UTI strikes again.

UTI strikes again.

(/edited) @ 3:58pm.
after a few discussions ive had with friends, i truly believe that we all live with masks on our faces. we hide what could be the truth behind them because we fear of hurting the ones we love or risking an ugly situation. i believe, we’re all actors and actresses ourselves because we all do what pleases other, but seldom, do what pleases us. amen.
hah. how ironic can it be. hours before, joy and i were discussing about our painful UTI experiences. hours later, it striked again. i doubt it’s a mental thingy because i have been getting the pains on and off. i was still able to tolerate the pain and then as i stayed up longer to finish my assignment, the pain became intolerable. the urge to pee every five minutes, the blood that flows together with the urine, the burning sensation when i pee. it was so uncomfortable, really. the feeling was like as though my vagina’s being forced open, pegged on both ends and made to stay that way. this is probably the worst ive had.
yes, sjmc i shall go. i am gonna demand for the referral letter from my panel clinic, whether they like it or not. i am so not gonna suffer for months anymore. WHOTHEFACKHASUTIEVERYMONTH?! but i doubt im going today. im feeling too weak to drive and cause a havoc should the docs disagree. i seriously feel so alone in all this. where is my bloody pillar to lean on?
ok, typing all this is wasting my energy. and oh, before i bid adieu, maxine was in university hospital with suspected appendicitis. what’s happening to us, the t-m.net girls, i wonder. hope no one hates this site enough to curse us all. toodles.
p/s: i went to the docs at 5:15am. she was sleeping and super groggy when i visited her (i had no choice cos it was the only clinic opened at that hour and it’s 23 hours. wtf). she was mumbling and she just kept rolling her eyes. like whatthehell. and i was charged rm55 to see all that. but hey, her painkillers worked so i shall not bitch about her. and oh, her advice to me? no nylon undies, more loose cotton ones instead. in other words, granny undies la. wahlau. maybe i should go pinjam from my granny. and to wash with water after peeing then wipe with tissue. and drink lotsa water. same ol’ advice, but it’s not working, doc.

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30 Responses

  1. hey hope you’re allrite.
    i’m allrite. luckily it wasnt appendics! pheww..
    i hope you get better wei. :/
    want some grandma panties? HEHEHE

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. bloody hell. maxine wears grandma panties is it.
    come, donate some ler. but dont tell anyone k. 🙂
    glad ur fine. menakutkan mak bapak only when i heard you were in uni. hosp.

  3. no i dont have ler.but i can ask all the old ladies i know ler. then give you lorr.
    yeah i know, i was shit scared too. :/

  4. Well, I don’t agree with everyone of us live with a mask on our faces. There are many types of people out there and I have personally met people who are just spontaneous and do and say things as to what they think is right. They don’t say it just to please others..

  5. im pretty sure they do certain things to please others, if not for you. perhaps their significant other? 🙂
    maybe not now. but eventually, they will. ive met plenty. time can change a person too.

  6. poor becky *pats becky on d head* *hugs hugs*
    hope u r alrite now..haha….cotton panties dun hv 2 b grannies panties la….haha..saw some really cute ones…100% cotton in d mall…hehe =P

  7. hahahahaha, the first thing that comes to my mind are granny undies. :S
    time to do some undie shopping! 😛
    im feeling slightly better but still sick ler. 🙁

  8. hmm becky and ian ur both right.. i mean sometimes it may not be an act but u fo have to adapt to the situation.. eg. i can go LALALALALALALALALA with u guys.. but of course I can’t do that during a presentation… as in maybe the situations may not be so extreme.. but in some cases we all have to adapt slightly to situations and people.. if u know this person doesnt like red dun purposely go and red up that person le .. stuff like that

  9. lol. er, that’s one of the examples ler but not exactly what im trying to say. it’s much deeper than just that. kekekeke. 😛

  10. Hey girls. gosh, so long I never visit the blog, suddenly click come in… UTI, appendicitis (scaryyy!). wa, take carez man!!
    hmm drink more water, sleep early and eat well… (ok I know that doesnt help) but ya take care. =)

  11. wey ling!!!! hur, yea it is. been having my UTI for a very long time anyways. maxine’s was the scariest. hehe. thanks babe. u t.care too! ;”D