but cheese errrr … err … dunno eh 😐

  28. eeeh kenot sepak maxine’s butt ler cos dah flat, u sepak, later her buttock there got two big lubang, so come join us poke her buttock keluar. 😛

  29. haha sp, i think if u bawa cheese back, balik that time jadi blue cheese but swiss cheese!!! :O :O :O.
    okay my list of things i want from swiss.
    1) ang moh x 3 x 6 feet tall x charming x humerous
    2) chocccies!
    3) cheese
    4) you! 😀

  30. i want ang moh that is tall, buff, funny, athletic, dress properly, etc etc.
    too much to ask?