someone’s being a sour grape now isnt she?

someone’s being a sour grape now isnt she?

i cant help but be angry over this particular issue. someone’s being a SOUR GRAPE now, isnt she. because you CANT get that SOMEONE, so you MUST PRETEND TO BE ALL SWEET AND SUGARY. because you know how naive lola (name changed for obvious reasons) can be. because you know she TRUSTS YOU so she’ll tell even her deepest secrets. because she THINKS OF YOU AS A GOOD FRIEND. i can go on about the because… but what you did is so unethical. i dont blame you for being angry but there are better ways to solve things. lola and i have been through the same situation but it never DID cross my mind to pretend to be sweet and all because when im not happy, I AM NOT HAPPY. i dont do all this two-face shit because hello, it’s so highschool. grow up la psycho woman. i wont deny that i did feel like bitching about her until my mouth bleeds but it didnt happen because she is someone that i still hold dear to my heart.
i realise this matter isnt really my problem. but it CONCERNS ME because beloved lola is a good friend of mine since primary. she may not realise how much i actually CARE FOR HER despite all the disappointments over the past few years but it’s fine by me.
yes, lola’s naive. lola’s got her flaws but dont we all?! and i think it’s stupid of you to seek revenge this way. maybe you seek pleasure in other’s misery, you schadenfreude (damn, you just spoilt my nick). but this is your good friend you’re talking about. i hope you’re happy now. but you know what? i’m going to keep supporting lola and mr. lola because they look so happy together AND THEY ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER. and mr. lola, you know lola didnt mean to create such a havoc. the person you should blame is the backstabber. as for miss i-backstab-goodfriends, go see a shrink or something. you seriously DO need help. and remember, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.
p/s: on a happier note, got my appointment letter with sjmc. hooray!

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  1. AIYOH!! omg the person ur talking about sounds like a total bitch man.. hope she falls down the stairs and breaks her toes hmph… anyways glad u got ur recommendation letter 🙂

  2. thankssssssss about the letter.
    but still gotta wait for other letters from dad’s company then only can go. sighs. at least also one week more.

  3. i wonder why alot of girls who are pretty tend to be a little bitchy.. not generalising la.. but it seems to happen more often than not *shrug*

  4.’s so high skool..haha..i thought onli high skoll gurls will do tht..gee,wat a waste….being a pretty gurl but dun hv a good heart….she’s really mean 2 backstab bout her fren.putting down others in order 2 make herself more superiors sounds so shallow-minded…
    dun worry bout it,becky..if she’s gonna bitch bout u then let her b…rumours dun last long…
    anyways,glad tht u got ur letter at last…take good acre of urself!will still pray 4 u though u buwee me…haha…

  5. becky,
    you are those kinds that needs sympathy from ppl. you try to gain attention if u can. have you ever thought about urself? \nah, you probably said u are right.well, in some ppl’s eyes, you are just a bitch.

  6. I dont think Becky is trying to gain attention in whatever way, coz she doesnt need to. Well, we cant please everyone anyway.
    Ooh Becky becky, just let her what she wants to be but then, she sounds sooooo …. erm ahem.
    Take care and get well 😀 *sayang my tkj*

  7. lol, michy, i dont feel threatened by ppl who are first and foremost, too chicken to leave a name. 🙂
    *bites your bum*
    i guess the chili mustve been too spicy for her. 🙂
    i wooooof you my sleeping partner! *winks*

  8. uh oh. *covers nose*
    omg. iskii is so gonna get jealous. either that, he’ll ask if he can join. kekeke.
    *kisssses sleeeeping partner*

  9. why did you cover your nose? 😮 bird flu? Dont ler … erm … better to … RUNNNNNN :p later terjangkit not good … 😀
    Hahhaha Meow Meow … *hugs sleeping partner*

  10. haha yea, i dont wanna die yet, thank you. 😛
    run? but this is my blog wei. keke.
    oooo sleeping partner. *pats pats you and then passes you a strawberry stick* 😀

  11. OOooo someone left a bitchy comment eh… but in anycase eveyrone can be a bitch if they want it.. i guess bitchiness is a choice.. like im a bitch not afraid to say so muhahaha but i dont backstab.. thats so mean 🙁

  12. arent we all bitches, sabby? im pretty sure the one who left was also one or else she wouldnt be leaving bitchy msges now, would she?
    pot calling the kettle black. kekeke. 😛

  13. eh who is someone la… dun even dare to leave the name.. pfft.. well a golden shower on you hmph LOLLLL

  14. didnt she just admitted shes the sourgrape?
    “Becky you’re so full of yourself.
    —–>Sour grape 1:0 Beckz.<——-
    Posted by Someone2 at April 29, 2006 02:25 PM”

  15. claudine, now it’s funny isnt it. there’s no mention whatsoever about who or what the situation is about and someone admits it. hmmmmm…..

  16. sad. :/ abe is the guy that works in maxis right? ibrahimmm?

  17. oh sighs. sourgrape whoever you are, you dont have to come and leave nasty comments to becky. she was just merely blogging her thoughts and her feelings. its her blog, you cant stop her can you? and truthfully, how the hell would u know she was talking abt you? guilty eh?

  18. maxine, no, not a woman hater. aku sajer. you must be celeste’s cousin right? and the name is AbrahAm :p not ibrahim. (ronnie must have gotten his brains fried from the headsets and excessive troubleshooting abt 3G. hello ronnie! heh heh) and im done with maxis wont be heading to another telco, hopefully.
    becky, up yours :p

  19. oh hie abe. yeah celeste’s cousin. so you’re the ever famous abe that celeste, becky and ronnie keeps talking abt. heh.. i heard abt the taxi story. lol

  20. lol, max, stop flirting with abe la. ish. 😛
    news spreads fast huh.
    speaking of celeste, what ever happened to her man. :S

  21. nola the taxi story was told when i was out wif you and ronnie mer. so i sure dengar lah.

  22. and im not flirting. wtf. i’m having a decent conversation.
    however, abe isnt replying dee. lol

  23. sorry. late reply. but here are your answers anyway.
    1. whos adelle?
    2. what taxi story?
    3. im not ‘the ever famous abe’ everyone keeps talking abt. theyre all high on expensive drugs. all of them. bloody liars.
    and becky, up yours. again. (heeheheh heh heh heheh heh heh buehehe)

  24. hahahha adelle is my sis-in-law who works in maxis. 🙂
    jsut thought u might have seen her name in emails or whatever.

  25. 1. i dont go through emails that doesnt concern me. like wtf should i bothr la right? so no i dont know who adelle is.
    2. everytime i see ronnie or talk to him was IN THE cab.