happy happy joy joy!

happy happy joy joy!

yeay, i finally WENT to spring hatsuhana after months of waiting. haha. i know i can always drive myself there but it’s better when i have my bii with me, you see. the food will just TASTE better, i’m sure. they seriously serve like the best teppanyakis and california rolls. even their simple salads are facking orgasmic. *dances around merrily* and double HOORAY, my bii sacrificed his sleep and brought me to queen’s park, m’sia’s first al-fresco shopping mall that sells branded goods at up to 70% less the retail price. i only wish i had more money then i can shop at club 21 or even at fj benjamin. dank yew bii!

you know, my bii is a DAMN HILARIOUS boy (yes, i typed boy on purpose). out of a sudden rite, jay chou’s ‘tornado’ came into my mind and i sang la happily, “… bu zhi bu jue … ni yi jing li kai wo … bu zhi bu jue … wo gen le zhe jie zou”. that’s like the only part i know. and YES, i do realise my mandarin sucks cock and can die la when i speak but i’m pretty sure it did not sound like “KOOCHIKOO PUNANI”. omfg. started la after that. everything began or ended with koochikoopunani. and now, ladies and gentlemen, koochikoopunani is the new fuck. *rolls on the floor laughing my skirts off*

finally, bii, i’m sowee for constantly whining and grunting and being so selfish. ai wuv you. happy *insert week’s number* weekiiversarii!
p/s: england’s playing in today’s world cup. anybody wants to meet up and watch it together-gether? i know stoney’s damn kau excited already la. his country’s playing. w00ts.
p/ss: omfg. i’m such a koochikoopunani (sucker) for warehouse sales or any sales la for that matter. *prances around in her new esprit skirt and top* and i am sooooo DAMN IN LOVE WITH CHING of reality show, one in a million. i thought her make up yesterday was horrendous la but she’s still so damn adorable and talented. ai luf her. *shy giggles* i bet iskii’s jealous of her rite now. tee hee hee! and oh, cindy’ll get my vote too.

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    ure soo pretty lah! when can i get to see you. and i never knew you were a soccer fan. come come lets discuss soccer. hahaha

  2. hahaahahahahaha. u psychowoman. how have u been? 😀 havent heard from you for quite a while ah. 😀
    lol, msg me in msn ler. i am so in love with trinidad and tobago now. yahooo! 😀

  3. theres a hottie in trinidad and tobago. and hes the only white there. christopher birchall. CUTE NYE!! HAHAHA 😀
    you know, people often ask me if i watch soccer or watch the guys. hahaha.
    hey when’r you going back to melaka?

  4. hahaha evan, watch footie because you love it la. not because of hotties!
    oh wait, is that a cutie i see in portugal? :O
    bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😛

  5. oh yea, sorry. hahahaha. portugal scored!! 😛 1-0.
    m’cca? i’m going this 23rd june but it’s a day’s trip. 🙂 not meeting mama though.

  6. max: oops did i say sth wrong? but his name IS christopher.
    becks: you so hafta go back this weekend lah! otherwise i’l die! oh and theres a cutie playing for spain. check him out though hes branded by me. francesc fabregas! WOOHOO. please go back melaka this weekend.

  7. haha evan, dont mind max! 😀
    harh? why are u going back this weekend? :O spain? i dont think ive watched that match. what’s going on this weekend? :S

  8. Hi Becky,
    *hope u remember me*, i will normaly just read your blogs without leaving any comments. But i really got to say that u slimmed down, aren’t you? Take carez.

  9. hey heeeyy caressa!
    of course i remember you! *blushes* lol.
    no ler, i havent. 🙁 i think it’s the camera angles. :”(
    but thank you. that’s very flattering. keke. :”)
    you t.care too! 🙂

  10. hieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    evan! its ok lah. just kinda hate that name at the moment. but dont mind me 🙂

  11. becks: i dont know! parents wnna go back and i have to go along ): england’s frank lampard also cute. hahaha. and holland’s jan kromkamp.
    max: im so sorry! okay okay no more chris.
    michy: YES! fabregas is cute isnt he. hahaha

  12. ooo…so THATTTTTSsss what Queen’s Park is.. =X
    heee..coz there’s a queen’s park near my place..but its a PARK with fountain and the bla.. and there’s a peel st in the city.. lol

  13. hahahahahahahahahahaha…. i know! i think the concept was based on the one in australia ler. or something. i googled queen’s park, pergi australian site. lol.
    copy cat betul. 😛

  14. hehehehehe ARSEnal can go die.
    nvm, other countries got more cutie. i’m trying to look for asians! cos i looove asians! 😛
    i’m such an AZN_LOVER man. 😛

  15. no la, they take ikut queenpark as in the concept of that place. it’s based on a concept of another store somewhere in australia or america or something ler. somewhere that starts with an A. lol. 😛
    popiah? :O mana ada popiah here? sesat kar. kekeke.

  16. hahahahahaha, apa la kylie. very lagging la you. sekarang baru reply. 😛
    dont worry, we’ll call u. but dunno how ur gonna come out ler. keke.

  17. haha..yeah..lagging…haha..oppssss…
    yalo..i’m thinking tht too.how m i gonna go out?takkan walk….haha…i might as well sleep at home =P

  18. haahahahahahaha, i think we’re going in khai’s car. and the car full liao. but im pretty sure we can arrange something. jgn risau. *patS*