becks tries to talk about current affairs!

becks tries to talk about current affairs!

(/edited) @ 3:10am, 03.07.06
finally, done and over with the wedding! just got home. hehe. happy 9th monthliiversarii bii (too lazy to type it out big. lol). here are the sneak previews to the wedding.

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biggest thanks to vicky’s mom. *dances in her saree* it was such a hassle as i didnt know where to get it tied and which color to choose as i have a few (oh wait, actually, i’m left with just two now) but it was all worth it. okays. the end. nites. Zz.Z.zz..zz.z.z..
today’s theStar papers is filled with drama. on the first page itself, i wanted to cry my eyeballs out because of this:
“In an attempt to save his 25 dogs from Seremban Municipal Council enforcement officers, a dog owner packed 10 of them into his car and tried to drive off. Eng Her Sun, 66, said he was just trying to save his dogs when he drove out with the animals. However, he was unable to save 13 of his other pets from the dog shooters.

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  1. Becky in a saree? That’s nice. After you get it all done up, be sure to runn across a field and have a man pull it off you as you roll away from him…

  2. hahaha, this michael ah.
    i already ran bollywood style at klia yesterday in a dress, trying to catch someone.
    i think ive had enough of running for a year. haha. 😛

  3. yeah man, CRUSHED! no woman can CRUSH his heart like spain. muahahahahaha. 😛
    ronnie’s gonna stay a virgin forever la like that. 😛

  4. oh, and that oughta crush thousands and millions of girls, especially those who wishes to date a jericho-lookalike. 😛

  5. wow, compliments from shari herself. hahahaha.
    thank you babes. go try it. it’s super fun! i couldnt stop giggling. keke.

  6. hahahahahahahahahaa….. yea. after 24 hours, i finally see u online again.
    ur damn lawa too. wait, i photo”chop” ur face and paste it on some saree wearing chick’s body. 😛

  7. nice…version 7 liao ar???nice nice…looks better then b4….btw becky…u in saree look awesome…somemore with iskii in his formal…both of u match kau kau la…kekeke

  8. vicky, serious? i sorta prefer the old one now. hahahahaha. thank you. ur mom terror mer vicky. when u wanna collect the petticoat from me ler. ur mom wants it asap wei. 😀

  9. actually its usually lidat one…guys wear formal during indian weddings…those which are held in hotels la….its quite common…thats wat i have seen la….but still becky n iskii rox…

  10. likki-chan!!!!!
    thank you. ai missshh talking to you. 🙁 how you? good? hor bor? ti si ai lai chuih wa? 🙁 wah tua kl lonely.
    thanks babes. *bitES*