assignment blahs.

assignment blahs.

(/edited) @ 4:47am, 7th april 2006
my condolences to those who were badly affected during the flash floods esp those in kuchai lama cos i was there to witness it myself. it was a heart breaking sight, to see people trying so hard to salvage their stuffs, being stranded and cry. i even saw people on roofs and mini speed boats with alarms (eh, that’s what it’s called rite) going around to rescue people. i, for once, knew how lucky i was to never have to experience this and i hope i wont ever have to. it just made me appreciate things better. once again, my deepest condolence.

p/s: sorry to you-know-who(s) for not being able to make it for the surprise party tomorrow. i really want to and i know you guys offered to pay la but yea, money issues, really. have fun, yea? *double pouts*
four down (but am yet to type), one more to go.
assignment blahs.
update later. *bites*
miss grouchy vainpot.
p/s: anyone who subscribes to new straits times, kindly leave a comment. i need a favor from you. likki lahlingness, thank you for buying nst just for me but i only want saturdays. *bites your bum*

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  1. eddy, HAHAHA. i bet you isky texted you didnt he? :P~ ish. he coppppyyyyycat wan. i asked from him, he pula go join. *kabishness*

  2. sudoku comp.. WOOoot! Go becky! sorry ler i think i do suscribe to nst.. but wats the point im in melb lol

  3. Hi, do you realy need NST, i have it, and star also, please let me know if i can do anything for you.
    take care

  4. max, i didnt know it was THAT bad la, cos i was in class. when i left cyber, i had to walk under heavy drizzle but that’s about it. ;\

  5. p/s: DION! how the hell do i leave comments in ur site. :O and thanks for the lil so-called “dedication” to me, max and jo! 😛

  6. Hi again, sorry about the march, as all already trown away, but for the April i will keep for you
    take care
    have a good weekend