spanking-facking new layout.

spanking-facking new layout.

finally. after a year and four months, i did it. ive stopped procrastinating and did this in just one nite. well, after so many complains of my small not-reader-friendly fonts, ive changed from trebuchet ms to georgia and the fonts are white, my fav color. i wanted a white background but it’s too plain for my liking and ive had so many white layouts in the past. so here you go, a blue one. and it’s no longer girlish. the previous one just kept giving me toothaches because it’s just too sugary sweet and girlish. i cant believe i actually designed that and what more, stuck to it for a year plus!
i dunno how long can i stand this spiky-characters of us but it took me quite fast to draw that, on computer! lol. i feel so teenage-ish again, designing layouts and all. anyways, should there be any errors, do inform me. gotta work on the other pages now. and yes, just in case you never realised ive got navigations IN my designs itself, now i just made it more obvious. so yea, enjoy. tata!

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  1. hey, nice one. i haven’t changed mine since december. couldn’t be bothered i guess. i used to do it every so often but now no time…
    rock on, girl! 🙂

  2. tee hee! abstract? modern? funky?
    out of topic, i just noticed you posted up your height! 178 is super tall whey!!! I’m a dwarf beside you. *hehe*

  3. hello sya!!! how have u been? lol. well, i guess since ive completed my studies, it’s time for me to stop procrastinating and work on my layout so there you go. not all that satisfied with it though. LOL. take cares! 🙂

  4. I LOOK ROUGH? ohhhhhhhh, the design is it? sengaja wan. how la i wish my waist all was that small though. lol. i’m living in denial. LOL!!! 😛

  5. eeehhh fer, ive posted up my height since day 1 i start blogging oi. lol. blurrr la you. *bites your seremban siew pau*
    kekeke. i dunno what is it suppose to be. no theme wan la. simply play around photoshop then i got these three. 😛

  6. hehe nice nice new layout. old man like me having hard time reading a bit, but that’s probably because i’m squinting. 🙂
    good work bii!

  7. ooo..
    i <3 the background colour!!
    and the photos on the profile!

  8. lol, babes!! so schweet la u.
    not bad ah. we commented on each other’s page around the same time.
    thank you. 😀

  9. Becky,
    I said I JUST noticed. *hehe* And what pau? bites summore! make sure bite the right pau! *haha* if not…uhmm…haven’t got much in the first place. *haha*

  10. hahaaha yes yes, the pau with lotsa minced meat inside. not the … other .. pau! LOL!!!!!!
    yes yes my bad. jgn marah ah babes. *feeds u tai pau instead* 😀

  11. hey becky,.. glad to know u’re doing okaY! sorry havent been tagging much .. exam stress 🙁
    on the bright side.. i’m coming home for winter break!! woohooooooooooo!

  12. heyyyyyyyyyyy nice layout! *showers you with love*
    but recently u tak nak my nvm la..*takes it back*
    anyway, great layout! <3

  13. OMG! Pick a better pic for Yeeng please! She’s such a cutie pie, but you’ve made her look like a beast.
    For the sake of all things holy, please change it.

  14. heys jean, lol. when’s winter la? end of the year is it? kekekekeke. ok, we meet up at asia cafe. hahahahaahaha. 😛
    ive been stressed as well. 😀 but nvm la, habis liao. 😀

  15. max, wtf. lol. u budak sesat. lately u also tak calling. macam lupa siapa becky liao. kekekeke. 😛 how do u like ur all new buttock? 😛

  16. michael, ive changed the pix since i first uploaded this layout. but for some odd reason, it’s still that pix. dont worry la. 🙂

  17. eh serious? winter in the middle of the year? lol. i dammmmn jakun siuts.
    yeay! ASIA CAFE, we shall. when u get back. 😀

  18. are u okay babes? hows ur health now? ooo take care beckss!! anyways, luv the new layout! oozing with attitude maaan 😛

  19. WAh damn rock chick sial your new layout!
    Hehehehehe nice nice!
    But the colour makes me wanna go buy YAM ice-cream ;P

  20. LOL!!!! yam ice cream pula. *bites yap jr.*
    hahaha. thank you ah. :\ if im in the mood, i might change it. keke. you good luck with ur semester’s work. 😀

  21. nola cause yap jr. said yam…so it then reminded me that it does look a bit yam-ish.

  22. hahhahahah yeah u “accompany” being away to go cook lemon chicken!