crying over cartoons.

crying over cartoons.

(/edited) @ 2:33am & 10:39am, 11th may 2006
i finally found what my surgery’s all about. it’s called interstitial cystitis. im feeling so damn kau nauseous now. fark la. im rushing for assignments all somore. someone, painkillers, pleasssseeee. lucy!, i got ur mail but i’m rushing for assignments now, so i’ll reply you later, yea. take care, babes.
i was speaking to my sleeping partner about crying over movies or cartoons, to be specific. how normal is it to cry over cartoons such as land before time, bambi and lilo and stitch, i wonder. i mean, hey, i was a very emo kid okay. for a kid to watch a cartoon about another kid (which are animals, in the cartoons) to lose their mother and all IS VERY THE SAD AND IS WORTH YOUR TEARS. about lilo and stitch, hrmphs, i cant remember why but i know i did shed a tear or two in the cinema. and OoooOoo… an american tale! my gawd. cartoons that are so damn emo.

my sleeping partner said she cried over lion king and stuart little. heh. my fav childhood movies that prolly made me cry were (if im not mistaken), anne of green gables and shawshank redemption (which sandy pronounces it as, sssssssssshhhssshhh redemption. she cant say SHAWSHANK!) bwahahaha. *evil laughter* so what movies/cartoons made you cry eh?. it’s okay, you can put your ego aside and share. tee hee hee.
anyways, thank you for all the well wishes. im fine. doc cant determine the exact cause for my bleeding (which occurred since a couple of days back), but i’m fine. thank you very the muchy. *beams* i have suddenly gained three kilos in just a matter of few days but i believe it’s just due to water retention or something. we’ll see. my weight is also a big problem to my health so i seriously need to say goodbye to all the cheesecakes and mashed potatoes for the time being. im considering of continuing my fasting or something. we’ll see how thing goes. three more weeks before i bid adios to college for good but im also considering on doing my masters. i havent really made a decision yet. ive got people asking me briefly to work for them once im out but i am not sure if im ready to work just yet. we’ll see. like the muslims will say, “insya-allah” or the christians, “god’s will”. i wonder what do chinese say, eh? alrite, anyways, updated my photo albums. toodles.

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  1. how’s everything? before i knew you weren’t feeling well, just thought i ask u out next thursday. going to your uni. for work next week.
    my cyst experience was like 2 years ago. it was near the belly button area, lol. nothing major, eventually the scar went off but the docs said the cyst might come back…dunno y.
    the funny thing was my friend in Aus. heard from my friend in M’sia that I was having my womb out instead. silly wrong info!!!!!!!!!

  2. shari, cool. ive got classes next thurs but only from 2-5. i’m fine but i dunno if im going uni next week though cos my surgery is on wednesday. if im not feeling well, i’ll be skipping it. hehe.
    wow, what cyst is it eh? mine’s in the uterus and it’s benign. until it reaches 5cm, surgery for it wont be necessary cos it’s still considered as “harmless”. was yours cancerous?
    my god. womb and cyst, big difference wei. lol. *pats*

  3. i’ll be there the whole day *pouts*
    mine was benign; but i started to get stomach aches so the doc said i might as well opt for surgery.
    yeah, back in college..friends were like “oh my, shari’s never gonna have a baby” !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi, i just want to say i am still around….
    you take care and have a good day ahead

  5. erm…haha…i cry during most of d movies…ok,except horror movies…..haha….onli cry when there’s a touching scene

  6. shari, that’s weird. cos i get cramps the whole time but the doc still thinks surgery isnt necessary for the cyst removal. im going for a minor surgery for something else. i dunno what is it called. something cytitis perhaps? :\

  7. wtf. mandy moore? eeeee….
    and yea, i realise it’s not a cartoon. 😀
    how about titanic? 😀 didnt u cry? or armageddon or something.

  8. i didnt need the surgery but opted for it anyway.
    yeah, A Walk to Remember was a tear-jerker for me. even reading the book made me cried.

  9. shari, oh. where did u do it then? i hope uve fully recovered. 😀
    a walk to remember eh? i dont like mandy moore so i guess the movie kinda sucked for me. :\

  10. sampat mia kucing, which? O.o
    sarcastic betul. if it’s titanic or a walk to remember all, ok la.
    but if ur talking about bambi, land before time all… i’m going to whack kau ur head. 😀

  11. uhhh haha.. forrest gump lah i think.
    maybe when i was younger some of the cartoon movies were sad too (at the time).. like Genie leaving in Aladdin after wishing him free.. so on so forth.
    no no movie trailers do make me cry!!

  12. wtf. aladdin? :O
    forrest gump, actually ah, i dont remember anything about the movie except tom hanks is always running. 😀
    and yes, that famous mama says …. quote.

  13. He bought shares in a “fruit” company.. and later it’s revealed that it’s Apple Inc., haha.
    yeah maybe i cried during forrest gump.

  14. hey becky sorry havent been commenting much drowning in assignments.. i never cry over cartoons before but i did cry during the most recent harry potter

  15. haha aiks, i think i cried during A Walk To Remember too!
    but it’s got nothing to do with mandy moore… i cried during the scene where shane west’s character went crying to his dad to ask him to help with mandy moore’s character’s cancer (what a mouthful, ha!). touching sial. :'( LoL

  16. its honestly damn sad wan
    and yes iso, i cried for that part too..cause shane west went crying to his dad. wah damn touchinggggggggggg!

  17. i watched ler. it’s suppose to be sedih la. but mandy moore is so damn fake. dah lah singing damn fake, her acting lagi lah. :\

  18. well we’ll have to go to a place with astro.. and i don’t remember what time it’s on. lol.
    courage reminds me of me! :~D

  19. bii, is it a movie or cartoon ah? >.< my place got astro! so does ur parent’s place. and suffian’s place. and 10000000001 other homes. 😀

  20. dun worry..many ppl told me tht…haha..they say it’s so embarrassing coz i cry as if they bully me in d cinema…hahaha