some pseudo-glamour nite it was!

some pseudo-glamour nite it was!

(/edited) @ 12:50am, 10.4.06
i’m urgently looking for peeps who wants to go to tioman this coming 18th april. found really good packages from rm190 – 250 for 3 days, 2 nites stay. food and ferry/speedboat’s inclusive and of course, accommodation. contact asap cos i need to book. the more the merrier, yea? so far the ones in are me, iskii and lizziebaby. pending, ronnie, max, and yeeng and more to come! 🙂
bahs, im suddenly bleeding again. it fcking sucks. yes, i know it’s about time i see a specialist. yes, i know ive been stubborn long enough. yes, i sorta brought this to myself. anyways, i’d like to change the topic. below are some extreme camwhoring session’s piccies. it’s a lil messy, yes, but forgive me cos i was and still am in pain while editing them. i’ll talk more later.

currently: am planning to dream of anthony bourdain and my bii having some cooking competition to win my heart.

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  1. i wanna b da first to comment! hopefully im da first!! well first of all, CLAUD IS NOT FAT AT ALL!!! BIG TIME LIAR LER SHE!!! see how sampat she isss!! sheeesh!!! wanna lie to me everytime on skype ler, msn ler. . . .sheesh!! n omggg she’s dem blooody gorgeous dehh. . ..n she dare to tell me to shutup whenever i compliment her. . . mau kena sepak ke claud!!! uish!! but im hepi lerr see u guys have fun! 😀 wish i was there!!! bighahahaha!! i love all da picsss!!! yayy yayy!!! everyone looks hepi n all! im very hepi to see dis!! 😀 nyaaak mish n wuv u guys k ;)muahx muahx!

  2. claudine memang super sampat maximum 123 wan la. she’s no where near fat. somore damn kau sexy. bloooooody hell. somore wanna tipu ppl. nak kenaaaa ni!

  3. what terkecil? i actually went one cup UP!
    from 36B – C+!
    maybe cos i wasnt wearing tight bras or push up bras ler. :\

  4. i shud wear a push up bra 🙁 breast have shrunk from a nice full C to now maybe half a B NOOOOO the A ZONE IS COMINGGGGG :'(

  5. khai, hahahaha, dun need wan la. small matter kua.
    the pix should be up in multiply by next week kua. but the pix in my cam all not nice wan, cos, *ahem*, i was in front of the camera, u see 😛

  6. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    i think that pic lack of one pretty babe….sad sad…

  7. LOL that comment is going up on my blog.. in any case………….. i still wanna go to delicious… it looks so yum.. yum yum yum yum.. saishfoasbfoajbsf;oUEGFB;AJSDBVC;KSJBCC;ASDFB;KSDBFCVFSDJB out of control spasms of gilaing nicce food lol

  8. woman.. 🙁 i really, really tak boleh pegi now.. ’cause gonna start slaving for people d.. work! =\ summore 6 days.
    will make it up to you!! sooorryy..