becks cant multitask for facks sake.

becks cant multitask for facks sake.

as a female, i think i suck at multitasking. i accidentally held a stranger’s hand AGAIN while i was on the phone, thinking it was iskii’s. and the best part was, for the whole five secs i was grabbing his arm, i didnt know i was holding on to the wrong persons’. i then walked away, hung up and turned around, only to realise it had been the wrong guy all along and his girlfriend stared hardcore cock at me. they both stood there, the guy looking puzzled and the girlfriend was well, giving me the bitchy eye.
i quickly ran away looking for iskii. seriously bii, STOP MOVING AWAY LA.i’m always holding some other peep’s arm instead of yours. i remembered during our first weekiiversarii at asia cafe, i kept hugging terence (aka terrymcberry la) and holding his hands by mistake. you see, i always try to hold iskii’s hands without looking and it’s usually when my concentration is on something else. terence will go, “oi, your bf’s there la. i’m not your bf”. damn shy wei. *blushes like a schoolgirl*
i prayed and hoped damn hard that i’d not bumped into that couple again because hello, it was fucking embarassing okay. we were then hungry and decided to go to chilis and we were damn lucky ler to be able to get cushion seats (i always demand for cushion seats wherever i go. yes, i’m a pampered lot) without me asking for it while there were groups of people waiting outside. as we sat, iskii went, “OMFGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and then continued gasping. “WHATTT?!!!!!!!” i panicked. “look to your left. quick! the couple on the left, at the bar”, he continued. i turned around and couldnt recognise the couple (sorry la, but i am a natural blurhead). “uhm?”, i replied. “it’s the coupleee la biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!” iskii said excitedly. “what.. no la… *checks* oh farrrk, it’s thattttt coupleee…. dieeeeeeee… biiiii!!!! *hides face under menu*”, i squealed panickly. i obviously wasnt feeling comfortable but anyway, they left about half an hour later without noticing us. PHEW, that was close.
note to self: see, becky, you should stop multitasking cos you SUCK at it. amen.
p/s: the whole world seems to be in one utama tonite. i guess it’s prolly due to the grand opening of forever 21 tonite. got a manicure set from them earlier. heh, they’ve got awesome stuffs. thank goodness they have finally made it over to our shores. *kowtows*

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  1. kesian ninja 🙁 hug hug 😀 u can always hold u sp’s hands next time 😛 my hand oso 😛 mali 3-some 😛 bighahahaha!

  2. Hey babe ! How have you been ? Seems so funny that you’re always holding on to the wrong hands and stuff like that ! Crazy girl !! I kept laughing my ass off when I read your entry ! Be careful next time yeah ! be vigilant ;p Anyhow, I’ve moved ! Take care !

  3. sssshhhh sandy, not so loud. lol. iskii also takut say next time i simply only go with other men. kekeke. memang blur. 😀

  4. too cute!! i wasnt that blur la.. it only happened a few times i talked to strangers.. as in i thought my boyfriend/family/friends are beside me, so i kept on talking and talking and by the time i finished & looked up, GOOD, that stranger just stared at me like i’m some mad people!
    anyway, yeah.. it’s like the whole world is at 1U. so crowded and all.

  5. hahahaa yea, you bet that has happened to me umpteen times. i really should concentrate on one thing at a time next time. lol.
    yea, but we didnt get to bump into you. kekeke. 🙁

  6. LOL it’s ok when i was small i tot some guy was my dad cuz i didnt look and i looked into his shopping bag, saw a candy bar and took it out and started eating it .. only after the guy went OIII and i looked up i realise domg its not my dad

  7. yea, iskii actually try to comfort me by saying, “it’s okay bii. it happens to kids all the time!”
    thing is, im no longer a kid wei. @_@
    hehehehe, i guess it happens to all of us. 😀

  8. hahahahaha. funny lah you. 😛
    hey i was in 1u too! omg..forever 21 was packed with ppl!!

  9. lol, my bro too. we even reported to police when he went missing at gurney drive, penang. then we found him few kilometres away, holding another lady’s hand. :O

  10. lol, i dont have to be tipsy to be able to mistaken a stranger’s hand as my bf’s. lol. i’m just always like that. :\

  11. becks, don’t be discouraged. we’d have less things to tease you about. 😉

  12. haha, girl I’ve done that myself a lotta times too! but thank goodness everytime it happens, their gfs are never around, lol

  13. hahah..tht’s so funny~~`next time ask him 2 wear a unique bracelet tht when u cant feel tht bracelet,it means tht u rholding sum1 else’s hand…

  14. lol, i didnt say anything wei. i only realised it was the wrong hand i was holding after i walked away so i cabut ler. 😛