200 days of togetherness.

200 days of togetherness.

happy 200th dailyversarii, bii! 😉

we’re heading to pd for a few days. please behave yourselves while we’re gone. and you’re free to join us, if you want to. hah! toodles!
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28 Responses

  1. awwww….happy 200th day together!!
    you are so sweet to count the 200th days of being together!!

  2. hahaha we didnt do it on purpose ler lucy. i was just happily counting the months and then i thought, hey, we’ve been together for 200 days! :O

  3. haha..didnt take much pics?ya la..too busy n obssessed wif ur tan lines…ahha..ya le..mak cik jealous coz cant wear bikinis…hahhaha

  4. hahahahahaa yes!!! how did u know? damn it. so sedih man, the tan lines turned out so damn ugly!!!! 🙁
    that mak cik jeles. my tetek besar. 😛