celebrating 06.06.06.

celebrating 06.06.06.

i’m on a major photo uploading spree after finding out that multiply.com is now offering non-paying members the benefit to upload unlimited photos and misc. files once again. hooray! ive uploaded two albums yesterday afternoon itself (editing and all included) and another a couple of days earlier. click here for album 46, here for album 47 and here for album 48. more to come tomorrow. tee hee hee. *giggles*

anyways, my bii and i were waiting to so called “celebrate” the 6th of june 2006 at 6:06am because dates and times like that do not occur often. we literati-ed till almost 7-ish am, only to realise we’ve missed the exact time but it’s cool. we spent quality time together, online. and as for dinner, my bii brought me to cava and he insisted it was just a spur of a moment kinda thingy. it was a superbly hefty meal but it was all good. ive managed to spend some quality time with my bii after not being able to do so for weeks or even months. thank you bii. *cuddles you to schweep*
more good news. EVERYONE’S COMING BACK IN JUNE! hooooray. *dances* i misssssshh you peeps! i’m actually planning a welcoming back party for sammie and am going all the way to malacca with SP and others to meet up with claudine the tetek queen. sabby will be coming back too and there’ll be a party, it seems. unfortunately, my beloved sleeping partner will be leaving for switzerland end of this month. *world’s biggest pout* now who the hell is going to accompany me for my spontaneous shopping sprees and gossip sessions? i’m so gonna miss her. the welcoming back party will also be a farewell party for her. i hope things work out well. okay, enough rambling. remember, for piccies, head over to my multiply site. chows.
p/s: ehhh ronnnie, what’s this i heard about you getting yourself a gf? YOU WAIT LAR YOU. never inform all. blardee hell.

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  1. ahahah apa la world’s biggest pout … :s your samurai is coming back leh 😀 😀 😀 so can gossip with her 😛

  2. lol, and before 9am rite? 😀
    she ah? hotel mia ler. ppl usually go to switz for that ma. except for patsy la. she sesat. kekekekee.

  3. julian the sexy saxaphonist!
    hehe. i was just talking about u in some forum. heard you’re gonna be playing with him this fri man. kekekeke.
    indeed. will love to be attending one of ur performances again soon since ive “pontenged” for quite a bit ler.
    t.cares! 🙂

  4. hi old unkle. hahahaha. but you’ve always looked like your eldest bro. just a much younger version. soon, all of you will look like your dad. 😀

  5. and yes, that janggut of urs. my gawd. time to shave bii. it’s no longer sexy when it’s so long. hahahaha. but i still love you!!! 😀

  6. hahahahahaa… still damn long ler. :”(
    365 days u know!! 🙁
    yeaa, black samurai balik next monday. wh333eeee 😀

  7. ho ho ho ho!
    black samurai coming home edi!! with u n the rest punyer stuff 😛 lemme see. . . .4 more days 😉 aiyah, i teman u lerr…ganti ur sp place…but dont bite me enuff 😛 muaksss! 😀

  8. actually, i wanted to say that too but then i dont wanna be spamming my own comment box la.
    i cant imagine. :”(
    hi unkle shah!