right after my surgery, ive been busy running around doing errands. anything but my assignments and getting plenty of rests (i mean, yes, i sleep slightly more than i usually do, but it’s not those twelve hours long type of sleep you know. and it isnt a peaceful sleep, either). i usually get up feeling even more tired.

ive been putting all my assignments aside and it’s now three weeks overdued. i am almost done with one, which was due last week, and another four more to go. oh gawd, i’m fucked. but seriously, i’m not only feeling weaker by the day but i feel so damn nauseous all the time, dizzy, hot tempered, emotional, confused, bloated, and sometimes, my vision gets blurry. my mom’s asking me to skip my class (again!) tomorrow and go straight to sjmc and ask what’s up with all this. anyways, i’ll upload piccies and update slightly more later. i feel like throwing up again. airgh.
happy 23rd birthday, raymond

logged on to my icq after years. what used to be the most happening chat program’s so dead. out of the three hundredish peeps, only five are on and they arent even people i talk to. i used to have so much fun chatting on icq. there used to be sooo manyyyy great people, just like mIRC. people, log in to your icq! *wails*
p/s: random lines. if you were to type tickleme or becky ooi on your firefox address bar, it brings you straight to this site. and thanks lynn for the great farewell party. tata!

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26 Responses

  1. whoa … more sakit … I thought supposed to be better already :s
    LOL so many pics … yaya naish naish pics

  2. lol, nice only cos got SP there ler. <3
    hehehe. i also dunno why suddenly it got worsen le. 🙁
    but im not posting any of my “accident” ler. so shy.

  3. ninjaaaaaa!!!! not a bad hair day at all, in fact u look hotter day by day 😀 muaksss! tcare k? 🙂

  4. no, my hair was damn teruk that day. i was trying so hard to cover a “scar” (self-inflicted la. lol. and it isnt even a scar). kekeke.
    thanks ah black samurai. remember my dooleys and choccies k. MUAAAKCS! u too! dont let the cat bully youuuu. 🙁

  5. haha..correction!!!if i c cockraoch,wont scream…no effect at all..c ruben scream? :S 4 wat scream?ceh~
    c leng chai wont scream la…aiseh..hahah…not tht jakun….juz c more often nia 😛