hur, let’s clear something first. the below entry wasnt written by me, peeps. lol. okay, today marks my fourth day going to sjmc. ive been spending four days in sjmc doing check ups. no, i wasnt admitted but i pretty much spent my whole day there, for as long as eight hours, doing test after test. ive done, let me see… electrocardiogram (ECG) , echocardiogram, ultrasounds for various parts, umpteen blood tests and urine tests, vagina scan, intravenous urography (IVU) and chest x-rays. my chest and my vagina has pretty much “lost it’s value”, i would say, since i get strangers spreading my legs or helping me lift my bras up.. heh. twas a joke, just in case there are some of you who cant take them.
you know, yesterday, when the doctor was taking another blood sample from me, blood started gushing out and dripped all over my arm. i bet those lil kids who saw it were pretty freaked out. the doc, if he’s a doc, even said, “oh sorry, i think ive used the wrong needle”. O_________o whattt?! ish. but he’s a really nice guy so it’s cool. no permanent damage done anyway. and i would specially like to thank yeeng for accompanying me on my second day for eight frigging long hours in the hospital. she had to sit, sit, and sit even more while i were running around doing the tests and what nots. so damn schweet. thank you iskii for accompanying me on my first day. the other days, well, ive just decided to go myself because erm, no one volunteered and quite shy also ler if i keep asking people to accompany me all.
so yea, ive seen a gynecologist, urologist, cardiologist and soon, a rheumatologist. hiphiphooray! and seriously, i dont fucking care la if i have friends who dont care about me. i also dont fucking care if you care about YOUR FACE or your so called pride more than anything else in the world so you can just go fuck yourself. i’m too sick to bother if you just love pissing people off because i obviously, have more important things to attend to in my life than you do with yours. and hello, the world does not revolve around you and stop acting like everyone’s owing you or something. thank you. okay, my hormones have all gone bonkers and it has pretty much fucked up my system. ive actually fasted for two days with no food nor drinks (the first day was a whole 15 hours without food, 9 hours without water and the second day was 12 hours with no food). hur, enough rambling. i know this entry’s quite technical but just thought of updating to those who are, in any way, concerned. my “surgery” (it’s actually just a biopsy, me thinks), as written on my bill, is on 17th of may. i told them i dont want to be admitted so i’ll be placed under daycare. oh yea, anyway, forgot to mention, ive got a 4.3cm x 4.5cm cyst in my right uterus. ive got a polaroid of it but im too lazy to scan. so yea, that’s all. good luck with your health. ta.
p/s: i love youuuuu….. my fenditta!

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  1. btw, sorry couldnt go lepak with you at the hosp. :/ was in a rush with uni shit and then went back to pg somemore.

  2. anyway take care okaaay. the surgery on 17th..let us know if you are gonna be admitted. i have a paper on that day though.

  3. hahahahaha takpe. when ur back, i’m still going to be visiting sjmc. got appointments until 1st july man. takut takde chance ke. kekeke. 😛

  4. no la, since i said i dun wanna be admitted, i think i wont. hehe.
    but u can come cari me at bkt jalil also ma if u want la. not to say very jauh also. heh. 😛

  5. haha I know how it feels like when your assets lost their value. just hope that you’ll get better soon & take care!

  6. thank you babes!!!
    but ive done all this checkup so often in the past four days, i just dont really care anymore if i have to strip over and over again. but memang still shy ler. hehe.
    thanks once again! 😀

  7. RINDU RINDU RINDU . i miss you.
    and i care. you know all of us do. im sorry im not staying in kl. cant accompany you go jumpe doctor.but i’l be with you spiritually k. take care love, GET WELL SOON. HUGS.d

  8. take care becky and all the best for ur surgery ok?? glad you finally got all these checkups done as boring and technical as they may seem but it’s good for u 🙂 take care!!

  9. evan, i mish you toooooooooooo! quick come kl. u going back m’cca next weekend? my parents are. 😀 *muackS*
    p/s: where have u been? :O

  10. as long as youre gonna be ok soon, i dont care how many fucking tests you have to take. pls be well and hopefully, this would all end soon. love ya loads. *muax*

  11. thank you very much claudine, *muaccccckssss*. so schweet. 🙂
    im actually bleeding now without a reason. should be going sjmc again. 🙁

  12. hey, are you okay??? your trip to sjmc sounds damn scary and serious ler. anyway, hope you get better and all the best k?? =)

  13. hey leech!
    i’m not THAT okay now seeing i’m bleeding without a reason and the docs cant give a definite answer. :\ but thanks. i can still move and dance and what nots. hehe. thanks babe. 🙂

  14. hey im gonna start leaving comments ok? so at least you know i still care =P but i hope everything goes well ok..

  15. You should really clean up after sex. remember the las time you went pd, and few days after you got uti bek

  16. lol .. sex causes alot of problems down there.. all that sticky stuff is just bacteria holding.. eeeeeee LOL ok ok too much info

  17. becky,hope u get well soon!!1*hugs hugs* still praying 4 u…gosh,sorry cant accompany u 2 d hospital though sjmc is so near my place..been busy these few days as need 2 attend edc classes[haha…revision classes la]
    tell me if u need me 2 accompany u,k?guess i can spend time waiting 4 u on 17may…..not attending class on tht day[actually me plan 2 skip it..]…dun hv 2 feel shy~~~

  18. sabby, lol, i know s3x is one of the reasons rite, but it isnt the only reason. the reason why im most likely getting uti is because of the cyst in my uterus? O.o

  19. woa, kylie, thank you. so schweet. lol.
    i dunno what’s gonna happen on 17th and who’s accompanying but dont need many ppl kua. :\ but yea, it’s scary. thanks for the offer. will update u later. 🙂

  20. cyst wont cause uti my dear.. my mom has the same problem as u.. she.. i dunno i dun remember a time shes got uti.. only once.. yup only once…

  21. the cyst is causing all the bleeding and pain which was mistaken as uti. i’m still under investigation and i believe the doc knows what he’s doing? :\

  22. i’m not sure if it’s mistaken as uti yet but yea, they’re still finding out the main source for my uti. they say it could be due to the inflammation of the bladder too. 🙂
    of course, i, too, would like to know the actual cause and have a definite answer. 🙂

  23. becks babe, nyak is praying dat ure fine n everything. . .n nyak really care for u. . .n like clod sez, dont really care bout how many frigging test u take. . .as long as u are all good n well. . .dats wat matters the most.. . .lotsa love n smooches from me to u! n wish i was there ya 🙂 muahs!

  24. my black samurai!!!!
    thank you babes. so schweet ler the dedes. *sheds a tear* serious, thank you, dedequeens. *muacks*
    i hope things are fine too. they would be. im calling my gynae tomorrow to ask about the bleeding. thanks once again! :-* :-* :-*

  25. dont think im gg back. ive been here along babe. watching over you. hahah!

  26. heys mwan, yes, im fine. the tests were done to see what’s really wrong but there really isnt a definite answer. 🙁

  27. eh may wan dear, this is not my entry lah. hehe. its becky’s. and yeah she had to go thru some tests cause she keeps getting sick so often! :/