the wonderful family of mine

the wonderful family of mine

bitchingbitchingbitching. it sure as hell annoys me, a lot. i dont mind having visitors. i love having visitors. but well, yea, what annoys me most is that my brother not only does not need to lift a finger around the house and boss everyone else to do his dirty work for him but, gets a whole bigass room to himself, while i had NO FUCKING PLACE to sleep. even the sofas were taken up. fine, i sucked it up and pretended to be nice to everyone.
I FUCKING HATE IT WHEN I HAVE TO PRETEND TO BE NICE. how not to go crazy when everyone’s so pissing me off but i have to keep smiling. ive been really patient. ive been so pissed at so many people but im always telling myself to drop it off and not cause a havoc. HOW NOT TO FUCKING GO INSANE, WEI. everyone seems to LOVE climbing on top of my head. just because i dont flip after the first few times does not mean I WILL NOT FLIP ever. okay, so fine, the no-place-to-sleep thing was solved with me squeezing with my sister on my parent’s floor, covered with lotsa yet-to-be-ironed clothes. the whole place’s a mess but then again, when was it not? i actually waited till like 3-ish am although i was so tired since 10pm because i had no place to sleep and mind you, im not pissed at my visitors but how selfish some people can get. the smarter ones among you would’ve known who by now.
got up halfway with a pain in my back. i kept silence. my parents wanted to move around the room in the morning and i was blocking their way since i lay my big-fat-ass body on the only space left for them to walk. got up and slept on their bed instead. sucks, of course but it was better than lying on the cold hard floor. so yea, i had my few hours of sleep before i had to get up and layaned people. i know there are shit load of relatives reading this site but let me remind you, what you read here stays here and im not bitching about the visitors either.
so yea, did all the layaning and stuff and then i had to nap cos it was tiring okay. finally manage to get to bed (and with that, i meant my parent’s bed) around 5+ pm. toss around it for quite a while because i wasnt used to the bed and it was frigging hot. it just feels different to sleep on my parent’s bed but it was better than nothing. around 6-ish, my sis barged into the room, screaming on top of her lungs at me. WHATTTTTHEEEFUCCCCKKKLAAAAAAA. i pretended not to layan and tried to sleep and i did manage to sleep back. twenty minutes later, it was my mom’s turn. “OIKS WAKE UP LA. HOW LONG DO YOU WANNA SLEEEP?! blahblahblahblahblah”. okay, i was damn irritated but i got up, as always, keeping mum about things.
then came dinnertime. okay, as if those of you from the teo family dunno that mama, my granny, likes to well, poke her nose into other people’s business but yea, i mean she’s the oldest in the family so she has every right to point things out and screw me. that, is my bad. it’s wrong for me to ignore her when she scolds me but i know if i were to actually layan back, i’ll fcking blow my top. so i keep quiet la. im getting damn good at ignoring people these days. i tell you, i was burning inside because ive been keeping all my angry, unhappy thoughts and behsyiokness in me for weeks but i kept quiet. then my mom did a kind reminder to not finish the dishes and keep for my princely brother. then an unhappy thought striked me. not because i didnt wanna keep the dishes for him, but, i just realise he had been sleeping the whole damn while and so i began being sarcastic to my mom.
“so where’s daxter, then?”
“oh, dont you want to wake him up?”
*mom kept quiet cos she knew where this was heading*
“lucky thing. he gets to sleep for hours”
“go wake him up la”
“oh, why cant you? arent you good at it?”
“eh, you wanna sleep. u go sleep back la. why are u making so much noise”
“after all these years, you dunno that ive always had trouble sleeping?”
*mom continues keeping quiet*
“so suddenly, after waking me up, i get to sleep back again. wow!”
and yea, the argument started and lil cutesy granny had to butt in and then the whole anti-becky talk happens. weee…. i feel so damn loved. i do. then my princely brother happily gets up, stretches his arms and ask, “so what’s for dinner?” WAH SO DAMN HELPFUL wei. it’s no wonder the house is sparkly clean and so neat and tidy. what would this house be without my brother? *dances around at the happy thought* then he walks up to the table and checks on the dishes before turning to me and say, “I WANT THE COMPUTER!”. ohh… so he wants the computer. okay, i’ll kow tow and give him the computer. you see, we all love him very much. he’s after all, the prince of the family isnt he? even stoney loses out big time. tsk tsk tsk… what would the ooi family be, without him?
p/s: another kind reminder, to relatives who read or friends who knows my brother, thank you for keeping your mouth zip. not being rude here but what i say in my blog, stays here. oh wait, my bro reads my site. hello, thanks for reading and know exactly how i feel about things. 😉
(/edited) @ 4:42am, nov 3rd


cant sleep just yet and ive got video editing at 11am. great! more pix @

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  1. sighs. *hugs*
    i feel your pain. having a brother can be a pain in the ass sometimes. ironically, i just fought with my brother. and somehow, parents always takes his side. terrible.
    anyway, take it easy okay. sometimes we just have to … tolerate lah I guess? *hugs*

  2. well, no one will know what a pain he is unless they’re in my family.
    everyone’s so afraid to piss him off cos they’re afraid he’ll run away from home again or do something stupid.
    BIG DEAL LA. the only “brother” i have now is stoney anyway. 🙂

  3. u kidding?! stewie griffin. ring a bell? the baby who wants to kill everything? prolly the best cartoon ive ever seen.
    go to’s main site. u’ll see a button that links to stewie griffin’s fansite. 😀

  4. wa.. so much food.. the sudden turn in weather here makes me only wanna eat cold food.. bloody hot.. at least its raining now! woohoooo!

  5. becksdarling ! relax alright ? and thank god mama doesn,t check out this site . c,mon , she,s so not anti-you . she finds fault with me also what . but with my brother , nono . so yeah , nth much can be done about such things . just learn to brush it aside . it isn,t worth letting such trash bother you and make you all pissed . right ? after all there,s still a cousin here who loves you lots [= that,s ME .
    sorry for not paragraphing . HAHAH . and i,l definitely come down in dec for the pd thing . but i,m not sure if it,s really confirmed . i didn,t know trevor was gg down on tuesday . but then again , i have lessons . so yupp . SAD .
    and i can,t believe you dnno who,s [ahem] . c,mon man . . hahah . who else can i go crazie about ?
    let,s put all the unhappy unhappy things behind kae ? only got one granny [for me that is ] , if don,t love her love who ? so yupp , relax sweets ! MWAH- <3

  6. tereeeenceee… MORE TO COME! MORE TO COME!!!! 😀 haha i cant remember the food pix i posted cos i didnt post all. but yea, i think it was two days straight!!!! 😀
    jean, hahaha EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT!!! YUM YUM. no wonder ive put on so much weight. 🙁

  7. haha evan, ive got only one granny too. 😛 aiyah, i was writing that entry when i was pissed so dont bother what ive said. trevor didnt make it to kl anyway. his mom wouldnt allow. hehehe.
    but pd trip. blehs. im not looking fwd to it. im sorry, u know how i feel about family trips, esp with the teos. it usually turns out horrible. i volunteered to stay back in kl btw. so come kl find me yea? pd isnt that far from kl anyway. 😀
    ooo, someone’s still madly in love with civicboy 😀
    lastly, I LOVE YOU EVAN! 😛

  8. dun worry becks *hug hug* sumtimes you gotta just tolerate.. its good training for when we all go out and work and have to work with mean people.. oh well.. and grandma’s are naturally like that.. must be a grandma thing cuz my grandma is always hanging around and poking and prying.. and it’s hard not to get angry.. oh well.. the joys of family :s i have two brothers.. twice the fun 🙁 yeah weather is bloody hot here.. its like 33 degreess DYING

  9. yeah trust me, ive been tolerating a lot of shit lately. 😀 hehehehehehehe. ur bros are nothing like mine ler. serious. ;\
    i doubt anyone would have a brother like mine. kekekeke.
    33 deg?!! U KIDDING? that’s madness 🙁

  10. *hugs* sabar until u got the money to move out..:D i know that things are bad..but i just didnt know it’s that bad..anyway take care..dont be mad nanti cepat tua :D:D selamat hari raya yo! :D:D

  11. i dah cakap dah, i move out, i only wanna hear about my sis and my parents. lain lain sila jgn cari aku. 😀
    hehe. selamat hari raya too. no ketupat for me ker? 😛 jom bawa aku ke rumah amirul 😀

  12. eh i have 2 brothers too, and trust me … being the youngest and the only girl isn’t any fun either. guess all same lah. 😀

  13. lari rumah- no
    pukul me- yes
    buat bodoh – omg, dont get me started!
    i pernah dpt cili padi scraped on my tongue when I was 5 yrs old for saying a bad word ! ehehehe

  14. yupyup , i asked him and he said his mom didn,t allow . hahah . wahlau . . . how can you not go up to pd ? hmmm , you hate family trips even when there,s ME ? aww man . . now i,m torn between staying in kl with you and going up to pd . cos i,ve not been there before . /me sings , torn between two lovers , feeling like a fool . . [=
    OMG . do you know how many goddamn relatives check out this site ? take down that [civicciviccivic] thing laa . so goddamn obvious . omg omg omg . you crazy woman . . die laa liddat . DIE . please tell me WHO exactly from the teo family checks out this site ? dieeeees- /me dead .

  15. hahaha i kena ikat tali both my hands when i retaliated against my parents and granny. rotan paling banyak. sniffs. i was abused as a kid. *buats muka sedih* hahahahahaa 😛

    GO KL GO KL GO KL! im going to psycho my parents into not going pd. hehe. and im kinda good with my persuassion skills. 😛
    PD SUCKS LA. DARK BROWN WATER, STUPID PEOPLE. YUCKY FOOD. ASK MAXINE. oiks max, help me psycho my cousin into not going to pd too pls? 🙁
    dont worry evan, civic doesnt read this site. i think yvonne and trevor does but they dont check comments la so ur safe 😛 CIVICCIVICCIVIC 😀

  17. erm, evan! DON’T GO PD. =D But Avillion Hotel rocks though! HAHAHHAHA. but yeah PD sucks 🙂

  18. see evan?!!! here it from max. she goes pd often, or at least i think she does. 😛
    the sea’s brown in pd. what’s nice wei? 😀
    p/s: thanks max. 😛

  19. surely cannot blame ur brother alone.. someone has to spoil him also wat.. tats y he became like this..
    dont care so much la.. ull get back ur room soon.. sekali-sekala biar je lar
    concentrate on other stuff la.. iskii ke? :p

  20. they didnt really spoil any of us ler. my parents. but now, they are afraid he’ll do dumb stuffs so they give in. ;\
    iskii? hehehehehehehehehe. *puts on evil grin*

  21. hehe oh well, u’ll have a happy bday anyways 😀
    doubt terence will do anything ler. so yea, we’ll think of something for you… if everyone’s not too busy. no news from mgs dah.

  22. mana lah? ajimal with cake? or futsal with cake? haha.
    or we try naillie’s with cake!! 😛
    but she celebrating with family ler. 🙁

  23. I hate u!!!! 🙂
    you have kuey-chap photo that make me miss it so much. Love it, love it, love it. Why i can’t get it in KL?
    BTW, joking about the hate part.

  24. erm its downstairs near this place that serves all sorts of laksa.. laksa shack i think? its below the ground floor. 🙂 i remember me and my mom were looking at it..

  25. one utamaaa.. alah sure mahal and not nice wan ler. too commercialised. must go all those morning markets or low-profile hawker stalls. kekekekeke…. 😀

  26. whoa , i,ve been trying to load your comments thing for days . finally lah . get to see .
    becksbabe ; pd really THAT bad meh ? but kl only got shopping lei . i,d rather go mamaking with you and yep , stay home and dog-sit stoney . [= pd has sucky food ? okae babe , i think i,l stay in kl . nth matters more than FOOD . glorious food . [=
    TREVOR ? hahah . oh noo , if he clicks this , i,m gonna DIE , fall off my chair , konk on the keyboard . wtvr you say . so lets shush shush . no more civic or whatsoever kae . [= AND WHER ARE THE PICS ? i,m dying .
    maxine ; erllow , i like your legs . hahah . very sexy . [= hope i,m not scaring you . is pd honestly that that that that bad ? mmm , alrights . maybe i,l stay in kl lah . we,l see how things go . thanks for helping becksbabe to persuade me .

  27. aiks, u had probs loading my comment page? that’s odd. :\
    kl got a lot of good food la. pd is crap! pd is stoneyless. where can?!!!!!!!!!!!! FOOD FOOD FOOD *yum* *chomps* *chomps*
    yea, max has nice legs. jeles like mad. 😐 pics? soon ler. lazy to update. haha. nothing much to say yet. 😐

  28. evan, hey! =D erm, my legs? hahaha..*blushes* gee..err…thanks! malu sial. kekeke.but yeah PD is kinda boring. unless you go there just for a night for like lepaking with friends in the hotel room with the intention of drinking liquour and chatting the night away and etc. then ok lah. but other than that, it’ll be damn boring. The only reason I go to PD is usually for family occasions cause my uncle is the GM of one of the hotels there, or else I sure won’t go PD wan. hehehe =D

  29. oh maaf. beginning of nxt month? dec? I’ll not be in msia. going to phuket 🙂
    btw, where the hell did ur cous evan see my legs? not many pics of leg pics in ur blog whatt? hahaha

  30. ohh yea hor. but i thought the wedding’s during xmas? O.o takkan u pergi 3-4 weeks before rite? O.o
    max, ur legs sexy la. the end. 😀

  31. hello hello . hahah .
    becksbabe ; find time to upload lah . i,m dying you know . that,s what happens when i can,t afford a cam . yepyep . do you love me ? i know you do . so must upload kae ? [=
    maxine ; saw your sexylegs in i dnno where ? err . a pic where you guys were trying diff clothes or sth liddat lah . you wearing sth v short . yep yep . deep impression lei . no need malu la . girl and girl what . HAHAH . [=

  32. well, i don’t know. xmas can be depressing at times, if u know what I mean! =/
    evan, oh u did?! hahahha..okay..thanks anyway! =D

  33. hahahahaha i will try to upload ler. OHHHHH i know that pix, the mg gals day out kat pyramid shopping. yeaaa… max memang got nice legs. JELES!! *dies*

  34. hahahahahaa max dah kembanggg w00ts w00ts!!!! 😛
    xmas? no money for presents. anyone wants to buy me some? 🙁
    *buats muka sedih*