Thank you’s

Thank you’s

(/edited) @ 2:29pm, 25th nov 2005
sorry max, hope you dont mind i type a lil here. hi all, becky here. on the 21st, turned two. thanks everyone for your support since my first blog few years back. *hugs* below are some big-time bandwidth killer piccies from the birthday celebrations. enjoy! more to come @ my multiply as mentioned by max. 🙂 uh oh, noticed there were a few grammar errors in my piccies. damn lazy wanna change. 😛

Pics are up! Check Becky’s Multiply for loads of pics. <3

(habis di-edit)
Wheee! November 19th came and went, and finally, I turned 21! 😀 Sorry for the lack of updates from the tickle-me girls; I was supposed to blog on Sunday but just didn’t have the time. Anyway, this may be a few days overdue but I would really like to thank all you guys below who wished me and made my birthday even more special. *muaks*
1. Lisa – friendster msg
2. Josephine Boey – sms
3. Bernard Loke – msn
4. Jun Hao – yahoo
5. Wendy – msn
6. Farah – yahoo
7. Christopher – call(first to call; though before 12am)
8. In Xuan – call
9. Priscilla – call
10. See Ying – call
11. Ronnie – call(first to call; at 12am)
12. Rishant– sms
13. Tina – sms
14. Farah – sms
15. Shalyn – sms
16. Jennifer – call
17. Gerald – sms
18. Musen – call
19. Dominic – sms
20. Michael – sms (all the way from UK)
21. William – sms
22. Yit Ming – sms
23. Audrey – sms
24. Bernard – sms (all the way from Pakistan) p/s : MGs miss you!
25. Shalyn – call
26. Atlas – call
27. Bernard Lim – call
28. Satkuru – call
29. Yew Wing – call
30. Vignes – sms
31. Lai Shing – call
32. Amanda – sms
33. Pei Lin – sms
34. Mark Yap – call
35. Christine – call
36. Tina – call
37. Tchen Shun – call
38. Wan Yau – sms
39. Tchen Shun – sms
40. Banyen – sms
41. Rachel Anne – sms(all the way from UK)
42. Banyen – call
43. Benley – sms
44. Kenneth – sms
45. I-Mei – sms(all the way from Singapore)
46. Rueben Clarke – friendster msg
47. Christine – in person
48. Esther – friendster testi
49. Tchen Shun – friendster testi
50. Michelle Tan – friendster testi
51. Raymond – friendster testi
52. Jun Hao – friendster testi
53. Amanda Heng – friendster testi
54. Christine – friendster testi
55. Jenita – friendster testi
56. In Xuan – friendster testi
57. Sabrina – friendster testi
58. Satkuru – friendster testi
59. Jean Louis – msn
60. Timothy Maung – sms
61. Sabrina – msn
62. Joanne Chng – msn
63. Sheaux – msn
64. Eileen – in person
65. Sandy – blog
And not forgetting, the Mamak Gang who were there with me to wish me in person.
66. Becky (who was the first to wish me in real life according to her timing)
67. Yeeng
68. Isobel
69. Terence
70. Ian
71. Raymond
72. Sandy
73. Garick
74. Daniel
75. Lawrence
76. Ivan
So there, thanks guys! I am really touched. *sniffles* The list is not as long as Becky’s list, but hehe, blogged the above names as a keepsake for myself.
The eve of my birthday was spent with the Mamak Gang and we spent it like every other typical Mamak Gang hangout. Since it was my birthday and I was being rather nice, I treated the whole gang to dinner and for pool in Asia Cafe. The highlight of the entire night would be the stupid hiau/miang/gatai/perverted ah pek when we were playing pool. He was actually..get this.. taking pictures of Becky when she was bending down whenever she had to take shots when playing pool. And the best part was, even though most of us kept gaving him cock stares and so on, he still kept on taking pics eventhough, he would pretend that he was not. Omg. He must be really frigging sex deprived! Daniel tried to take some pics of him, so I guess pics of him will be uploaded soon. After pool, We all then convoyed to a mamak near Atria. So, I would really like to thank the Mamak Gang : Becky, Yeeng, Sandy, Isobel, Ian, Raymond, Ivan, Terence@thebirthdayboy, Gerald, Lawrence, Garick, Daniel & Iskii for coming for my birthday eve dinner/pool thingy. It really meant a lot that all of you came and made the night a very special night for me. Oh, and thanks for all the lovely presents. Love them lots.
My birthday night was spent with my family and Christine at my Aunt’s place in ss3, and then I headed to Terence‘s house rather late for his birthday celebration and Garick’s pre-birthday celebration.As usual, the 2 birthday boys were forced to drink and when I got there, they were already high/drunk with red faces. lol. The night was absolute fun. Good food(Everyone brought good pot luck food), loads of alcohol, few cameras for cam whoring, Terence‘s big bed for jumping, loads of guy-and-guy humping and most importantly, great friends to end Terence‘s & my birthday with. Oh, and not forgetting, the sucky Hong Kong porn we watched and Terence puking in his sink( you’re supposed to puke in the toilet bowl lah) to end the night. On behalf of Terence & Garick, once again, Thank you to the MGs for buying the birthday cake. It really meant a lot of the 3 of us. *hugs* And we should organized more stay over parties k?
Lastly, thank you also to Christine & my housemates for making my 21st birthday really special. *muaks* Although my life’s pretty messed up at times, I’m glad to know I have you all you guys as my friends. 🙂
P/S : Pics will be uploaded real soon. Thanks Becky dearie. <3

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107 Responses

  1. hehe welcome max..glad that u like the presents 😀 happy to see that u really enjoyed urself! 😀 see ya soon k *hugs hugs*

  2. thank you yeeng! yes I did love the present. know my taste. not bad eh.. *pats ur back* .. i cant wait to see the pics. 😀

  3. eh dont lah. you were there with me mar on my bday so I didnt put the MAMAK GANG ppl’s names!

  4. eh.. i spat in the sink, puke in the toilet bowl k…
    when i puked in the toilet bowl no one saw la.. i locked the door and closed the window.. hehe

  5. hahahahahaha woops. sorry my bad. but eh, close window also?? fuyooh.. u had the time to do all that ?

  6. yeah.. i actually went in to spit coz i think i choked on the cake a bit…
    then i wanted to pee, but decided to puke lor.. since my throat kinda itchy after kena choke.. haha

  7. hahahha.. it’s not those kind of choke ler. it’s thos when ur throat is dry, then u masuk something dry in, i always kena like that whenever i eat dry dry cake… hahhaha

  8. eh btw, habis edited only max’s bday piccies but for multiply je. for belum. damn a lot wei. somore sejak my presentation, dominos and iskii’s open house albums all i belum sentuh. 🙁 that one i’ll post under my entry la.
    p/s: i thought u all took beribu pics of that fcking pervert… dun have also in my cam?

  9. woot. i thought becky’s bday over liao. but heck, tengok tengok, its maxines bday lah. *slaps self* >_<
    hehe anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY Maxine 🙂
    u know Rishant? erm from Pg one?

  10. good to know you love all your friends so much.
    good to know that i went to all that stupid trouble to carry the chocalates even though my bag was overloaded.
    good to know i even bothered to buy a birthday card that i will now probably never send.

  11. Becky, really?? awww.. thanks babes. nvm lah, take ur time. or just post the multiply editted ones lar. just a few will do, if you cant edit for tickleme.

  12. Likki, thank youuu!! 🙂 and yes I know Rishant from penang. I’m from Penang , what! 😛 How you know him?

  13. hahahahaha
    my list towards the end not following order already lah. I lost track. You wished me and sang bday song to me damn early, yes I know. Thank youuu! 🙂 muaks!

  14. eh liek I said, I lost track lah. between the sms-es and the calls that came in and u guys wishing me in real life, kinda lost track to who wished me first after awhile. I am sorry. 🙁 but yeah thanks for the singing. hehehehe!

  15. weee glad to know u had a good night! aiks becky ur too popular 😛 i wonder who that random ah pek was… anyway max hope ill be ard for ur next bday!

  16. hey sabbymcgabby! we miss youuu. yeah I did have a great night. wish you were there though. we had fried oyster mushrooms, your favourite! hehehe!

  17. the fucking ah pek damn ugly la. so fat and ugly. i hope he dies of rare bulging tummy disease and the ugly people disease. 😐

  18. hahahahahahha becky. yeah he’s so yucky. I still have a picture of his ugly freaking face in my mind. eeeeeeeeeeyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  19. Oh my goodness. I missed it.
    *Happy (belated) 21st Birthday, Maxine!*
    exams are making me old and forgetful hehe. Hope you had a great one! =)

  20. hey becky
    just look at maxine’s response to me. that sentence enough proves what sort of friend she is to me.
    it’s sad. i should give sincerely without hoping for anything in return i know but it’s sad knowing that the one person you constantly chat to on msn has turned her back on you.
    and so it is…

  21. Bob, gee.. you’re blowing this out of proportion. Come on lah, I have not turned my back on you ok. Just cause I have been busy lately in MSN and seldom reply you in MSN, you say I turned my back on you? Please lah!

  22. haha you should write on our name ” all the way from Setapak, Damansara utama, bukit jalil and etc” 😛 wuahhaha

  23. w00t. u penangite tooo! *clap clap*
    i know him cuz we used to study in the same college a few years back. 🙂 its a small world indeed. how got to know him? church?

  24. Likki, hahaha. Oh you guys were in Inti together?
    I got to know Rishant thru my friend, Shalyn. Thats how I know him. We go to different catholic churches though. hehe.
    What school were u from lah?

    i just got back from dominos. bungkus 3 large pizzas for rm31.29. damnits, dominos now dah kena 5% tax but what the heck. that’s almost rm10 per large pizza. ai si rawks.


  27. sherry, dont you think you’re overdoing all this? your problems with max should be solved elsewhere. your comments here are not doing anyone good. max wasnt avoiding you, for the 2290393094940939093th time.
    im not taking any sides okay. but i’m not in front of my pc most of the time as well and you even accused me of avoiding you once. chill wei. there’s no reason for us to avoid you, what more max who have been friends with you for ages! you’re just jumping to conclusions babe. please settle it a.s.a.p.
    p/s: max didnt put my name too until i kept making noise. she mustve left out yours. you couldve just asked her nicely, no? peace out. 😉

  28. no probs babe. it’s not nice embarassing the both of you here anyway. hope you guys get it solved asap. 🙂 *hugs*
    berd, shaddap and just keep shagging ur pakistanis la. 😛 😛 😛 i luv yew. *hargs*

  29. ehehee let’s go lepak at terence’s place again one of these days. 😀 syok giler.
    nicely written entry, maxine! and nicely editted pics, beckyy! *claps claps*

  30. hahaha max spamming siuts. i want to go nilai!!!!!! NILAI NILAI NILAI! I WAAAAANNNNA EAT THE FUNNY SAUSAGES AND FRIED CHICKEN!!! *DROOLS*
    eh, satay celupppp satay celup this weekend. oh god, im always talking about food. 🙁

  31. i think im going PD but if only i have doraemon, i’ll split half half okay. or maybe into 3 parts. one, will ikut you to phuket. oh wait, cut into fours.
    1 – pd
    1 – m’cca
    1 – phuket
    1 – pc fair!
    airgh, tetiba so banyak happenings. 🙁

  32. aikss when is maxine going to phuket? *hugs* we won’t let december be shitty for you, k. 😉
    beckyy come lar ber-satay celup! 😛 comeeee!~

  33. max, why la? ur going to phuket wei. I AM DYING TO GO TO PHUKET!
    iso, haha usj there also got the same kedai. same owner but damn mahal la. go m’cca makan lagi chun. kekeke. 😛
    iso went bak kut teh at 6am? *slurps* i miss bak kut tehs. 🙁

  34. yeah mad rite she. hahahha.. bak kut teh for breakfast. hahahahha. 😀
    i knoww…but december being all merry merry all, can be sad-denning too! but yey! phuket 😀

  35. Eh… i didnt tukar nama … kkkakaka…
    My blady el-cheapo company going to PD in january for team building day. Fuck that shit i’m not going.. kakaka…
    And yea.. satayyy celupp…. heard it’s blady cheap there… then tekannnnnnnnn dhao… and myself 😛

  36. eh but dulu dulu, all the old chinamen and aunties all makan bak kut teh for breakfast what. i remember seeing yeeng’s family makan awal pagi buta also cos i went with them. 🙂 max, why is dec a sad month? cos ur already 21? O.o
    sataaaayyyyy celup. I WANNNNA GOOOOOOOOOOOOo but then later i no transport to pd. *sighS*

  37. LoL quite sampat lar… went for yamcha, reached home at 3am, then went for bak kut teh at 6am.. and then headed for 9am class. didn’t get any sleep at all. :((
    beckyy – yeah i always pass by that usj satay celup outlet every weekend when i go back to sri kembangan. doesn’t seem to be having much business though. the original at melaka is still the best!

  38. hehehe of course le. mahal leh. kangkung rm1 per stick.
    I WANT SATAY CELUP! everytime i balik mcca, makan grandma’s cooking. sheeesh. mcca food is degrading big time wei. ;\

  39. hahahaha. i dont know why but dec is gonna be depressing. i’m not even celebrating xmas with parents, cause stupid uni and my hectic classes. cb. sighs

  40. omg no!
    /me runs and hides before he gets whacked by max!
    happy… i guess at this point… belated birthday! 🙂 big girl liao! you are now legal in the US!
    i’m sorry 🙁 what would you like for your birthday from hawaii?!
    <3 muaks
    /me keeps running…

  41. di0nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! 😀
    terrible lah you. 🙁
    but nvm lah, since u’re busy having a rough time there… hehe.. YOU’RE FORGIVEN! 😛
    hmmm..will email you abt what I want. hehe ;D

  42. julz babes, was that for me or my guestblogger? if it’s my bday, YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT BEING LONG OVERDUE!
    but if it’s for my gblogger, it’s just a week plus. lol. 😛

  43. hahahaha thats why. i put err.. before I thanked Julz, cause I think she thought it was your bday. HAha. 😀

  44. at first i thought it was ur friend max and i thought it was kinda rude to put a “err… thanks”. padahal, see see, it’s my ex neighbour. lol. 😛

  45. thanks vicky. hahaha omg i didnt know I was supposed to broadcast my bday to everyone lah 😛
    thanks though

  46. deleted them, spams.
    sandy, since … ? O.o
    yeeng/max, pls update on my behalf. ive been really sick so yea, nothing much to tell unless i want the world to know im sick. ;P

  47. ive got nothing to say either. It took me awhile just to write this entry dee. eh, its time for yeeng~! since she hasnt written for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong(it can go on) time!

  48. wow.. took me about 5mins to find my post!
    hmm 4 year old grass skirts and coconuts? hmm found them at this faire, don’t know how to go there on my own! 😛

  49. no di0n, we DON’T WANT 4 yr old grass skirts! 😛
    we want ANYTHING besides that. hehehe.

  50. something you can use huh? 5yr old grass skirts and coconuts? 😛
    aiyo, i dunno la.. im such a bad shopper!

  51. my coconuts are the biggest in the world la. why would you wanna give me coconuts somore. 😛
    and why is dion commenting only on max’s entry? so not fair. *stomps feet*
    p/s: get adorable stuffs? stuffs to remember dion? JEWELLERIES? shell necklaces? O.o something beachy? o.O hawaiian shirts (not for 4 years old though). 😛

  52. he’s commenting here cause ..errr..we’re talking abt what to get from hawaii merrr.. hehehe..:D
    13 days more! 😛