ronnietheperempuan now turns hot filipino actor!

ronnietheperempuan now turns hot filipino actor!

okay, i know ive lost quite a number of readers thanks to my lovey-dovey entries. well, i cant help it if it’s my first time being so deeply in love now, can i? tsk. anyways, back to more bitchings. this time, im declaring “war” with ronnietheperempuan aka hotfilipinoactor. HAH, there you go ronnie. either you quit calling me rayagirl (whatever the heck that’s suppose to mean) or im gonna keep blogging about how much you look like jericho rosales. wow, our ronnie even has his own fansite. welcome to stardom, hotfillipinoactor! i know you hate being put under the spotlight so STOP CALLING ME RAYAGIRL!!!. grrr… *snarls* anyway, i’d like to post pix of jericho and ronnie for comparison. you tell me whatdya think okay. even ronnietheperempuan himself told me that im one out of the thousands to have told him how much he looks like jericho. enjoy!

oh crap! it’s 7:40am now. time to schweep because i gotta get up in time to meet up with vicky for lunch at chilis. w00ts, im chillis-ing twice in three days. not bad, eh? tata peeps. ZzzzZZzz….
p/s: if you’ve not heard nor watch family guy yet, SHAME ON YOU! bestestbestbestbestbest cartoon ever. rock on. \m/

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  1. Chili’s again? hehehe, i just taste the highly recommended lamb shoulder. yum yum….. can i ask for extra portion? 🙂
    good stuff. better with a glass of magarita.

  2. omg. ronnie’s gonna killl youuu to put him on the spotlight again. hahaha.
    action pot going to chilli’s. bloody hell, vicky!!! where’s my chilli’s? 😀

  3. hahahaha vicky, sorry for postponing the thingy till 3pm. babi. damn drama man today. tell u later during lunch. 😛
    khooooooooo… u like it?! i had it two days ago. and im having it again later. wweeeee *wiggles booty* when chilis together eh? 😛

  4. sabbyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…. i knowww… HE LOOOKSS LIKE JERICHO RITE? i rock. im so smart. anyway, i know ronnie will kill me already. 🙂 chilis rocks! jom chilis together:P

  5. max, he already sounded screwy through sms. oh well, he might love me more. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAa. time for him to stop calling me raya girl then 😛

  6. Oh shittt! You didn’t remind me about the apom pisang!! I totally forgot, oh shuccccks!

  7. becksbabe ! ! HAHAHAHAH . pics . HAHAHAHAHAH . okae now i,m mad . my dad saw then he ask me why don,t have his face . hahah . why nvr post pic of the hot monk ? err , whats his name ? x= hey gmail all of them to me kae ? if you still can find time for me lah that is . mwah-

  8. the second row third pic… exactly same man… if they walk together side by side, can be mistaken as twins
    when can we go chilli’s? like a real meal kind wan?

  9. oiks max, u commented at 3pm. 😐 not that late to get apom pisang also? 🙁 *heart broken* nvm la, i’ll try to get li shih to get it for me 😀

  10. evan, HAHAHAHAA OH FUCK! UR DAD SAW ISKII’S PIX LA THAT MEANS? DIEEEE LAAAH LIKE THATTTTT OH GOD. WHOLE TEO FAMILY WILL KNOW. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *attempts commit suicide but tak jadi* i think got la his face, one or two. will upload online if possible. gmail damn slow ler 🙁
    second row, first pix, lagi same ler sandy. hehehehehehehehe. 🙂 tadi ajak u come chilis u rather go watch chicken little. 🙁 i think ive had enough chilis for the month. oh god. 😐

  11. becky, yeah, I’m sorry. I had to run around to do stuff for my mum and also to get my last min stuff, i couldnt even go to that area to get it for you, somemore I had to rely on shalyn for transport. sighs. maaf :/
    eh why u not online in msn?

  12. cos my bro was using pc just now. heheeh. tak pe ler. will try asking li shih. worst come to worst, go pg get a month’s supply myself 😀

  13. btw max, dont u think ronnie looks like jericho? 🙂
    AND NO TO ALL THOSE WHO READS THIS COMMENT BOX, i do not look like joss stone. oiks, help me kenakan ronnie la. dont kenakan me pula 😀

  14. well, erm .. haha I didn’t really bother sitting down and comparing their faces honestly.
    but at one glance, got la a bit.

  15. hahahahahaahaa… why la. ur so bored now, tengok ler.
    then i caN update him on how many ppl thinks he looks like jericho. oh god, im too free alright!

  16. haha, i already talked to him abt it already. dunno lahhh.. similarities would be prolly the smile and the nose and the eyes. i think.

  17. hahahahahahahaa… yea. more of the eyes and smile. nose i dunno la. jericho’s a bit sharper. jericho in the erm, last row pix i think. just his side view wan? damn leng jai rite. hahahahaha 😛

  18. OH BTW EVANGELINE, the hot monk. i forgot to reply to that. i forgot his name but i have his pix. if you want, i’ll post it in my next post.
    but oye, stop drooling over monks la. u sesat siuts. 😛

  19. hahahahahaha mad laaaa… oiks. u both do realise monks are celibates rite?
    and that …. that, there are billions of other guys to ogle over?

  20. Becks.. I love ur blog.. Really.. So sorry to hear about ur bro and how annoying he can get.. I guess it makes me thankful that I don’t have siblings which to me is so boring cause all the pressures on me.. Oh well.. I feel luckier now.. Thanks..

  21. hahahahahahaha thanks val babes. that’s so sweet of u. well, it’s good to have siblings if ur siblings are considerate and loving. oh well, tough luck on me but im no angel myself. am pretty selfish when i have to. 🙂

  22. ok sandy and sabby, pls control ur hormones. 😀 hahahaha.
    no he does not look like keanu reeves. got a bit of ronnie-ish la. u know what? HIS SKIN COLOR. oh god, i rock. hahahahahahahahahahahahaa. 😛
    no pix. later all of u masturbate over the hot monks pix, i die… esp ivan! whoops? 😀

  23. omg omg . my monk is getting stolen by people . hahah . actually he,s not hot lah . his dimples are though . when he smiles and chants . WOOOOOTS . dimpleboy lah . FAINTS-
    don,t worry chebecky , he didn,t see your bii,s pics . only the cousin cousin one . cos he was busy scouting for his face . SHEESH . \= so don,t commit suicide yep ?
    monk also got keanureeves look-a-like ah ? wahlau . zhun lah . show pic lei . and chebecky there ARE other guys to ogle over , so -AHEM . faster upload the pics yep ? HEHEHEHEH . and NO NO NO don,t say the C-word here .

  24. omfg evan, ur fucking sick. i think it runs in our family. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAA…. and shame on u yang minat the monk. tsk tsk tsk. 😛
    hahahahaa phewww.. pls dun let him see okay. damn shy. did he see ur mom’s pics? bet he’s jeles to death!!! 😛
    Ci….v……i………l? is that the C-word u told me not to say? civil? 😀

  25. no lah . not sick . wher got sick ? but honestly , i have a weak spot for men with dimples . lol . and moreover he,s a monk ! something different what . [=
    nah don,t worry my dad won,t ever ever ever know your bii ever existed . [= yep he saw my mom,s pics and he,s still asking where are his . hahah .
    err , yep CIVIL . we must be CIVILISED . [= omg , i can,t believe i,m being as lame as you are .

  26. hahahahahahaahhaa… stoney got dimples la i think but pls la, dun hump my dog when u get ur ass in kl. 😛
    aiyah his, will send to u soon. been busy ma 😛
    CIVIL! CIVIL! CIVIL. eh im not lame okay, im just covering ur ass 😛

  27. erllow babe . i,m using my school com . dumb english lesson . ehr ? you drunk ah . who ever heard of dogs having dimples ?
    and are you trying to imply that i,m a bitch . i dwan hump stoney lah . he,s too adorable for me . [=
    lots of misses-

  28. hahahahaha wanna see? stoney has got lovely goldie brown eyelashes. am gonna curl it for him later. 😛
    i never say ur a bitch leh. 😛 how i know la, ur crazy over things with dimples. ive got dimples. wanna hump me? *mwahs*
    now pls pay attention to class 😀

  29. curl stoney,s lashes ! ? hahahah . you,re one crazy babe . lol . i don,t dare to hump you lah . later your bii come squash me . x= oops not trying to say anything mean here . don,t get it wrong . PEACE [=

  30. hahahahahahahahaha…… evan’s mouth damn laser. eh btw, we’re not going to frasers anymore rite? we’re just staying in kl rite? THANK GOD! *kisses the ground*
    sabby, updated ur site is it? OHHHH.. asking me to update? will soon. designing new layout 😛

  31. where got laser ? don,t have lah . [= i,m not sure about the plans lei . cos my mom says if you guys [ you , joanne , daxter ] are not keen on gg to pd or fraser then there,s no point if it,s only the adults . so seeing that you,re so keen on staying in kl , i suppose we ARE staying in kl . yep .

  32. eep!
    solly becky babe.. you’ve been tagged again! 😛
    hur hur hur.. MWAH! im just spreading the love. *huggles huggles*
    btw after looking at pics of those glorious good, i hungwee. 🙁
    oh where to makan that dim sum buffet thing??

  33. evan, yea then i can intro iskii to u la babes and u can ride on dennis and hump stoney in kl. im ok about frasers la but not that keen ler…

  34. whaaaaaattt… again meh likki 🙁 ok, will check soon. am at friend’s place now. keke 😀
    the dim sum buffet is near my house. beep me in msn ler then i’ll tell u in more detailed. cheap leh? now rm12.90++ only. 🙂

  35. eh, i was gong to ask about the dim sum buffet as well! where is it?! I also wanna know 🙁

  36. any janbo restaurants around klang valley should have the same promotion.
    there’s one in cheras, opp the chinese graveyard at mrr2, another in puchong kinrara and the one i frequent’s sri petaling. near sri petaling hotel. 🙂

  37. read ur gmail. THERE’S AN UPDATE THERE 😛
    aiyah, the new layout. … i dont think so coming out anytime soon. damn lazy. have to remodify max’s look. 🙁

  38. eh? I been to the Janbo at Puchong before (for dinner). Couldn’t find the place at the beginning but soon realised it was a short drive from Old Klang Road. The food not bad.

  39. sowee babes *huggles* but its oklah, you do or you dont do also takpe one. dont worry i wont take offence lah.
    lately i choose not to go online in msn. so sien ppl tengok u online so that they can stalk you lorrrrrr.. kalau satu hari dont online, sure ask readon why. keneneh. fcuking stalkers..
    oh whoops, that was some self absorbed one minute 😛 sowee hor..
    but becks ar, where do u stay leh? if you can tell it here lah, or else takpe, when i see you online then.
    cheers!! 🙂
    ps – ur bf suka piercings too and i think i saw his pics somewhere before. hahah. coolies~

  40. damn spammmers. die you all!!!! *grrr…*
    ian, hehe yea, it’s abit the sesat. the one i had the dim sum buffet was in sri petaling though. not sure if it applies to all janbo outlets.

  41. likki likki, i’ll do it ler … WHEN I GET MY CONNECTION back. damn blooody frust. nasioncom sucks cock! grr… okay, see, you’ve influenced me. now where was i? oh yea, where do i live? near you ler babes. damn dekat. if guna highway. bukit jalil, vista komanwel. im not afraid to tell ppl where i live ler. cos vista komanwel is blooody big. lol. 😛
    and yes, he loves piercing. he’s cute, no? LOL. damn perasan man. 😛